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MCA, you running dog, leave BN now! Umno says no need Chinese votes!!

Samy Vellu: 70 Umno seats at risk without non-Malay support

October 30, 2010
SUNGAI SIPUT, Oct 30 – Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu has warned Umno that it cannot win at least 70 federal seats without the support of non-Malays in the next general election, contradicting the opinion of a Malay leader.
The MIC president’s angry reaction came after Titiwangsa Umno’s acting chief Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani said the dominant party in Barisan Nasional (BN) did not need the support of Chinese and Indian voters.
“How can he say the Umno does not need Chinese and Indian support. Without Chinese and Indians support BN cannot win in almost 70 constituencies,” said the former Sungai Siput MP (picture), who had also highlighted the fact that he had won the seat in 1990 due to the support of Malay voters.
The former Works Minister said Johari was insensitive, adding the Umno leader should not be a politician in the first place.
“In fact, Indians votes will be crucial for BN in the next GE,” he told reporters here.
During a speech at a private function broadcasted on, Johari was reported as saying that Titiwangsa Umno does not need Chinese and Indian votes if 70 per cent of the voters are Malays.
MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek had also demanded the Titiwangsa Umno leader to retire from politics.
Several other Umno leaders, especially from the Federal Territory, had agreed that Johari’s comment can affect support from Chinese and Indian voters toward BN in the future.
They said this meant that BN will find it difficult to win areas where non-Malay voters make up to about 20 to 30 per cent of the electorate.
They had also admitted that not all Malay voters will vote for BN or Umno as the Malay votes are now divided between Umno, PAS and PKR.
“The Indians are returning to BN, so do not underestimate their strength and support for BN. He is causing major upset to the PM’s new political culture of uniting all races behind BN.
“We don’t need this kind of politicians who think that BN can win with just the Malay votes. I’m shocked to know that someone within BN could utter such remarks,” Samy Vellu said.
The MIC president is slated to hand over the party to his deputy Datuk G. Palanivel next January after he was widely blamed for the party’s losses in Election 2008.
Privately, most non-Malay leaders in the BN say chauvinism among some Umno leaders was the reason for the defeat in Election 2008.
Despite a majority of Malay voters in Titiwangsa, it together with all other federal seats in the Federal Territory fell into the hands of Pakatan Rakyat in Election 2008.
The BN lost four states and its customary two-thirds parliamentary in Election 2008, pushing then prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to hand over the coalition to his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Najib took office in April 2009 with his 1 Malaysia policy to retain and regain support for the coalition that has ruled the country since Merdeka in 1957 when it was known as the Alliance.
The BN is facing two by-elections, the Galas state seat and the Batu Sapi federal seat, on November 4 as Najib seeks to revive the coalition ahead of snap polls expected next year.

This is the video that shows the true colours of Umno! Umno has never been keen in getting the support of Chinese and Indian voters, much less in serving them!

MCA does not fight for Chinese, let alone justice! Shame on you, Soh Heng!

October 31, 2010
Senator Heang told reporters in Galas that the Teoh Beng Hock case should not be brought to the Galas by-election campaign. — Picture by Choo Choy May
GUA MUSANG, Oct 31 — MCA’s Datuk Heng Seai Kie played down the alleged assault on Soh Cher Hai the brother-in-law to the late Teoh Beng Hock, saying today that the case should not be brought to the Galas by-election campaign. 
The women, family and community development deputy minister said the group who was lobbying for her support for the formation of a royal commission to investigate Teoh’s death should have arranged to meet her in Kuala Lumpur. 
“I welcome them to see me any time in my office in KL, but not necessary here in Galas, during by-election,” said Heng in response to allegation that she had ignored the group. 
“Wait until they explain to me. I have not seen them and read the document,” she said when asked if she was willing to support the group’s demand. 
Heng claimed that the local MCA leadership had tried to arrange a meeting with the group today, but the invitation was turned down. 
Soh had arrived in Gua Musang yesterday with Teoh’s sister Teoh Lee Lan and six other members of Malaysians for Beng Hock to lobby for the formation of a royal commission of enquiry to investigate the death of the political secretary to Selangor Executive Councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah. 
The 30-year-old Teoh was found dead on the 5th floor of Plaza Masalam last year after he was interrogated overnight in connection with suspected abuse of state funds by Selangor lawmakers. An inquest into his death will resume on November 4. 
The group was trying to approach Heng after an MCA rally when Soh was allegedly assaulted. 
Soh lodged a report at the Gua Musang police district headquarters soon after the incident and later went to hospital for treatment. 
He had claimed in his report that he was pushed to the ground by an MCA supporter which resulted in knee injury. 
Heng however dismissed the claims adding that she was shocked that the incident ended in a police report. 
“I was on my way out. It was raining. When it was too crowded there was some pushing, but without intention. So nobody has actually fell down to the ground,” said Heng. 
“I didn’t expect that it will end up in a police report and also they claimed that they will refer to the doctor for medical examination,” she added.

