Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[FOTO] Wanita seksi pelayan cafe berseluar dalam @ Pandan Jaya? Aksi 'Superman' Angah Ayu dikritik @ Facebook

Cerita lama yang baru-baru ini berulang kembali...
Calm Your Tits, This Sexy Waitress ‘Kopitiam’ In KL Is Not Real

Gadis buat aksi 'Superman' dikritik pengguna internet

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Antara Farah dan Rosmah: Farah raih perak Piala Dunia di Ljubjlana. Rosmah kena boo pada kejohanan Terbuka Malaysia @

Farah Ann Is Now The First Malaysian Gymnast To Win A Medal At World Cup Level

[VIDEO] Fans Boo Rosmah At Malaysian Open's Prize-Giving Ceremony

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sunway theme park staff, Aunty Paruvathy, an Internet Celebrity - HOPP @ Nadayu 28 Bandar Sunway @

Yes, there are many Malaysians who are honest unlike some ministers in the high office of Putrajaya.
Read all about Aunty Paruvathy's honesty @

Meanwhile, two Sundays ago, we were just on our way to Subang Jaya to meet my in-laws for lunch when my wife, being spontaneous, suggested that we try out a new restaurant.

Yes, that is the name of the new restaurant: HOPP

My first time here but my wife came here with her colleagues before....


Comfy seats...and there is one cozy corner if you want some privacy...

Choose your favourite color chairs! 8D

Yes, I love the neon lights!

Coincidentally, my son brought his doodle book along and he somehow kept doodling.
Perhaps the painting on the wall inspired him...

Yes, the drinks...err...I am bad at remembering names of drinks but I can tell you one is chocolate and one is watermelon drink!

Food is served...

Ok, as I said before, I am not a foodie.
Overall, I find this place lively and vibrant.
The waiters are all very friendly.
Food is good...No complaints.
Price? Certainly, not overpriced.

Lastly, 'What is HOPP?'
Apparently, it stands for 'Happy Optimistic Positive People'.
How do I know?
My wife told me that she asked the 'chef in the house' the other day.


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