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Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise


Much controversy surrounded Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin during his 11-month tenure as Perak menteri besar over his relationship with the DAP.

During that period, Umno had repeatedly questioned Mohd Nizar’s authority given that predominantly Chinese DAP had 18 seats in the state assembly and held six of the 10 executive council (exco) posts.

Osman JailuThis left only three Malay exco members - PAS’ Mohd Zainuddin Yusof and PKR’s Jamaluddin Radzi and Osman Jailu (left). In early February, however, the PKR duo quit their party to become Independents, which contributed to the collapse of the Pakatan Rakyat-led state government.

Under the circumstances, Umno leaders had repeatedly labelled Mohd Nizar a “DAP puppet”, and as being under the control of cabinet members Ngeh Khoo Ham and Nga Kor Ming.

nizar jamaluddin interview 250309 03“Right or wrong, that is a perception which I cannot run away from,” Mohd Nizar told Malaysiakini in an interview at his Ipoh home last Wednesday.

He said this perception stemmed from his numerous public appearances with DAP leaders, for example at the press conference following the weekly exco meeting.

Mohd Nizar claimed that Jamaluddin and Osman were chain-smokers and would disappear after the meetings, leaving him and Zainuddin as the sole Malay representatives.
(Source: Malaysiakini)


Guess Your Number Game


Ku Li's interview with Malaysiakini:
But he does have an image problem. If people out there continue to throw mud at him, like the Altantuya case, he would have to respond.
Well, by not using (state) power. I think he has to come clean with the public. If he wants to improve his image with the people then he has to come clean. You have ways, go to the court or do things that will be accepted by the people - not to use force or power because that will put him in a worse position that he is experiencing now.
Well, well. The very opposite has taken place. The police today has banned the opposition from raising Altantuya. Repression has started even before Mr. Perception becomes the PM. But then again, he may not be the PM because Ku Li said possible for king not to name Najib as PM.


Despite being defeated in her bid to retain the Wanita Umno chief post last week, veteran politician Rafidah Aziz did not allow the setback to deter her from hitting the campaign trail.


kuala terengganu by election bn launching machinery 050109 rafidahDubbed as the 'Iron Lady', the former minister was in Bukit Gantang (Perak) where she joined the Wanita Barisan Nasional in their door-to-door campaign.

"Although I am no longer the director (of the Wanita election machiney), I came here to see if the work is being done... God willing, my instructions are being carried out," she was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Rafidah said the management of the Wanita election machinery in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau will be handled by newly minted Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.


If you win by a narrow margin or lose, will you drop your claims as the legitimate Perak government?

Not at all! That is a separate matter... If it is a win, it encompasses everything. Even if it is a very slim majority, to me that is still an indication that people want change and the truth.

perak tree of democracy - the plaqueBut if we lose it does not affect our position as the legitimate and rightful government. The fight in the court and in the state assembly will still go on.

Are you ready to go all the way?

We are ready to go all the way. Even to the extent of meeting under the tree. As long as there is no dissolution (of the state assembly), we are the legitimate government.

Under the laws and practices of the Westminster system, the government selected by the people is the official, legitimate and legal government. We will go all out.

(Source: Malaysiakini)


Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today asked the media not to pester him on the date for the transition of power. Urging the media to be patient, he said it would happen in due course.

"Just wait. Don't ask me to say anything. All will happen when the time is right. The transition will take place," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

najib mahathir pak lah umno 2009 agm final day 280309 08Despite having reiterated numerous times that he would hand over the reins to deputy premier Najib Abdul Razak, this has failed to silence the murmurs on the grapevine over the possibility of an eleventh hour surprise.

Technically, Abdullah's term does not end until 2013 when the next general election is due. But the premier has come under tremendous pressure to step down in the wake of last year's polls which saw the ruling coalition suffering a major setback.

Does Pak Lah look like he's saying, 'Hehehe...I haven't resigned yet...'


With just eight days to go for the Bukit Selambau by-election in Kedah, PKR has been dealt a blow with the resignation of its Jerai division chief B Kalaivanar with some 500 supporters today.


bukit selambau by election b kalaivanar quits pkr pc 300309 04The influential local leader relinquished all his party posts due to a disagreement with PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim and his unhappiness with the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

Kalaivanar is also peeved that Anwar had overlooked him as candidate for the state seat, saying that the opposition leader had forgotten all that the former did for the party.