My Oh My! This Heng is worse than Hee!
May the dead come and visit her! WUAHAHAHAH

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Galas by-election: Malaysians for Beng Hock! Malaysians for justice!

As federal ministers and their entourage flood the small town of Galas for the by-election campaign, a group fighting for justice for the death of political secretary Teoh Beng Hock and other death-in-custody victims has hit town hot in pursuit.

tbh support group go to galas by election 301010 01"We are here to hand over a memo to the ministers for their signatures. We want them to sign the memo to support our search for justice for Beng Hock," said activist Ng Yap Hwa who was
leading the hunt for the ministers and is the head of the group calling itself 'Malaysians for Beng Hock', an eight member delegation that includes Teoh Lee Lan, sister to the deceased.  They are also pushing for justice for all those who have died in detention or custody besides searching for justice for Teoh who was found dead after interrogation by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

Asked why they have come to Galas during the by-election, Ng explained that a by-election is the most convenient place to find the ministers who are normally not found or seen elsewhere but
during the by-election, they are all here.

Mount Everest now 'wired' for Internet, ready for Starbucks

KATHMANDU (AFP) – Climbers at the top of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, will now be able to make video calls and surf the Internet on their mobile phones, a Nepalese telecom group claims.
Ncell, a subsidiary of Swedish phone giant TeliaSonera, says it has set up a high-speed third-generation (3G) phone base station at an altitude of 5,200 metres (17,000 feet) near Gorakshep village in the Everest region.
"Today we made the (world's) highest video call from Mount Everest base camp successfully," Ncell Nepal chief Pasi Koistinen told reporters in Kathmandu on Thursday.
"The coverage of the network will reach up to the peak of the Everest," he added.
Climbers who reached Everest's 8,848-metre peak previously depended on expensive and erratic satellite phone coverage and a voice-only network set up by China Mobile in 2007 on the Chinese side of the mountain.
The installation will also help tens of thousands of tourists and trekkers who visit the Everest region every year.
"This is a great milestone for mobile communications as the 3G high speed internet will bring faster, more affordable telecommunication services from the world?s tallest mountain," said Lars Nyberg, chief executive of TeliaSonera, which owns 80 percent of Ncell.
The 3G services will be fast enough to make video calls and use the Internet, said the company, which also claims the world's lowest 3G base at 1,400 metres (4,595 feet) below sea level in a mine in Europe.
A total of eight base stations, four of which will run on solar power, have been installed in the Everest region with the lowest at 2,870 metres (9,400 feet) at Lukla, where the airport for the area is situated.
Company engineers braved low temperatures and winds to set up the infrastructure.
Mountaineers hailed the launch as ambitious and helpful.
"The erratic and expensive satellite connection that many times does not work for days will be replaced with this service, making it possible for all climbers to keep in touch with their organisers and family," said Ang Tshering Sherpa, a member of the International Mountain Protection Commission.
"This will also be helpful, possibly, when there is an accident or an expedition mishap," he added
Despite the installation in Everest, telecom services cover less than one-third of the 28 million people of Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world.
TeliaSonera said it planned to invest 100 million dollars in the next year to ensure that mobile coverage increases to more than 90 percent of the Himalayan nation's population.
The 3G network on Everest puts TeliaSonera ahead of state-controlled Nepal Telecom, Indian-owned United Telecom and China Mobile.
Around 3,000 people have climbed to the Everest summit since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first people to conquer the peak in 1953.

Driver Of Ill-fated Bus Had No Driving Licence: Is JPJ sleeping on the job?!

October 30, 2010 16:58 PM
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 (Bernama) -- The driver who was driving the ill-fated bus which skidded and overturned at KM38 Genting Sempah last night, killing seven and injuring 39 others, did not have a driving licence.

Selangor Public Order and Traffic Chief Supt Che Husin Omar said the Road Transport Department (JPJ) had confirmed that the driver did not have a valid driving licence.

"The driver had initially admitted to police that he had a driving licence but when JPJ conducted a search, it was found that he did not have one," he told Bernama when contacted here Saturday.

Che Husin said the driver who suffered a broken right leg and currently receiving treatment at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital was detained for further investigations.

"He will be investigated under Section 41 of the Road Transport Act 1987, for reckless driving and causing death," he said.

Che Husin said police inspect the black box and also investigate whether the driver had any past record for traffic offences or driving without a licence.

The ill-fated bus with 44 youths aged between 14 and 25 from several villages in Baling, Kedah, was on an educational trip and had left Kedah at 11pm Thursday and arrived in Genting Highlands at 8am Friday.

At 7pm Friday, the entourage left Genting Highlands for Kampung Melayu Subang to participate in a homestay programme but was involved in the accident.

