Thursday, November 28, 2013

Naked wife exposed by husband via his Sony PS4 @ Twitch PS4 Playroom: Couple known online as Darckobra - [PICS]

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This Husband Exposed His Passed Out Wife's Naked Body LIVE Through His PS4

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Leehom Wang discloses girlfriend, Li Jinglei - - - - 王力宏

Leehom Wang discloses girlfriend, November 27, 2013
Chinese-American singer-songwriter Leehom Wang and his girlfriend Li Jinglei. 

Chinese-American singer-songwriter Leehom Wang for the first time disclosed that he has a girlfriend.
The superstar said in his micro blog today that his girlfriend is named Li Jinglei, is 27 years old, and studies in Columbia.
"I have been very lucky to meet a girl who I can hold hands with and who can enjoy a future with me. She's not a person in showbiz, so you won't know her. And I don't want you to know her by other means… My dad and mom love her, I hope you will love her too," Wang said.
The 37-year-old singer also uploaded a photo of him and his girlfriend.
Wang is currently based in Taiwan. He was formally trained at the Eastman School of Music, Williams College and the Berklee College of Music, his musical style is known for fusing Chinese elements, such as Beijing opera, with hip-hop and R&B. He has also acted in several popular films, including Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution" and Jackie Chan's "Little Big Soldier."

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Google Adsense paid me via Western Union for the fourth time! Cashed out @ Publick Bank @ Western Union Taman Paramount PJ

This is a very important message to all bloggers on that opt for Western Union as a payment method.

When you fill out the Western Union "TO RECEIVE MONEY" form, in the ''RECEIVER" section, ensure that you have the First Name and Last Name correct.

As for the the "SENDER" section, write 'GOOGLE INC.' in the Last Name field. Leave the First Name file blank.

Previously, for the past three withdrawals, I had no problem for my form to be accepted by the bank when I entered 'GOOGLE INC.' in the First Name field.

When I went to cash out for the fourth time, the bank rejected my form because 'GOOGLE INC.' was not in the Last Name field.

Feeling exasperated after explaining to the teller A, teller B and teller C at the counter numerous times that I had no issue in the past, I still had no choice but to fill out the forms until I got the First Name and Last Name of the Sender correct. They told me to call Google to find out what or how the Sender's First Name and Last Name should be input. I told teller C not possible for me to call or contact Google but I would input the First Name and Last name differently for each form that I was going to fill out until the bank accepted it.

Finally, my last form (the fourth form) was was accepted.

Too bad that all three tellers and their manager had to bear with me by putting up with my 'bad behavior'. 8D

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ayah 'Bercinta', Lakukan Seks Dengan Anak: 46-year-old father caught cheating on his wife with his 21-year-old daughter

Three hours ago, when I searched for 'ayah hubungans seks anak kajang' the title of news published in mStar was 'Ayahku, Kekasihku' or 'Ayah, Kekasihku' and now aptly changed to Ayah 'Bercinta', Lakukan Seks Dengan Anak.

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46-year-old father caught cheating on his wife with his 21-year-old daughter 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[VIRAL] Watch The Most Epic Split by Van Damme Between Two Volvo Trucks IN REVERSE (Live test 6)

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[VIRAL] Watch The Most Epic Split by Van Damme Between Two Trucks IN REVERSE

Monday, November 18, 2013

Taiwanese tourist, Chang An-wei kidnapped @ Pom Pom Island off Semporna in Sabah. Husband killed.

GEORGE TOWN, Malaysia -- Three hours before she was kidnapped, Taiwanese tourist Chang An-wei (張安薇) sent an SMS to her family telling them that she was safe.

“We are having a great time on the island. Please tell mum, we will be cautious and do not worry!” said the message in Mandarin.