"I am very unhappy with Anwar and PKR. The party has not done anything for the Indian community," he told a press conference at a golf club in Sungai Petani.
(Source: Malaysiakini)

Monday, March 30, 2009


It is just the first day after nominations at Bukit Selambau but both heavyweights from Pakatan Rakyat and BN have begun canvassing for votes bright and early.


bukit selambau s ganesan jogging campaign 300309 02BN's aspirant S Ganesan was distributing glossy campaign pamphlets as early as 7am while he was jogging around his neighbourhood in the Cinta Sayang Golf Resort where he has lived for the past 11 years.

Accompanied by some of his friends, Ganesan passed around pamphlets containing details of his education and activities as well as his experience in politics.

Ganesan, who had completed his primary and secondary school education in Sungai Petani, gained his first degree in economics from Universiti Malaya in 1985.

Five years later, he went off to Anglia College in London to read law and attained the certificate to practice locally in 1992 at UM.

The pamphlets also carried his past and present political affiliations including his participation in state-level committees on social welfare and economics.

Passing the pamphlets to his neighbours, Ganesan asked them to vote for him.

bukit selambau by election s ganesan muhyiddin yassin tamil school visit  300309 04After the jog, Ganesan accompanied Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin to a Tamil-medium school in Sungai Tukang where Muhyiddin contributed RM350,000 to the school.

The money had been allocated in the stimulus package.

Muhyiddin told the media that the money reflected BN's commitment to help people regardless of their race.

He added that he felt sorry for the children at the school which is currently in a deplorable state.
(Source: Malaysiakini)

Ahh...another by-election quickie...Where is the sincerity? Hopefully, the Indian community will not be deceived.

A little miracle...Thank You Jesus!

Thank God a little miracle happened this morning...Had an issue at work that was unresolved since last week...accumulated over the weekend...and well, almost 'exploded' by today.

A few minutes to 10 AM, I tested the connection to this law firm. 'Praise God! It's working!' I was rejoicing.

Then, I called the IT vendor of this law firm. When asked what he did to resolve the problem, he said, 'It has to do with something that you told me last Friday.' I was puzzled. 'Huh?' Something that I told you?' I asked. Then, he explained to me that when I told him that there was a message that there was not enough disk space when the service pack was being installed in Windows, it struck him this morning that the connection problem could be due to just that - lack of hard disk space. So, he cleared the C: drive that was at least 90% used up. After that, he called me to test the connection. I did and it worked. Well, the time was 9:57 AM to be exact. YEAH!


Absolutely correct! VOTE NIZAR!



Ousted Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin's candidacy for the Bukit Gantang by-election caught many political observers by surprise.
After all, PAS has a large pool of talent that it could have fielded and Mohd Nizar already has his hands full trying to wrest the state government back from Barisan Nasional.

For Mohd Nizar, the answer was simple: "This is no mere by-election".

nizar jamaluddin interview 250309 04In an interview with Malaysiakini at his rented bungalow in Ipoh last Wednesday, Mohd Nizar revealed that the party was looking beyond the turmoil in Perak and was taking a direct aim at BN in Putrajaya.

"PAS leadership does not see Bukit Gantang as just a by-election. It is looking at Bukit Gantang as a platform for political change in Malaysia," he said.

Many observers and Pakatan Rakyat leaders have painted the Bukit Gantang contest as a referendum on the controversial BN takeover of the Perak government nearly two months ago.

BN has much to lose in this contest as a defeat would allow its opponents to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the state government, formed after three Pakatan state representatives defected.

It's PKR vs BN at Batang Ai

Joseph Tawie | Mar 29, 09 1:37pm

Sarawak's Batang Ai state seat by-election will see a straight fight between the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Barisan Nasional. Former five-term MP for Lubok Antu, Jawah Gerang, of PKR is to face BN candidate Malcolm Mussen.


batang ai nomination day 290309 03Johnny Chuat, an Iban blogger and publisher of an Iban magazine, who entererd the nomination centre at about 9am failed to submit his papers as an independent.

Coming out of the centre, he wore a PKR shirt and met his supporters, telling them to support Jawah Gerang.

There were some tense moments when objections were raised against the two candidates, but the returning officer, Nelson Mujah Girie overruled the objections and accepted both nominations.