During the accident, seven people were killed, 17 seriously injured while 22 others escaped with minor injuries, including the two bus drivers.

Meanwhile, Road Safety Department director-general Datuk Suret Singh said the department and the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) would carry out an investigation.

"The investigations results will be completed in two to three weeks and the report submitted to the cabinet before end November," he told reporters after launching a road safety campaign and exhibition called "Malaysia Unite For Road Safety" at the USJ Elite overhead restaurant here.


Investigation, investigation, investigation!
How many more lives must die before all these illegal and irresponsible bus drivers are rooted out?!

Najib's EGO is higher than 100-storey tower: Facebook protest > 200,000!!!!

Khairy, Pakatan tell Najib not to ignore anti-tower protest

October 29, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 — More than 200,000 Malaysians have backed a Facebook protest to stop the proposed construction of the 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower as Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin joined Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders in calling on Datuk Seri Najib Razak not to ignore the protest.
As at 9.15pm tonight, 200,008 out of 8,815,780 Malaysian Facebook users have clicked “Like” on the “1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower” page to signify their opposition to the RM5 billion Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) project.
The page was created anonymously hours after the prime minister announced the proposed new tower during his 2011 Budget speech on October 15.
People have been writing on the Facebook wall almost every minute since and are blaming the Najib administration for promoting grandiose projects, despite the best efforts of the government in denying that any public funds will be used.
“We need a MEGA HELP for the poor not a MEGA TOWER for the rich,” said Facebook user Nizam PerppisLd, illustrating the typical comments which have appeared on the page.
In his 2011 Budget speech, Najib has said that the tower will be the tallest building in Malaysia, surpassing even the Petronas Twin Towers, upon its completion in 2015.
Many of the protestors on Facebook have also voiced their dissatisfaction by using “placards” from the page’s 165-image collection as their profile pictures, featuring messages like “RM5 billion to help stop child abuse”, “RM5 billion. Improve facilities for the disabled”, and “No mega tower! We want world class public transport system!” among others.
In contrast, a pro-Warisan Merdeka page titled “Kami Sokong Menara Warisan” garnered only 2,248 fans - about 1.1 per cent of the anti-Warisan Merdeka page fan population —  at 9.15pm tonight.
The page is also filled with comments by anti-Warisan Merdeka protestors while majority of the page’s posts are made by the page administrator instead of its fans.
To date, Najib’s Facebook page titled “Najib Razak” has about double the number of anti-Warisan Merdeka Facebook fans at 452,874 fans.
DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang said that Najib could not ignore the online campaign as doing so would cost him support among the youth in the next general election.
“I think it’s a phenomenon that Najib cannot disregard,” Lim told The Malaysian Insider today.
“(If he ignores), young people will be very turned off by Najib’s arrogance and indifference to their views. Definitely, there will be a heavy price (to pay) in the next election,” he added.
The Ipoh Timur MP pointed out that the prime minister’s dismissal of the protest would undermine his credibility as he has stressed the importance of reaching out to young Malaysians.
“If he ignores this phenomenal response among ordinary’s just making a mockery of his statement and undermining his own credibility,” said Lim.
“His premiership will take a major knock among Malaysians, particularly among the young Malaysians who make use of the social media whom he’s trying to reach,” he added.
To date, there are 8,815,780 Facebook users in Malaysia who make up a 33.70 per cent penetration of the country’s population, according to a Facebook statistics website called
The 18-24 year age group accounts for 38 per cent and the 25-34 year age group represent 33 per cent, totalling 71 per cent of the Malaysian Facebook population.
Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin echoed Lim’s views and stressed that the Najib administration could not ignore the 200,000 Malaysians protesting against the Warisan Merdeka tower.
“Clearly, it’s something we cannot ignore. Anything that manages to get 200,000 followers in the space of less than two weeks is clearly something quite significant,” said Khairy.
“It’s an indication of how Malaysians, especially young Malaysians, feel. So the government has to take these sentiments seriously,” he added.
The Rembau MP also said that the government and PNB needed to engage the protestors although the project may not be cancelled due to the campaign.
“I’m not saying that this should result in the project being cancelled, but it does acknowledge for the government, for PNB, to engage with some of the arguments that has been made and come up with a strategy that addresses some of the concerns,” he said.
He noted that some of the concerns voiced on the anti-Warisan Merdeka page could be tackled easily.
“Some of the comments are easily addressed, like it’s a waste of government funds. You can explain that it’s not government funds. If you ignore it, you’re not even explaining it,” said Khairy.
A Facebook fan called Shapeek Kakarot posted such concerns on the anti-Warisan Merdeka page.
“Saya anak malaysia..tidak kira kaum amat prihatin dgn nasib wang itu.....jika menara itu di bina menggunakan wang persendirian maka aku tidak kisah..tpi jika ia melibatkan wang rakyat maka aku BANTAH!!!!! (“I am a Malaysian...doesn’t matter about race. I am very concerned about the money....if the tower will be built using private funds, I don’t care...but if it involves public funds, I OBJECT!!!!”)
The BN Youth chief also noted that dismissing the online protest could add to voter discontent although the campaign itself may not necessarily create a big impact in the general election.
“I don’t know if this one issue can have such a big electoral effect. But it can compound things,” said Khairy.
“People will say they ignored us for the 100-storey building, then another issue...another issue. So it’s best to address things,” he added.
Khairy pointed out that the reason for politicians hopping on the social media platform was to engage Malaysians.
“The whole point of us being on social for us to make sure we can engage with people,” he said, citing the prime minister’s large following on Facebook.
Najib and Khairy are also on micro-blogging site Twitter, besides other MCA leaders like president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, and deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.
PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar said that Najib should cancel the RM5 billion PNB skyscraper project as the Facebook campaign clearly indicated the people’s discontent.
“This shows that the people reject this project. Najib must announce the cancellation of this project,” he said.
The Pokok Sena MP added that the anti-Warisan Merdeka Facebook page could reach a million fans in due time and eventually cause BN’s downfall should the Najib administration ignore it.
“If left for a long time, surely we can reach one million. And this one million, where each person has ties to family members, will play a role in shaping the direction of Malaysia and change the government from BN to Pakatan Rakyat,” he said.
“This Facebook page with young people will create a new political wave,” he predicted.
PR leaders have derided the grandiose skyscraper project as wasteful and accused Najib of trying to “out-Mahathir” former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who embarked on a massive development spree after he took power in 1981 by building highways, the Penang Bridge, opening new industrial estates and oversaw the construction of the Petronas Twin Towers, the KL International Airport, the Sepang International Circuit, intra-city train lines, several ports, and the new administrative capital Putrajaya and its neighbouring Cyberjaya, which was central to the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) project.
The prime minister appeared to distance himself from the controversial tower when he made it known that the project did not originate from him but PNB.
He nevertheless defended it, saying that it would have a “multiplier effect” on the economy and help drive it forward, in addition to providing an attractive commercial centre for Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera businesses alike.
In his 2011 Budget speech, Najib said the rationale for the Warisan Merdeka tower was similar to that of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, in that it would serve as a symbol of a modern and developed Malaysia.
The 19-acre development area of the mega project — which includes a condominium and a shopping mall — is sited on the car park and land adjacent to Stadium Negara and Stadium Merdeka.

