Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cop charged for spa rape: Robbery and rape in the name of raid at massage centre @ Emerald Pavilion spa SS24, Taman Megah PJ

Cop charged for spa rape

PETALING JAYA (Oct 28, 2013): Two policemen and three civilians, including a woman, were charged at the Petaling Jaya sessions court today for gang robbery at a massage centre in Taman SEA after staging a bogus anti-vice raid on Oct 20.
Constables Mohamad Hafizan Ibrahim, 22 and Mohd Khairulnizam Dolah Kairi, 32 attached to two district police headquarters in Selangor were charged for the offence with civilians Zainulazli Zahari, 30, Mohd Irham Abdul Rahman, 25 and Normazlina Kamarudin, 34.
The five had allegedly held up a 40-year-old caretaker and four Chinese masseurs at the Emerald Pavilion spa at SS24, Taman Megah at 1.10am on Oct 20.
They had allegedly stole handphones and cash from their victims at gun point using a .38 revolver that one of the policemen had with him.
All the accused pleaded not guilty. Sessions court judge Hayatul Akmal allowed bail of RM10,000 with one surety for each of the accused.
In another separate sitting at the sessions court, Mohamad Hafizan was also charged with raping a 30-year-old Chinese masseur during the "raid".
He pleaded not guilty and bail was also set at RM10,000 with one surety by sessions court judge Abu Bakar Manat.

@ Pizza Hut - Disabled man, Anthony, allegedly barred from Pizza Hut Mid Valley? #pizzahut @ -

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[TRENDING] Did Pizza Hut REALLY Reject A Wheelchair-Bound Man?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Gambar suspek tembak Norazita @ Ambank dijumpai di Facebook. Kes kebakaran @ Klang Parade

Published: Monday October 28, 2013 MYT 1:59:00 PM 
Updated: Monday October 28, 2013 MYT 2:06:14 PM


PETALING JAYA: Netizens have stumbled upon a Facebook account purportedly belonged to a suspect wanted for the murder of Ambank operations officer Norazita Abu Talib and robbing the bank last week.
Selangor Deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said police believe that the Facebook belongs to the suspect and they are monitoring it.

According to the information displayed on the page, the man lives in Petaling Jaya and is from Klang, Selangor but indicates that he works in an international courier company.

Since the discovery, netizens have widely shared the Facebook link and pointed to the man, who bears a similar name to the suspect, for the crime he committed.

As of 2pm Monday, more than 100 shares have been made linking to his personal page. 
"This is the face of the killer and the robber...let us hunt him down," said a user.

From the photo albums, the man appeared to be an avid gym goer and an Indonesian football fan.

He also uploaded a photo of an Ambank bank book after he opened an account at one of the bank's branches in Taipan, Subang Jaya.

Based on the page timeline, it indicated that the man used to update his Facebook status regularly until Oct 21, two days before the shoot-and-rob incident.

The man also seemed to be writing in Indonesian dialect on most of his Facebook status updates and comments.

It is also suspected that he holds a fake Malaysian IC stating that he is Ardi Hamza from Tawau, Sabah. 

On Wednesday, Norazita, 37, was opening a safe with a colleague in the bank along Jalan USJ Sentral 2 at around 6.18pm when she was shot by the bank's security guard who fled with the cash.

Apparently, Ardi Hamza's Facebook account name is Ardi Ode Putra Katela

Photo @ Facebook News: Fire @ Klang Parade

Aishwarya Dahiwal, not Aishwarya Rai: A 17-year-old Indian girl Barred From Facebook kills herself -

This tragic news is published @ Facebook News

And many other news sites...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sex drive and sugar subsidy cut: Less sugar, more libido. Nafsu naik bila kurang makan gula: Potongan subsidi gula baik untuk seks - #budget2014

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mempertahankan langkah kerajaan memansuhkan subsidi gula berkuatkuasa hari ini, dengan mengingatkan bahawa pengambilan gula yang berlebihan boleh menjejaskan kehidupan seks seseorang.

Berucap merasmikan persidangan perwakilan nasional Gerakan hari ini, beliau berkata, ia merupakan tambahan kepada simpton akibat kencing manis, sepertimana yang dinyatakan dalam ucapan bajet semalam, seperti kabur penglihatan, gangren dan pergantungan kepada mesin dialisis.

gerakan egm 261013 01
Beliau kemudiannya mengkritik kecenderungan pembangkang untuk 
menentang apa juga inisiatif kerajaan tanpa mengambil kira akibatnya, dan berkata bangkangan seumpama itu adalah tidak membina.

Pemansuhan subsidi gula berkuatkuasa hari ini diumumkan dalam ucapan bajet Najib semalam, membabitkan kenaikan harga 34 sen sekilogram.