The returning officer made the announcement at 11.30am.

batang ai nomination day 290309 02The large crowd estimated at 10,000 exchanged friendly taunting, but there were a few tense moments among the PKR supporters when the police started to seize PAS flags.

PKR Dominique Ng intervened and talked to a senior police officer. Later Ng told Malaysiakini that the police refused to allow PAS flags to be displayed at the field among the DAP and PKR crowd.

'Dayakism in action'

batang ai nomination day 290309 04The police told Ng that PAS was not a participating party in the by-election and according to the rules of the Election Commission, any party which was not involved should not be allowed to join the crowd displaying its flags.

Ng told the police that if that was the case, then SUPP, SPDP and PBB should also not be allowed to display their flags.

But the police replied that they were parties in the Barisan Nasional, whereas Pakatan Rakyat was not a registerd body.

After a long argument, the police allowed the PAS contingent to join its partners, saying that it was all a miscommunication.

batang ai nomination day 290309 01A former senior BN leader commented on the number of so many Dayak lawyers present at the nomination centre to support the PKR...it shows “Dayakism in action”.

Many ordinary Dayaks from professionals down to rural dwellers have taken a greater interest in the Dayaks’ political predicament while using PKR as the main vehicle to articulate their fears and hopes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Thousands of government and opposition supporters converged Sunday on a sleepy district in Perak, for an electoral clash that will test the new leadership of Najib Razak.


The political temperature is already running high in the state, where the Perak sultan in January ordered the opposition to cede control of the state assembly to the coalition, after defections upset the delicate balance of power.

bukit gantang nomination day bn vip side 290309 02Some 15,000 opposition supporters and 5,000 from the ruling coalition turned out today at the nearby town of Taiping to nominate their candidates, putting on a rowdy display as they beat on drums, yelled chants and waved party banners.

In Bukit Gantang, which with its hills and morning mists is a popular tourism destination, the roads were ablaze with party posters and flags, while police riot trucks and water cannon vehicles were deployed at strategic points.

The government is campaigning heavily on the opposition's defiance of the Perak sultan's order to surrender power - touching on the rights of the Malay rulers which is a sensitive topic in Malaysia.

"The opposition has insulted and defied the institution of the sultan in the state, and people must vote out anyone who insults the monarchy," government supporter Zek Mohamad Shalby told AFP outside the nomination centre.

bukit gantang nomination day najib altantuya and cartoons 290309 03Opposition supporters meanwhile yelled slogans linking Najib to a murdered Mongolian woman who was the mistress of one of his aides. The new leader has repeatedly denied any involvement in the case.

"I'm very confident of winning," said PAS candidate Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin who was Perak's chief minister until the ouster, which is now in limbo as the two sides trade parliamentary and legal manoeuvres.

"We are fighting for democracy and true freedom and it is going to happen here in Bukit Gantang, and we are going to say bye-bye to injustice," he told reporters at the nomination centre.

Nizar is facing Umno's Ismail Safian and Independent candidate Kamarul Ramizu Idris in the three-way fight.

VOTE WISELY, SAYS MUHYIDDIN - Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau, Batang Ai

Tri-elections: Vote wisely, says Muhyiddin


Fitness First

Nope, this post is not about the Fitness First centre. Rather, it is the title of the Sunday sermon. 8)

Fitness involves 3 areas:
1. Godliness
- 1 Timothy 4:8
For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

2. Emotional Fitness
- Ephesians 4:31,32 - Get rid of all bitterness...be kind and compassionate, forgiving each other...

3. Physical Fitness
Basis for a healthy lifestyle: 1 Corinthians 6:19 - ...your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.


Najib said please judge me by my actions.

I swear I've never met ALTANTUYA

Picture courtesy of Bernama.com


Source: Malaysiakini

In an immediate reaction after the assembly ended, Mahathir revealed that he was prepared to return to Umno, most possibly because of Abdullah's retirement as Umno president today.

The 83-year-old former premier resigned from Umno last May after a bitter falling out with his annointed successor.

However, Mahathir had set some "conditions" before making his decision, but did not eleborate on them.

najib mahathir pak lah umno 2009 agm final day 280309 10"I will rejoin Umno only with the conditions that I have set. (Only then), I will rejoin," he said, adding that he would join "at an appropriate time".

His presence at the assembly today has sent some shock waves through Umno, with talks of him returning and play a key role in the party which he had led for 22 years.