Yes, I am one of '1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower' on Facebook though I believe Najib will still go ahead as planned. After all, this 100-storey tower is his 'baby'! ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Audit report: PAC zooms in on the Horror Nine - BN plundering the nation!!!!!

When the Auditor-General's 2009 report was released early this week, it highlighted the incompetencies and leakages of taxpayers' funds that had somehow seeped through the bureaucratic system.

While Malaysians sat up and read the reports in horror, the Audit Report has also grabbed the attention of the Public Accounts Committee members, who have recently announced that they will be investigating nine cases from it.

The horror nine are:
1) The Economic Stimulus Package, 2) Batu Maung tuna port, 3) Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB), 4) PTPTN loans, 5) Health Ministry's haemodialysis programme, 6) Additional Food Programme for schoolchildren, 7) Skudai army camp, 8) The Muadzam Shah Polytechnic Institute in Pahang and 9) Railway Asset Corporation.

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Will Najib take heed of the people's voice? I believe not. His ego is too tall!

October 28, 2010

There is speculation Najib will call for snap polls within the next six months. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 28 — Analysts have warned that dismissing the growing opposition to the proposed 100-storey Warisan Merdeka project on Facebook can erode Barisan Nasional’s (BN) support among the youth in the general election.
Nearly 200,000 Malaysians have registered their protest against the RM5 billion Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) skyscraper project on the social networking website amid wide speculation that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak may call for snap polls within the next six months.
The number of fans on the “1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower” page is growing at a breakneck pace — estimated at 1,000 an hour — since it was created anonymously hours after the prime minister announced the new PNB building during his 2011 Budget speech.
“Najib can ignore it but it is to his peril that he ignores the opposition,” political analyst James Chin told The Malaysian Insider.
“It will cost BN votes among the younger ones,” he said, adding that Facebook users tended to be young people.
To date, there are 8,679,160 Facebook users in Malaysia who make up a 33.18 per cent penetration of the country’s population, according to a Facebook statistics website called
The 18-24 year age group comprises 38 per cent and the 25-34 year age group comprises 33 per cent, totalling 71 per cent of the Malaysian Facebook population.
With more than four million eligible but still unregistered Malaysian voters, political parties are racing to get them on the electoral rolls.
Last year, Umno registered the highest number of new voters at 24,818, followed by DAP with 17,756 and PAS with 16,987, according to the Election Commission (EC).
The EC has also stated that there are currently 11,381,193 registered voters nation-wide, with 191,970 new voters registered during the second quarter of the year.
Chin, a Monash University professor, pointed out that writing off the online protest would cast a bad light on Najib’s image as the prime minister has asked Malaysians for ideas on various matters.
“It’ll look bad like he’s a hypocrite because he asks people for suggestions but doesn’t listen,” he said, noting that Najib also used Facebook to reach out to voters.
On August 24, the prime minister had posted a message on his Facebook page titled “Najib Razak” calling all Malaysians to contribute ideas for the 2011 Budget.
He also claimed on his Facebook page, which has 450,112 fans at last count, that there was a keen online interest in the Warisan Merdeka tower.
“Seeing strong online interest in the proposed Warisan Merdeka. The building will bring great economic benefits to us all. #budget2011,” said Najib on October 20.
Most fans of the anti-Warisan Merdeka page, however, have derided the project as a wasteful initiative, among other things, with some using digital placards from the page’s 165-image collection as their profile pictures.
Many “placards” feature messages written on cardboard images calling for alternative uses of RM5 billion, such as: “RM5 billion to help stop child abuse”; “RM5 billion. Improve facilities for the disabled”; “No mega tower! We want world class public transport system!”; and “RM5 billion untuk rakyat di pedalaman (RM5 billion for the rural people)”.
Political analyst Dr Sivamurugan Pandian echoed Chin’s views and said that the government’s failure to further explain the goals of the PNB building project would cost BN at the ballot box.
“If no explanation is given, I think the people would punish them in the next election,” said Sivamurugan, referring to the next general election.
“With the RM5 billion, how will it benefit the masses? It (the government) needs to give further explanation on how the building functions, its use towards physical infrastructure, and whether it will be a tourist attraction,” he added.
In his Budget 2011 speech, Najib said the Warisan Merdeka tower was set to be the country’s tallest tower upon its completion in 2015, surpassing even the Petronas Twin Towers.