"Sayapun sudah belajar minum teh tanpa gula. Anda boleh berubah demi kebaikan diri sendiri," katanya.  [Baca berita penuh]

Sementara itu, Bernama melaporkan Najib berkata kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab akan sentiasa melakukan perkara yang betul dan bercakap benar kepada rakyat.
Merujuk langkah kerajaan memansuhkan subsidi gula berkuat kuasa hari ini yang bertujuan mengurangkan pengambilan gula, Najib berkata langkah itu sememangnya baik, memandangkan subsidi gula adalah membazir dan usaha untuk merasionalkan subsidi adalah penting untuk negara.
Rakyat Malaysia, tegasnya,  perlu belajar untuk mengurangkan pengambilan gula demi kesihatan mereka.
Ketika membentangkan Bajet 2014 di Dewan Rakyat semalam, Najib mengumumkan pemansuhan subsidi gula sebanyak 34 sen.

Najib berkata kerajaan akan terus menjelaskan kepada rakyat alasan di  sebalik keputusan itu.
"Kita mesti terus mengulangi mesej berulang-ulang kali kerana pembangkang akan melakukannya (menentang langkah yang diambil kerajaan).
"Mereka akan berkata perkara yang sama berulang-ulang kali kerana pembohongan yang buat berulang-ulang akan diterima (secara silap) sebagai benar," katanya.
Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Menteri Kesihatan Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam berharap pemansuhan subsidi gula itu akan menjurus kepada penurunan kes diabetes pada masa depan.
"Sepatutnya sejak awal kerajaan tidak beri subsidi gula. Apabila subsidi dikurangkan (dimansuhkan), ini adalah masa untuk masyarakat kurangkan penggunaan gula dalam pemakanan," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan satu simposium mengenai imunologi.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has defended the government's move to abolish the sugar subsidy effective today, warning that over consumption of sugar can even affect one's libido.

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8 Most Epic Lines From Najib In His Budget 2014 Announcement

Friday, October 25, 2013

Norazita Abu Talib, officer @ Ambank USJ shot dead by security guard. In July, Najadi, Ambank founder, also shot dead.

Sad...and mad! What is happening?

Spate of gruesome murders on the rise since the day Altantuya was blown up by C4 explosives at Puncak Alam.

Stories @ SAYS.
[NEW UPDATE] Security Guard On Duty Shoots Bank Officer In The Face

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sarapan KUAT: RM2 for 1 cup of coffee, 1 sandwich @ Kerinchi LRT station - Ali Cafe -

Sarapan Kuat booth @ Kerinchi LRT.

Two queues...

Two female servers.

Packing sandwiches and drinks.

Second female server

The breakfast box...

Easy grip...

Be careful not to spill the coffee.

Look neat on office worktable...

Breakfast unpacked

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cosplay murder: Killer wanted to rape girl before striking her with dumbbell, placed no. 5 in CPF competition @ Sungai Wang Plaza - #ngyuktim @

So tragic. So sad.

Can one be possessed by Japanese anime until he murders someone?

When asked by reporters why he did it, he said he didn't know...WAH! Like that also can? Drugged by anime?

Stories @
[SHARE] The Full Story Behind The Murder Of 15-Year-Old Ng Yuk Tim

Story @ Malaysia-Chronicle

KUALA LUMPUR - With the crime rate in Malaysia already so high, the macabre discovery of the body of a 15-year-old schoolgirl stuffed inside a gaudy green suitcase initially drew cynical response from the public - disgust and 'the government is not doing enough' or 'this country is going to the dogs'.
But sniffing a bigger story than usual rape and kill, local reporters were rewarded when they managed to track down the murder suspect as he was being taken to the court for remand.
Indeed this murder, fast becoming known as the Cosplay murder, looks set to make its mark - a most reprehensible one - in the annals of Malaysian criminal history.
Who is he?
His name has not been made public, but already the country knows quite a lot about the 23-year-old murder suspect.
He is not your usual druggie or foreign illegal but a rather clean-cut young man with a passion for Cosplay or costume play, which is like a hobby where participants don costumes to represent an anime (cartoon) character.
In particular, the suspect loved the Japanese anime, One Piece, and to play the character Z from the anime which is about the adventures of Monkey D.Luffy, a young boy with an elastic body.
He even bagged 5th place in the recent CPF Cosplay Competition held in Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.
The suspect is also rather famous among the still small Cosplay community in Malaysia, which have reacted in shock at news of the murder.

Full article:
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Grand Palace @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur: Good food, grand ambience, beautiful chandelier lighting, free WiFi (password) @ Pavilion

The name of the restaurant, Grand Palace, speaks for itself.

I seldom come here to dine. Even if I do, I am not the one spending. I only do the eating. 8D

Beautiful chandelier lighting.

Lotus soup.

Free WiFi: What's the password?

Delicious pork.

Crunchy, yummy. Last piece. 8-)


What's this? Not sure.

Nice dish.

You can order coffee too.

Crystal-like droplets of water?

Nice design on the lazy susan.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Maria Kang, a TV fitness expert, sexy and fit after having three kids: See sexy body @ -

No one person is the same. Oh, duh! That's stating the obvious.