In response to a question whether he would be asked to be an 'adviser' to the government, Mahathir said 'no' but added that he would be more than happy to give his views.


(Source: Malaysiakini)
Mohd Ali Rustam, even though he was disqualified a week before the Umno election for alleged money politics, preventing him from running for the deputy president post, he was nevertheless still popular among the Umno members.
In an unusual move, he was invited to give a winding-up speech on the final day of the general assembly and as soon as he finished, all the delegates gave him a standing ovation and thunderous applause as a sign of respect.
Even new vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi acknowledged Mohd Ali, who is also Malacca chief minister, for his contributions and asked the delegates to give him standing ovation.
Mohd Ali was seen as the favourite to win the deputy presidency post, but his hope was dashed after the Umno disciplinary board found his agents guilty of money politics.
This allowed Muhyiddin Yassin, the new deputy president, to score an easy win over underdog Muhammad Mohd Taib. What an example! Corruption is not only an open secret in Umno but it is acknowledged and given applause!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


That was the title initially. I expected it to be another article on the 'Najib-Altantuya' link but it was not. How sad! ;=)

Now it has been changed to Ahmad Najib cannot escape the gallows.

If you observe the permalink (http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/101200), it is the same for 'This Najib cannot escape the gallows' and the revised title.

Jealous Janson

At first, we thought he couldn't be bothered. We were wrong. For the first time, we saw his jealousy in action~

OFFICIAL: PM to meet king on April 2 - nizar tag

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will meet the King on April 2 to inform him of the transition plan that will see him hand over the country’s top post to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak.

Pak Lah made the announcement in his closing remarks in his last speech as Umno president to the party's general assembly this afternoon,

He hopes to get the date for the official hand over after his meeting with the king.

(Source: Malaysiakini)

NOW IN KOREA: Najib Razak and the Ghost of Altantuya

Top guns for Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai

Source: Malaysiakini

There is no honeymoon for the Umno leaders who were elected into top leadership positions last night as they will immediately be tested in three upcoming by-elections.

Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin and the three fresh vice-presidents have been tasked by the party boss Najib Abdul Razak to lead the BN campaign in the April 7 by-elections.

muhyiddin hishamuddin zahid shafie deputy vice presdient umno 2009 victory 270309 10Muhyiddin said the by-elections will test if the party's effort to reform and restore waning public confidence in Umno with the election of new leaders will pay off.

"This is the time to go down and engage the electorates to convince them that the new Umno team is committed to change - a team that is opened to the views and the thinking of Malaysians from all walks of life.

"This new team is prepared to engage, sit down and talk (to the people), and not only that, we are a team that is ready to make the necessary amendments, so give us the chance," he told a press conference today.

"We'd like to tell the electorate in all three places that this new team is very much committed to change."

Muhyiddin said the three vice-presidents - Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Hishammuddin Hussein and Shafie Apdal - have all been assigned a constituency each in the election campaign.

Zahid will be in charge of Bukit Gantang, Hishammuddin in Bukit Selambau and Shafie to take on Batang Ai.


Source: Malaysiakini
Following his defeat in the Umno supreme council elections, Shahrir Abdul Samad said he will resign as the domestic trade and consumer affairs minister.The Johor-born politician said he will be tendering his resignation at the next cabinet meeting next Wednesday.

Shahrir was among two ministers, three deputy ministers and four menteris besar who were shown the exit from the supreme council in yesterday's polls.

shahrir samad umno agm 2009 270309Shahrir explained to reporters this morning that he has set his heart to quit from his minister's post after failing to retain his Umno supreme council seat yesterday.

Speaking at a press conference at the Umno general assembly at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Shahrir said his arrived at this decision because he did not receive the endorsement from Umno delegates.

"As a minister, the most important principle is to get moral support from the delegates," said Shahrir, who appeared calm throughout the press conference.

"There are a lot of inflation and price issues under this ministry, but chances should be given to someone else (who is willing to help the people) rather than me.

"This is a golden opportunity for (someone else) to handle the people's issues. If I don't withdraw myself, other people would not get the chance.

"One year is enough for me as a minister. They should find someone who is younger and more energetic.

"The ministerial post does not belong to me, it belongs to the government. If it (the withdrawal) is to the benefit of the people, why not," he said.