He also said that the rationale for the skyscraper was similar to that of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, in that it would serve as a symbol of a modern and developed Malaysia.
The prime minister also pointed out that the project would have a “multiplier effect” on the economy and help drive it forward, in addition to providing an attractive commercial centre for Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera businesses alike.
Sivamurugan, a Universiti Sains Malaysia political science lecturer, further warned that ignoring the Malaysian online demonstration would cause a dip in the government’s popularity.
“If they ignore the 176,000 fans on Facebook, it will become a very unpopular government,” he said.
Political analyst Dr Lim Teck Ghee also told the Najib administration not to take the Facebook protest lightly, pointing out that the page’s ability to garner thousands of fans in a short time indicated the extent of public opposition to the tower.
“If the government thinks that this is a small number, it is badly mistaken. The number of Facebook users in the country is really not that large, and to be able to mobilise so many so quickly says a lot about the extent of opposition to the project,” said Lim.
“The government should regard this as an informal referendum on the issue and can only ignore it at its own peril,” he added.
Despite the Najib administration’s repeated explanations that the project undertaken by government-linked investment corporation PNB would not use government funds, Malaysians on the anti-Warisan Merdeka page have remained sceptical.
Umno leaders, however, have downplayed the online protest and stuck to their guns over the planned construction of the tower.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz dismissed opposition to the Warisan Merdeka skyscraper as “presumptuous”.
“Remember when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was prime minister and he had mooted the construction of the Penang Bridge? Back then Anwar was Umno Youth chief, he said no to the bridge and even called it a project mewah (expensive) but today, right now we are looking at building another bridge,” Nazri told The Malaysian Insider.
Nazri said the government would not back down from the construction of the 100-storey tower, claiming that the area around the intended Warisan Merdeka landmark was “underutilised”.
“That area now is underutilised. Right now Kuala Lumpur is short of space... the landmark where Warisan Merdeka will be built is a new area for us to look at. If you look at the areas near KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre), they weren’t touched before, but now the area is expanding. We need the space, the area near Merdeka stadium should not be left undeveloped,” said Nazri.
The minister was confident that once the project was completed it would dispel any “non-believers,” in reference to the growing number of Facebook users who are against the building of the tower.
“If anything happens the government will be responsible. What the PM is doing is correct, we have to spin our economy. Whatever reasons we give now, in 10 years’ time it will not be valid anymore. Malaysia’s economy is growing... what you see today as something wasteful that is if you are only talking about an economy that is not growing. But I can tell you in 10 years’ time, Kuala Lumpur will grow so much, that you will be grateful to say, thank God we thought about Warisan Merdeka,” added Nazri.
Another Umno MP, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, echoed Nazri’s remarks, saying that the rising number of the anti-Warisan Merdeka Facebook fans did not mean that the reasons for their opposition were “justified”.
“They are voicing their own opinions here but does that mean they are collectively right? If people have a problem with Warisan Merdeka, they should ask PNB who are building it, we are not using government funds. The reason why it was announced during Budget 2011 was because the PM was excited about it and wanted to talk about it,” said Nur Jazlan.
He downplayed public outrage towards the project, saying that it was “normal” to receive flak for any big-scale project at the preliminary stages.
“But in property development if you have deep pockets and if you wait out the cycle, eventually the market prices will catch up. Where else can you develop land in Kuala Lumpur besides Warisan Merdeka? Development is now moving out of Bukit Bintang towards Brickfields, it’s a part of the natural progression of KL city — from KLCC, Pavillion, Bukit Bintang towards Warisan Merdeka,” said the Pulai MP.
Pakatan Rakyat leaders have derided the grandiose skyscraper project as wasteful and accused Najib of trying to “out-Mahathir” former premier Dr Mahathir, who embarked on a massive development spree after he took power in 1981 by building highways, the Penang Bridge, opening new industrial estates and overseeing the construction of the Petronas Twin Towers, the KL International Airport, the Sepang International Circuit, intra-city train lines, several ports, and the new administrative capital Putrajaya and its neighbouring Cyberjaya, which was central to the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) project.
The 19-acre development area of the Warisan Merdeka mega project — which includes a condominium and a shopping mall — is sited on the car park and land adjacent to Stadium Negara and Stadium Merdeka.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Auditor-General's Report 2009: Financial standing of Penang BAIK GOOD!!