I think Maria Kang, as a TV fitness expert, has no choice, so to speak, but to stay fit!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hong Kong Day 2: The Peak Tram to Victoria Peak night view @ The Sky Terrace 428, dinner @ Tsui Wah Restaurant - -

Mostly first timer visitors like me took a lot of photos.

In the tram, everyone were 'trigger happy'!

Snap, snap, snap away!

The Sky Terrace 428, standing at 428 metres above sea level, is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong offering a stunning 360-degree panoramic view ..

Another night view @ The Sky Terrace 428

Dinner @ Tsui Wah located next to tram station.


Very nice noodle and red dates drink!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Stabbed THEN Mugged in KL by Dave Ramsay: Very near Hard Rock Cafe, not @ Hard Rock Cafe - @

Dave Ramsay's personal account of the unfortunate incident somewhere very near Hard Rock Cafe KL (

Stabbed THEN Mugged in KL
by DaveRamsay Updated Oct 6, 2013 1 reviews
3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Chest stabbed 6 inches below shoulder.
On Saturday (5th Oct 2013) we were mugged very near the Hard Rock Cafe. The mode of this mugging was to pull on a bag and when I turned round I was stabbed in the chest with a knife, while turning. This is a stab first rob later mode of attack. At first I thought I had been punched, my friend held onto her bag and I started to assist only to be slashed with the knife across my right arm - that was when I saw blood spraying out my chest I told her to let the bag go as her head/kneck was closest to the knife. The robber fled with the bag. I think we were marked and then surrounded as some of the "local concerned helpers" were actually trying to pull me clear.

I press 80kgs twice a week so my chest muscles reduced the penetration of the blade and it did not pass the rib cage. I think a slimmer person may have suffered a lung puncture and IF on the heart side of the chest a fatal wound.

It took 30 mins to get to a hospital (City Hospital - very happy with the medics there top job). I was lucky to be able to stand in the road to stop a taxi - several passed after seeing blood - and eventually after being rejected at a private hospital I got mediacal attention.

Of note:

No police anywhere in an iffy area (I think they get a cut to stay away), security at the local venues did nothing....
Very hard to get support people in street or taxis.
This attack valued life at $1000 it was stab to kill first then grab.
The tourist police did not ask ANYTHING about the perpetrator of this crime - all they did was produce a report for an insurance claim.... They have no intention of pursuing criminals, no interest.
As with other posts the tourist police office was a conveyor belt of victims coming in. Of note was a Korean couple who had just been robbed outside the police station 100 meters away, the 6 officers sipping tea seemd not to notice anything worthy of their attention. An NYC man came in 10 minutes later having had his gold chain snatched from his neck - he said he lived in NYC 32 years and this was his first every mugging.

I genuinely feel the police in KL are worse than the criminals because they are ineffective, not present and most likely getting a cut. The politicains are the police masters I wonder how they make so much money.

Malaysia truly Asia (my arse this is a pit of crime)
KL= Killed by Locals.

This place needs avoiding big time. I have travelled Africa, Yemen, SE Asia for nearly 30 years back packer and 5 star, I am not a squeemish person but I genuinely believe this to be THE most dangerous place I have been due to the vast number of incidents and the frequency of them.... its epidemic.

Report @ Free Malaysia Today
Tourist stabbed and mugged in KL
Narinder Singh
 | October 14, 2013

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[SHARE] "KL Is THE Most Dangerous Place I Have Travelled To"

Friday, October 11, 2013

[PHOTO] Twerking: Sexy Miley vs Ugly Umno. Meanwhile staff @ PWTC transported out due to flooding -

Image source:
Meanwhile, read 'Flash flood chaos in Klang Valley' @ The Sun Daily or go to Facebook News:

Man having bak kut teh shot dead @ Restoran Prima Food Garden, near C Beach Cafe @ Kajang town -

More @ Facebook News:

@ Malaysia News | AsiaOne
Close range shot kills businessman
New Straits Times
Wednesday, Oct 09, 2013
KAJANG - A 47-year-old businessman was killed after two masked gunmen shot him at close range at a restaurant in Taman Kajang Prima, last night. The victim, R. Appalasamy a canopy businessman was shot twice, in the head and chest while he was having his dinner at the restaurant alone.

It is learnt that the assailants, who wore fullfaced helmets came on a motorcycle, just before the pillion rider got off and fired a shot at the victim. His accomplice was said to be waiting on the motorcycle, prepared to leave.

A source close to the investigation said during the 11pm incident, the victim had just finished his regular badminton session with his friends in Seminyeh. "Police will look into all possible angles, including business rivalry" he said, when met at the scene.

Appalasamy or better know as 'canopy segar', who also has businesses overseas leaves behind a widow and two sons. His body was taken to Serdang Hospital for a post-mortem.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hong Kong Day 2: Around Aberdeen Fishing Village in Sampan

The fishermen stay in the boats. The boats are their homes.
Interestingly, the boat is also known as sampan.


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