Commenting on Shahrir's shocking move, Abdullah insisted that Shahrir "is still the cabinet minister" despite his intention to let go of the post.

pak lah umno agm 2009 pc 270309"When he wants to resign, he has to inform me officially," he said in a press conference at the Umno AGM.

"That's his choice to resign. No one is stopping him from doing so," he added.

Abdullah further played down suggestions by Rais that the entire cabinet should step down, stressing that "it never happened before".

"A long time ago (before I took office), (former Gerakan president Lim) Keng Yaik said that all ministers from the previous administration should resign or retire.

"He said, give Pak Lah a chance (to appoint his ministers), but nothing happened," said Abdullah with a laugh.

First time walking with shoes in Tesco Extra!

Janson surveying the area and connecting with a stranger...


(Source: Malaysiakini)
Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today shredded the Umno Youth movement to pieces for electing Khairy Jamaluddin as their head.

mahathir and rais yatim pc 190309 01Without mincing his words, the Umno president of 22 years accused the Youth wing of soiling the party's image by endorsing a politician who is 'known to be corrupt'.

On Wednesday, Khairy - the son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - defeated Mahathir's son Mukhriz and former Selangor menteri besar Mohd Khir Toyo for the coveted post.

Expressing sadness over his son's defeat, which observers viewed as a rejection of the Mahathir dynasty, the 83-year-old statesman however denied it was this which stopped him from attending the assembly.

The real reason for his absence, the former premier said, was because "Umno Youth openly and directly endorsed corruption".

Yes, vote buying existed in my time, says Dr M

By Leslie Lau
Consultant Editor
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad continued his campaign today against money politics in Umno by questioning the determination of current party leaders in ridding themselves of the culture of vote-buying.
He admitted that vote-buying also existed in his time as party president, but it was never as openly practised as it is now.
"Incidents of bribery are now widespread and open until the public looks upon Umno politics with disgust. That did not happen before.
"It never came to a point where the party president is accused of money politics. It never happened to such an extent that the disciplinary board receives up to 900 complaints," he wrote in his chedet.com blog today.
Dr Mahathir has grown increasingly vocal over the issue of money politics, or vote-buying, in the current Umno election campaign.
He has openly accused party leaders of using money to secure nominations for top posts, and has threatened to name those he claims are guilty of bribing their way to high office.
The former prime minister has also warned Umno that it stands to lose heavily in the next general election if the practice of vote-buying continues.
He said today that the fact that money politics existed during his time cannot be used to excuse or legitimise the openly corrupt practises under the current party leadership.
"I admit that when I was Umno president and prime minister, there was already money politics," he said in acknowledging accusations that it was under his watch that vote-buying crept in to become part of the party's culture.

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@ the counter while filling in constest form and waiting for petrol to be filled...

Me: Najib going to become the PM...

Big fat Malay man: Good lah...cepat naik...

Me: Now almost all the news overseas talking about Najib-Altantuya

Chinese lady: Good lah...cepat naik...cepat turun

Big fat Malay man: Ya lah! Bagus...

Altantuya Najib Umno: CEPAT NAIK CEPAT TURUN

@ the counter while filling in constest form and waiting for petrol to be filled...

Me: Najib going to become the PM...

Big fat Malay man: Good lah...cepat naik...

Me: Now almost all the news overseas talking about Najib-Altantuya

Chinese lady: Good lah...cepat naik...cepat turun

Big fat Malay man: Ya lah! Bagus...

Thursday, March 26, 2009





Embattled Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said has failed in her bid to retain her Umno supreme council seat.


Also failing to clinch a seat in the supreme council were other heavyweights such as Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hassan, Johor Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman, Perlis Menteri Mohd Isa Sabu, Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob, Domestic Trade and Consumer Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad, Deputy Human Resources Minister and Puteri Umno chief Noraini Ahmad and former minister Johari Baharum.