The Penang state administration has hit a record high in state revenues for the second time this year, collecting RM1.1 billion in accumulated funds (the accumulated funds are a combination of the revenue accounts, loan accounts and trust funds) for the whole of 2009 compared with RM1.025 billion collected in 2008, surpassing the billion-ringgit mark for the first time.

In 2007, under the previous BN state government, the accumulated funds were at RM847.45 million.

In the recently-released 2009 Auditor-General's Report, Penang - the only Pakatan state to receive the 'baik' (good) accreditation in their financial standing - also collected 29.1 percent more in actual revenue. bringing the total revenue collection to RM376.51 million from previously, RM371 million in 2008.

The revenue collection showed the most signficant jump from RM296 million in 2007 to RM371 million in 2008.

Najib, the 'godfather' of nightclubs and spas - welcome to MALAYSIA VICE

The Najib administration wants to turn Malaysia into a major nightlife hub to boost its tourism industry under the Economic Transformation Plan (ETP) that will see the establishment of several major nightclubs, the hosting more major concerts, relaxing of guidelines for performers and the "repackaging" of international events such as Formula 1 and MotoGP.

This is part of the government's 12 entry-point projects (EPP), according to the ETP roadmap released yesterday, to resolve the problem of having steadily increasing tourist arrivals, but being hampered by a relatively low yield.

Police behaved like gangsters?! Oh why am I not surprised?

A witness in the R Gunasegaran death in custody case was whisked away by the police from his house in Kuala Lumpur last night.
r gunasegaran death in custody 261010 selvachandran  krishnan's wife saraswathy  subramaniamK Selvachandran's wife S Saraswathy (left in photo), said she was told to give him a goodbye kiss by police officers - four male and one female - who came to her house at about 10pm before taking him away and alleged that one of the policemen grabbed the house key when Selvachandran was trying to unlock the door, punched him and opened the door themselves. Saraswathy was speaking in Tamil at a press conference today. Among those present were Suaram coordinator E Nalini, M Visvanathan, the lawyer for Gunasegaran's family and social activist C Sekar. Sekar said that Saraswathy told him the officers came without identifying themselves, and merely flashed their authority cards before taking Selvachandran away. Sekar condemned the officers' behavior and said the way they behaved was like gangsters.

Yesterday, the Coroner's Court delivered an open verdict in the inquest of toddy shop assistant R. Gunasegaran, who died in police custody two years ago. Coroner Siti Shakirah Mohtarudin passed the verdict after finding that there was insufficient evidence needed to record a conclusion. Selvachandran was at the Sentul police station on July 16, 2009, on the day Gunasegaran was arrested and he testified that he saw Lance Corporal Mohd Faizal Mat Taib kick the deceased in the chest.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Abuse in the name of economic stimulus package: Money spent on luxury items!

The economic stimulus package announced in November 2008 was also misused, the National Audit Department says.

The 2009 Auditor-General's Report says the RM250 million allocated under the stimulus package was meant to restore or carry out maintenance work on military camps and quarters but money from this allocation was also spent on luxury items for the Labuan air base, Wilayah Laut camp (Mawilla 3) in Langkawi and the Lumut naval base.