Chang's elder brother Da Gong said she sent the SMS at 10.17pm on Thursday.
Chang, 58, was taken by gunmen at about 1am on Friday after they had shot dead her husband Hsu Li Min, 57, while both were holidaying on Pom Pom Island off Semporna in Sabah.
Da Gong told the Apple Daily in Taiwan that he was prepared to face the worst, and prepared to pay the ransom should it come to that stage.
He, however, refused to divulge details.
Da Gong was quoted in the newspaper as saying that Taiwan police had told them not to call or send SMSes should they receive any message or call from his sister.
He is expected to fly to Kota Kinabalu on Tuesday with Hsu's family members to claim Hsu's remains.
In the incident, unidentified gunmen raided three of the five water villas on the island before shooting dead Hsu and abducting Chang.
Hsu and Chang had checked into the resort Tuesday and were scheduled to leave on Wednesday.
Hsu's brother, Li Ren, hoped the authorities would go all out to save Chang.
“She is not dead, please go all out to save her,” he said in Liberty Times.
Li Ren added that his brother could have been killed because of his burly physique.
He said the gunmen could have opened fire for fear they could not overpower Li Min, who was 180cm tall and weighing about 100kg.
Li Ren said he would bring along a nephew, whom the deceased had been treating as his own child, to Malaysia before bringing back Hsu's ashes.
On news report that the couple was not married, Li Ren said the couple had actually registered their marriage in China and not Taiwan.
Meanwhile, Taiwan's Deputy Minister of Justice Chen Ming-tang said he had asked the necessary department to look into ways of helping the affected family members.
He said Taiwanese citizens who left the country with proper documents but met with misfortune could apply for financial aid of up to NT$200,000 (RM21,600).

Friday, November 15, 2013

[PHOTOS] Vagina talk: Feminism campaign inspired by Vagina Monologues. Haiyan: Donate to trusted organisations -

[PHOTOS] Is Vagina Talk The Right Way To Promote Women's Rights?

Now everyone knows about the super typhoon Haiyan that hit Philippines and wants to help.
[SHARE] Help Haiyan Victims. Here's A List Of Trusted Organisations You Can Donate To

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

JB, home Legoland Malaysia. A Mural In Taman Molek, Johor Bahru, not @ Legoland that gained widespread attention! -

Read all about the mural by Ernest Zacharevic @
Meanwhile In Johor...Public Take Mural Matters Into Own Hands

JB to remove 'inappropriate' mural by foreign artist
By Kow Gah Chie | 11:34AM Nov 11, 2013
The Johor Bahru City Council will remove three murals painted by an internationally-recognised street artist, following a controversy over one mural that addresses the high crime rate in the city.
However, city mayor Ismail Karim said, all the three murals by Lithuanian-orn Ernest Zacharevic will be removed as they were painted at inappropriate places, China Press reported today.
Earlier, Malaysiakini reported that Zacharevic – better known as Zachas – defended his mural, which has been criticised by the state government has having ‘tarnished’ the city’s image.
“Art does not damage a city’s image, crime does,” rebutted Zacharevic (right) yesterday in an email response.
The Lithuanian-born artist had reportedly been invited to the city to put up his artwork, and contributed three pieces earlier this month.
The ‘contentious’ mural, dubbed ‘JB, home of Malaysia’s very own Legoland’, shows Lego figures portraying an armed robber lying in wait to rob from a woman carrying a Chanel handbag.

Zacharevic also uploaded a photo of the mural on his Facebook page on Nov 7 and it has generated much discussion and registered more than 6,600 ‘Likes’ since then.
However, state executive councillor Tee Siew Keong (left) advised the artist to use his talent in the right way and to help promote the state’s tourism and development.
Tee also reportedly said it was up to the local council to decide if it wanted the mural to be removed.
To this, Zacharevic said his public artwork is not meant to be a permanent feature.
“I paint it and leave it. It is up to the local community to decide what happens to it, ” he said.
“If I react to every criticism I receive, I would have never paint a single painting … I celebrate democracy and embrace pluralism.
“This is how it should be – people publicly, in a civilised manner, discussing what they like and what they don’t like. As an artist I follow my own consciousness and it is up to the rest how they interpret my artwork.”
He also said everybody is entitled to an opinion and that different people have different views.
Inspiration for the mural
Zacharevic said local residents had alerted him to the crime rate in JB, and this had inspired the mural.
“Every time I asked locals if there is anything other than Legoland I should see in JB, they whispered to me, ‘Yes, but you have to be careful’,” he said.
Zacharevic, who is currently in Japan, said he will return to JB in spite of the state government’s disapproval of his work.
“Johor Baru has a lot to offer. I think this town really needs more art, not only from me, but young emerging Malaysian artists as well,” he noted.
The artist makes much use of 3D materials in his murals. Many of his iconic pieces feature children and happiness, as displayed along Armenian Street in George Town, Penang

Thursday, November 7, 2013

No sexual intercourse for 10 yrs: Shahnaz Abdul Majid vs Mahmud Abu Bekir: Virgin? Like a virgin? Last had sex in 2000 @ Kuching

November 06, 2013

Shahnaz Abdul Majid, the ex-wife of the son of Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud, provided a peek into their marital life and home in Kuching from 1992 to 1999 in her RM400 million divorce suit at the Syariah High Court.