1. Mustapa Mohamed - Jeli, Kelantan
2. Noh Omar - Tanjong Karang, Selangor
3. Musa Aman - Libaran, Sabah
4. Azian Osman - Ipoh Timor, Perak
5. Zainal Abidin Osman - Nibong Tebal, Penang
6. Mohd Zin Mohamed - Sepang, Selangor
7. Ismail Sabri Yaakob - Bera, Pahang
8. Lajim Ukin - Beaufort, Sabah
9. Shaziman Abu Mansor - Tampin, Negri Sembilan
10. Mohd Puad Zarkashi - Batu Pahat, Johor
11. Tajuddin Abdul Rahman - Pasir Salak, Perak
12. Idris Haron - Tangga Batu, Malacca
13. Abd Latiff Ahmad - Mersing, Johor
14. Jamaludin Mohd Jarjis - Rompin, Pahang
15. Saifuddin Abdullah - Temerloh, Pahang
16. Norraesah Mohamad - Balik Pulau, Penang
17. Mahdzir Khalid - Padang Terap, Kedah
18. Ahmad Husni Mohd Hanadzlah - Tambun, Perak
19. Hamzah Zainudin - Larut, Perak
20. Bung Moktar Radin - Kinabatangan, Sabah
21. Awang Adek Hussin - Bachok, Kelantan
22. Zulhasnan Rafique - Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur
23. Ahmad Shabery Cheek - Kemaman, Terengganu
24. Idris Jusoh - Besut, Terengganu
25. Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim - Baling, Kedah



Muhyiddin Yassin, who bagged 1,575 votes, defeated Muhammad Muhd Taib (916) in the race for Umno deputy president.

For the three vice-president posts, the winners are Zahid Hamidi (1,592), Hishammuddin Hussien (1,515) and Shafie Apdal (1,445).

All are seen as new Umno president Najib Abdul Razak's men.


Najib Abdul Razak - Pekan, Pahang [uncontested]


Muhyiddin Yassin - Pagoh, Johor (1,575 votes)
Muhammad Muhd Taid - Kelana Jaya, Selangor (916)


Ahmad Zahid Hamidi - Bagan Datok, Perak (1,592)
Hishammuddin Hussein - Sembrong, Johor (1,515)
Mohd Shafie Apdal - Semporna, Sabah (1,445)

Nizar tag: NEW PRESIDENT BUT NOT NEW PM - google

The outgoing premier said that he is passing the reins to younger captain to steer the ship and called on all quarters to support Najib.

"A younger leader who has the maturity and experience to navigate the nation to greater heights.

"I urge everyone to give him the undivided support to enable him to bring us to greater success.

"I pledge to give my undivided support to the new president of Umno - to the new prime minister of Malaysia," he added.

Speaking on his tenure as prime minister, Abdullah said he sought to introduce several mechanisms to strengthen the administration, to make it more transparent, efficient and just, to enhance the public delivery system.


(Source: Malaysiakini)
At the time of this posting, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has been officially declared the new Umno president. The announcement was made by Umno permanent chairman Tan Sri Onn Ismail at PWTC Thursday. (Source: The Star Online)

(Source: Malaysiakini)
Outgoing Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today expressed sadness that certain quarters in the party believe that reverting to the old order is the panacea to revive the ailing institution.

macc official launch 240209 abdullah badawi"Sadly there are still those who feel that we do not need to pursue reforms," he said in his opening speech at the 59th Umno general assembly in Kuala Lumpur.

"They believe that Umno will regain its glory if we revert to the old ways - the old order, by restricting freedom of our citizens and by silencing their criticisms," he added.

Abdullah's remarks come amidst growing concerns that his successor Najib Abdul Razak would emulate the leadership traits of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and come down hard on critics.

There is also widespread fear that the Internal Security Act (ISA) will be invoked to quash dissent.

Abdullah said these quarters are of the view that Umno can continue to be in power if they safeguard the interests of certain individuals and give in to the demands of certain groups.

"There are those among us who gain comfort from these thoughts and are still lulled into a false sense of security," he added.

According to Abdullah, the old path is the wrong path.

There is only Umno and non-Umno in Malaysia... - www.malaysiakini.com, nizar tag

The police today recorded a statement from DAP Skudai assemblyperson Boo Cheng Hau over a report lodged regarding his 'apartheid' remark in the Johor state assembly.

boo cheng hauWhen contacted, the opposition rep said he went to the Johor central police station at 2.30pm in connection with the report by the Segamat Umno Youth this month. He only came out at 5pm.

He said he was queried on his recent remarks in the state assembly.

"I was told that I am being investigated under the Sedition Act," he said.

"I said the historic truth but they can't accept it," he added.

In February, Boo had ruffled feathers when he likened the policies of some banks to charge a higher interest rate for non-bumiputeras to the practice of apartheid.

He said the interest rates were differentiated according to member (bumiputera) and non-members (non-bumiputeras).