For Mawilla 3, the contentious items included:
  • Washable solid vinyl wallpaper with PVC (RM95,880)
  • Two sofa sets (RM26,000)
  • Carpets (RM13,320)
  • Home theatre set (RM12,000)
  • Chandelier (RM10,000)
On the Mawilla 3 dining room alone, RM144,118 had been spent. The contentious items included:
  • Replacement tiles (RM72,960)
  • Nine air-conditioners (RM32,200)
  • Plaster ceilings (RM31,008)
  • Cornice (RM5,950)
The report said that the audit found that these works were not supposed to be performed as no serious damage to the dining room had been reported.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vote PR into Putrajaya! Malay special rights will still be protected - always!!

October 25, 2010
Nurul Izzah: While the Parliament is still in session, I call upon the Prime Minister to turn his speech into action within 30 days.
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 25 — Nurul Izzah Anwar has challenged Datuk Seri Najib Razak to turn his Umno assembly speech into action, or risk becoming a daydreamer like the Malay folklore character Mat Jenin and not the legendary warrior Hang Tuah.
The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmaker demanded today that Najib repeal undemocratic laws, ensure freedom of the press and to conduct fair elections within the next 30 days.
Citing the two iconic Malay cultural characters Najib had referenced himself during the Umno assembly, she said the prime minister now had the chance to prove that he possessed Hang Tuah’s courage and sense of fair play or follow in Mat Jenin’s “delusional footsteps”.
“While the Parliament is still in session, I call upon the Prime Minister to turn his speech into action within 30 days,” Nurul Izzah said in a press statement.
She said Najib’s success in repealing anti-democratic laws and safeguarding freedom of the press as well as free elections will serve as “benchmarks” for Umno’s legitimacy and Najib’s own moral leadership.
The Lembah Pantai MP urged the prime minister to repeal all anti-democratic laws to prove that he believed Malay rights were so tightly locked in the Constitution that they could be not be easily repealed.
“The Prime Minister had said, ‘The Malay Rights are tightly locked with a key and enshrined in the Constitution’. Therefore in Parliament, the Prime Minister must repeal all anti-democratic laws such as the ISA (Internal Security Act), AUKU (Universities and University Colleges Act), and the PPPA (Printing Presses and Publications Act), which is no longer needed to protect those rights,” she said.
Nurul Izzah added that if Malay special rights were protected by the Council of Rulers, as Najib has stressed, they would continue to be upheld even if PR manages to seize Putrajaya one day.
“Doesn’t Umno trust in the Malay Ruler’s wisdom and judgment to hold the key for all Malaysians?” she said.
Nurul Izzah also urged Najib to guarantee freedom of the press in line with his call to Malays to face a “competition of the minds” as this would enable the creation of an informed society.
“Wouldn’t this nurture the people’s mind and soul to face the modern era?” she asked.
Since Malays can “compete with the best”, the prime minister should also take measures to ensure free and fair elections, Nurul Izzah added. She said Najib should follow in the footsteps of Hang Tuah — whom the prime minister referenced several times in his speeches - who chose to fight fairly on a level playing field.
In his speech last Thursday and Saturday, Najib stressed that it was critical for Malays to prepare themselves for the coming era.
“Instead of obsessing about rights, the 21st century Malay should instead prepare himself to utilise those rights. What is the use of quotas, reserves and permits if all are wasted?” he had said. “What use is opportunity if sacrificed for short-term gain?”
“Like it or not, the Malays of this century should face reality to seize success,” Najib continued.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Kelantan BN chief Mustapha Mohamad today gave his assurance that government officers and NGOs will be helping the coalition win the upcoming Galas state by-election.
Speaking after Mustapa and in referring to the award of RM180 million and government land to build the People's Housing Project (PPR) in Taman Manis near Gua Musang announced by Muhyiddin this morning, Galas elections director and Gua Musang Umno chief Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said the people of Galas must ensure that BN wins in order to repay the coalition's efforts in bringing into the constituency much-needed development.
Ku Li said that BN did not come empty-handed as they had come bearing gifts of land. The former finance minister urged the people of Galas, saying, "We are treated in a special way - we were given land, (so) we must repay them as they are special as well."

For over 50 years, Umno-BN hasn't changed. Ku Li hasn't changed.
The rakyat must and can change! Say 'NO' to anarchism!

BN components cowering, will not question unconstitutional issues, will not fight for equality of all races!

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties have agreed that they will no longer question sensitive issues which have been enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

The Prime Minister said what was important for Umno and the BN component parties was to be united in the spirit of 1Malaysia to face future challenges in transforming the country into a high-income and developed nation by the year 2020.

"What is important to us is to look ahead that we have more challenges as a nation, and all races must unite in the spirit of 1Malaysia so that we can build a future that is more prosperous and more successful based on the New Economic Model (NEM) and the government and economic transformation plan," he told reporters after closing the Umno General Assembly 2010 at the Putra World Trade Centre, here Saturday.

