Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[VIDEO VIRAL] Kes buli jalan raya di Lebuhraya KL-Seremban: Penunggang motosikal Harley Davidson @ SAYS.com

@ SAYS.com
Lebuhraya Seremban[VIDEO] Caucasian Biker Gets Racist And Violent In Seremban Road Rage Incident

Latest news @ FreeMalaysiaToday.com


Oh, well, though I am neither a fan of the Friends of BN Facebook page nor a supporter of Barisan Nasional, I will just share the link of the viral video here:

Chill, people.

Be civilized.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Unifi 30Mbps RM179 promotion: I just applied online to upgrade. Now, I am waiting for Unifi to get in touch with me.

I happened to know about the latest Unifi promotion from a friend last night. Yes, 30 Mbps for RM179 monthly! What's the catch? I really don't know. So far, as I know, the promotion comes with a 2-year contract.

About one and a half months ago, to be precise on September 9, I got this old promotion in my inbox:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Breast cancer #GrabItBeatIt @ GrabTaxi - Oktoberfest Inktober Rodney Carrington "Show Them to Me" @ SAYS.com

Hahaha. I just had to laugh.

#GrabItBeatIt was a hashtag used by GrabTaxi aka MyTeksi to spread the breast cancer awareness.

@ SAYS.com
MyTeksi's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Grabs Attention For All The Wrong Reasons

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Yes, that's right...Breast Cancer Awareness month. The copy of The Sun yesterday had dedicated 3 pages to increase awareness of the disease. You can read all about it here:

While we are still on the topic of boobs, here's a funny song that will surely make you laugh!

What else in the month of October? Well, there's Oktoberfest, of course. Cheers!
What is Oktoberfest? It is traditional autumn festival held in Munich, Germany, every October that features beer-drinking and merrymaking.

Besides Oktoberfest, did you know that every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month?

@ SAYS.com
These #InkToberMalaysia Sketches Are TOO COOL, We Hope They Never Smudge!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Poppo Kanteen @ Cheras Leisure Mall. New LRT station Bank Rakyat-Bangsar and Asia-Bukit Bintang @ SAYS.com

The first time I went to Poppo Kanteen two to three months ago, I quite liked its ambiance. It did have a homey feel with mounted LCD panel showing Disney cartoons, making it an almost perfect place for families with kids to dine in.

As the name suggests, the setup is like that of a canteen - with foldable hard metal chairs and stone table tops on metal legs. There is a long table with high chairs (or bar stools!) in the middle of the restaurant.

The address:
26, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, Cheras

Ribena Frost: RM6.90

Pattaya Fried Rice: RM8.50 back in July, 2015.

Had dinner there today and ordered Kampung Fried Rice and Nyonya Fried Rice, each cost RM8.90
So, I guess, the price of all the different types of fried rice has increased since the last time I had the Pattaya Fried Rice in July 2015. It only cost RM8.50 then.

This chit was dated 27/7/2015.

How do I rate the food here? 3/5

All the photos below were taken in early July 2015.

Meanwhile, read the latest news @ SAYS.com
Why Are LRT Stations Being Rebranded And Renamed Like 'Bank Rakyat-Bangsar'?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Abang teksi, Nizam, jumpa budak merayau tepi jalan. 5-year-old boy kidnapped @ Sungai Chua Kajang @ SAYS.com

The case of a 5-year-old boy kidnapped right in front of his mother @ Kajang generated a lot of buzz on social media today.

Thankfully, he was found safe and sound by a taxi driver who only identified himself as Nizam.

Read all about it:
@ SAYS.com
5-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped At Kajang In Broad Daylight Is Still Missing

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tourism Malaysia Love and SEX with Robots @ Iskandar Johor?! Get Chua Soi Lek to demo on robots @ SAYS.com

I first read about this Second International Conference on ‘Love and Sex with Robots’ event aka LSR 2015 @ freemalaysiatoday.com

The official website - loveandsexwithrobots.org - has a link to the official registration site that displays the Tourism Malaysia logo under the title "In-cooperation with:". The logo is still there until at the time of writing this blog post.


Latest news @ Bernama:
Iskandar Malaysia Tidak Sokong Acara 'Cinta Dan Seks Dengan Robot'
JOHOR BAHARU, 3 Okt (Bernama) -- Pihak Berkuasa Pembangunan Wilayah Iskandar (IRDA) menegaskan ia tidak menyokong penganjuran Kongres Antarabangsa mengenai Cinta dan Seks dengan Robot yang akan diadakan di Iskandar Johor pada 16 Nov.

Pihak berkuasa itu dalam kenyataan pada Sabtu berkata, IRDA diberi mandat untuk merancang, mempromosi dan memudah cara pembangunan Iskandar dan sehubungan itu tidak menyokong atau membantu acara seperti itu.

"Iskandar melangkah ke arah menjadi metropolis antarabangsa yang lestari dan mantap, oleh itu IRDA bersikap memilih terhadap acara yang dianjurkan di wilayah ini.

Iskandar adalah tempat untuk melabur, bekerja, tinggal dan bermain dalam persekitaran harmoni bagi memastikan keseimbangan antara pertumbuhan ekonomi, sosial dan tanggungjawab alam," katanya.

Kenyataan itu dikeluarkan berikutan laporan portal berita dua hari lalu yang mendakwa acara itu akan diadakan di kompleks seni Black Box dan White Box di Medini Mall bersebelahan Legoland Malaysia di Iskandar.

Menurut laporan acara itu dipengerusikan Prof Adrian Cheok dari City University London dan ketua eksekutif Intelligent Toys Limited, Dr David Levy yang akan membincangkan 13 topik termasuk Personaliti Robot, Teledildonik, Peralatan Seks Eelektronik dan Pendekatan Gender.

IRDA berkata, ia tidak pernah dimaklumkan mengenai acara tersebut dan hanya mengetahuinya melalui media.

"IRDA akan menghubungi penganjur bagi memastikan ia tidak dikaitkan dengan IRDA dan Iskandar Malaysia," tambahnya.



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