"The non-bumiputeras are charged a higher interest rate without taking into account their socio-economic status," he added.

Boo also said that the worse apartheid aspect was that socio-economic, education, cultural and language were based on 'ketuanan' or 'kebumiputeraan'.

His remarks were played up by Malay newspapers and drew flak from Umno leaders.

It is pretty obvious and a known fact by now that most times, Umno gets away with making seditious statements but once someone, a non-Umno, makes a seemingly seditious fact, the police acts swiftly...


With nominations just five days away for the Batang Ai by-election in Sarawak, PKR candidate Jawah Gerang is already expressing confidence about his chances of victory in the state seat on April 7.

“I have already covered several longhouses, met the voters there, heard what they have to say and have come away with the good feeling that past support is still intact - and that there is a new wave of support,” he told Malaysiakini by phone from Lubok Antu, about 250km south of Kuching.

“We are working very hard and I am confident we will win.”

He said Nicholas Bawin, the PKR director of elections, is working alongside other members of his group to cover some 150 longhouses in the Batang Ai area by road or river.

jawah gerangJawah, 55, a Universiti Malaya economics graduate, was a bank officer before he became active in politics at the age of 33.

He won the Lubok Antu parliamentary seat five consecutive times, twice unopposed. On Monday, PKR de facto Anwar Ibrahim had named him for the Batang Ai contest.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Source: Malaysiakini

In a stunning victory, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil today deposed reigning Iron Lady Rafidah Aziz as Wanita Umno chief.

shahrizat wanita umno victory 250309 2In the final count, Shahrizat, 56, defeated Rafidah by garnering 507 votes against 280 - a convincing margin of 227 votes.

Shahrizat has gone for broke by challenging her boss Rafidah, who had helmed the wing for more than 20 years.

Rafidah, 10 years senior to Shahrizat, was not in the main hall when the announcement was made at 9.15pm.

Shahrizat, who did not defend her deputy chief post, needed to win this contest to remain in the political mainstream.

The humiliating loss by Rafidah is likely to end her long and often controversial political career.

Khairy Jamaluddin is new Youth Chief

Khairy Jamaluddin has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by winning the much-coveted Umno Youth chief tonight.

umno 59 agm 2009 wanita puteri youth opening 250309 01In a battle touted to be between the scions of top two political families, the son-in-law of outgoing Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has beaten Mukhriz Mahathir, the son of former premier Mahathir.

Mukhriz could be seen crying and being consoled by his supporters, while Khairy appeared jubilant where he was hugged by well-wishers.

The contest for the Umno Youth chief post was close enough for a recount of votes following objections raised by the candidates.

umno youth 2009 agm 250309 mukhrizAccording to earlier information gleaned from inside the assembly halls, the race to be the Umno Youth chief was a close one with the lead changing hands among the three contestants.

The post was three-horse race among Khairy, Mukhriz and Mohd Khir Toyo, the former Selangor menteri besar.

The polling for all posts in the Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings of the ruling party ended at 1.45pm today.

Polling started on time at 11am for the Wanita and Puteri wings but there was a slight delay for the Youth delegates.

No untoward incidents were reported during the polling process.

Umno Azalina: Bagi chance lah...consider me innocent...

Embattled Azalina upbeat despite MACC probe
Umno supreme council member Azalina Othman Said today said that she was confident of retaining the seat despite being tainted by alleged practices of money politics.She sounded confident and said that the allegations will not affect her chances of defending her seat in the party policy-making body.

azalina othmanThe polls for supreme council seats, as well as for all other posts in the main body of the party, will be held tomorrow.

Today polling had taken place for the three main wings of the party - Wanita, Youth and Puteri.

Azalina, also the tourism minister, is being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) into alleged money politics.

One of her senior aides had also been detained for questioning before he was released. The aide was supposedly caught with RM70,000 on him.

It has been alleged that Azalina or her aides have used her ministry to canvass for support for the party polls.

Three MACC officers had also visited Azalina's ministry on March 11 and took away two documents for investigation. And on March 20, MACC officers recorded a statement from her and later went to her house in Shah Alam.

Dinner @ Mama's Special SS2 PJ - nyonya, peranakan food

Overall, food and price not bad...a new restaurant, it is a 'split' from the Peranakan restaurant in 1U and Taman Megah, something like that lah. Well, that was what the manager of the restaurant told me.


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