In her verbal and pictorial portrait, Wisma Mahmud, the home she shared with ex-husband Mahmud Abu Bekir, was a 3-storey residence with 12 rooms inlaid with Italian furnishing. It was next to the Chief Minister's house, by the river with a private jetty.

"We lived in a three-storey bungalow with 12 rooms, where one room had been transformed into a kitchen. Another room was made into a study,” she said, as reported by Malaysiakini.

"Our house was next to Taib's residence in Petra Jaya. This was not the chief minister's official residence, but his private residence.” she added.

Shahnaz was in residence in the house in Kuching till their separation and her move to a RM1.75 million house in Damansara Heights that her then-husband had bought for her.

This establishment of her residential tenure prompted opposing counsel to question whether the ex-wife to the son of Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud was a virgin when she married him.

Counsel Saadiah Din also asked Shahnaz Abdul Majid if she had cooked and cleaned at their matrimonial home.

Shahnaz's response was to clarify that she was single at the time of her marriage to Mahmud Abu Bekir in 1991.

Shahnaz, 50, said that she did not cook during the eight years of their marriage.

“You didn’t clean the house either?” Saadiah asked.

“I disagree. I did clean the house, but I had help from a maid,” replied Shahnaz.

Further cross-examination required her to state when she and Mahmud Abu Bekir last had sex.

“I’m certain that it was in 2000 in Kuching,” said Shahnaz.

The sister of popular singer Datuk Sheila Majid, Shahnaz added that the last time that she and Mahmud Abu Bekir stayed under the same roof was in 2000.

In her suit, Shahnaz, who holds an MBA in finance, is seeking some RM400 million as a divorce settlement, including matrimonial property and “mutaah” (Islamic conciliatory payment), as well as half the assets owned by her ex-husband, including seven luxury cars, thousands of hectares of land in Sarawak, homes in countries abroad and shares in about 15 companies.

Shahnaz seeks to end the marriage in accordance with the Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984, citing her husband’s alleged failure to give her “nafkah batin” (conjugal rights) since 2001.

Shahnaz and Mahmud Abu Bekir married on January 9, 1992 and they have a 20-year-old son, Raden Murya.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kaki Corner @ Taman Paramount PJ: Food overall OK, nice ambiance, two huge screens. Fried rice: Tom yam seafood or chicken -

Fruit Juice / Ice Blended menu

Fried Rice menu

'Stone-studded' panel

Kid's meal

Low light...


Salad again...

Tom Yam seafood dish...

From outside

Menu cover...

Reasonably priced...

Two big screens:
One outside
One inside

'Stone-studded' panel again...

For someone's review and to view more photos, visit

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Attempted rape @ Pavilion KL Level B2: Pavilion Facebook team said molest. Today lunch @ Grand Palace Pavilion

The Full Story Behind The Attempted Rape Case At Pavilion On 30th October


Meanwhile, lunch @ Grand Palace Pavilion today...

Pig stomach dish...

Delicious dim sum...

'Chee cheong fun'...

'You tiao' inside...

Lovely chandeliers...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My A380 second flight Hong Kong - Kuala Lumpur @ MAS: Chardonnay, Häagen-Dazs served -

Unlimited Mini Cornettos and Snickers are served on this flight - even on the Economy Class. Chardonnay too but I am not sure about Häagen-Dazs.

Mini Cornettos, Snickers and Chardonnay were served on my Kuala Lumpur - Hong Kong first flight on A380.

I guess Häagen-Dazs was served on this second flight because there was at least a delay of two hours after the scheduled departure time.

A380 that was 'stranded' at HKIA.
The reason: Slight dent on body part.
It caused a two-hour delay in departure time.

Friday, November 1, 2013

@ KL Festival City Mall near Setapak: Security guard robs jewellery store Tomei - [VIDEO] @

On 24 October 2013, the nation was rocked by news:

Ambank security guard shoots colleague dead in robbery


[VIDEO] Armed Security Guard Robs Jewellery Store In KL Mall

Which jewellery store?

My A380 flight on Malaysia Airlines MAS for the first time: Unlimited mini cornetto and snickers

First time to Hong Kong, first time on the A380 plane.
On economy class.

There interactive touch screen...

The controller.

The screen stewardess replacing the real stewardess.

Safety first.

Apple juice. Wine is served too.

The lunch set...

The crunchy, tasty salted peanuts.


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