Najib, who is also the BN chairman and Umno president, said this when asked on what he expected from the BN component parties with regard to the sensitive issues including the special privileges of the Malays and Bumiputera which had been enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

"They (component parties) have given their agreement that matters pertaining to the constitution should no longer be questioned by anyone at all because I have explained them in detail," he said.

When asked whether all the BN component parties have reached a consensus on this, the prime minister said: "I would imagine they should agree because this is what I have said and as Chairman of BN, this is the spirit of BN, and it is quite academic for us to question the provisions of the Constitution."

In his policy speech on Thursday, Najib, said the position of the Malays and Bumiputera as well as the interests of the other races in terms of politics, had been enshrined as a national social contract in the Federal Constitution, and everyone must now respect this noble consensus for the sake of the country's continuity and survival.

"I believe if this is the spirit (the spirit to unite), InsyaAllah (God willing), we will place a strong foundation in terms of political stability for the nation to leap to greater heights," he said.

On the opposition's continued manipulation of such issues by saying that Umno should no longer be given power because the rights of the Malays had been safeguarded in the Constitution, Najib said:

"Although safeguarded, political power must remain with the Malays to translate the spirit of the Constitution, that's why in my speech, I had said that no matter what, we must defend Putrajaya."


Saturday, October 23, 2010


At Last, Science Figures Out The Keys to Sexy Dancing
Motion-capture technology allows an objective analysis of which dance moves are most attractive
By Mara Hvistendahl Posted 09.09.2010 at 10:43 am

For Fred Astaire, it was best done cheek to cheek. Madonna made it all about getting into the groove. And Outkast advocated shaking it like a Polaroid picture. Dancing can take many different forms. But which is proven to attract more members of the opposite sex? Science has been silent on the subject until now.
Psychologists at Northumbria University in Newcastle, the U.K., say they have used avatars shimmying to computer-generated dance sequences to pinpoint the moves most likely to win over women, reports LiveScience.

So, guys out there! Know your moves before you make a move! ;)

NEP: Umno's tool to keep Malays 'poor' and 'weak' and Umnoputras rich!!!

On 30 June 2009, Bernama reported Najib as saying:
Of the RM54 billion in shares allocated, only RM2 billion worth of shares were left in the hands of Bumiputeras and the total Bumiputera equity was only 19.4 percent, far from the targeted 30 percent 19 years ago.

Note: The NEP, put in place in 1971, officially ended in 1990, but many of its programmes are still being continued.

On Sept 02, 2010, The Malaysian Insider reported:

I am one of '1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower' on Facebook!!

1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower

Obviously, Najib has forgotten his first promise as PM that “The era where the government knows best is over”!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Najib echoes my advice, says Dr M - Najib has shown leadership. He has pressed some of the right buttons. Unlike Abdullah, all the wrong buttons

Former premier and Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamed today said his call for Malays to work hard and prove their mettle continues to remains relevant through the current Prime Minister and Umno president Najib Abdul Razak. He commended Najib's policy speech at the opening of the party's annual general meeting today, saying it is a timely reminder to the Malays on the importance of earning their keep. After the AGM's opening ceremony, Mahathir said, "The Malays must realise where they stand and that they need to work hard to be successful... I have said this before when I was president, and Najib is reinforcing this." In the meantime, former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (far left in photo) also gave the thumbs up for his successor, saying Najib's policy speech cleared the confusion over the long-debated special position of the Malays.
Dr M: “Najib has shown leadership. He has pressed some of the right buttons. Unlike Abdullah, all the wrong buttons.”

Umno should reach out to non-Malays, not scare them off with 'ethnic cleansing' talk!

All of us know that Najib talked about 'ethnic cleansing' in his opening speech at Umno AGM yesterday.

Certainly, that is not the way to reach out to non-Malays, Mr. Umno-appointed Prime Minister.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inter Parliamentary Union: Sodomy II compromised and choc-a-bloc with defects

The way the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial is being conducted has received outright condemnation from an international legislators body - the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) that has been keeping a close eye on the case unanimously adopted a resolution that the prosecution in the case had been compromised and was choc-a-bloc with defects.

The resolution, adopted by the Geneva-based IPU on Oct 6, noted procedural irregularities, based on a
24 -page report report by Queens Counsel Mark Trowell, an observer at the trial, that was handed over to the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians, compromising the prosecution's case.
The resolution states:
"Trowell provides a detailed analysis of this question and arrives at the conclusion that 'since the prosecution case has been completely compromised, the public interest would justify discontinuing the proceedings. It noted that the Malaysian delegation's view that this did not take into account the interest of the victim in receiving justice."

The Malaysian delegation was represented by Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong and Nancy Shukri (MP for Batang Sadong). Questions had been raised over Wee's presence at the IPU in the Malaysian delegation. Reason being, according to Anwar's lawyer Sankara Nair, the Permatang Pauh MP has a suit pending against the deputy education minister.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mahathir says we need an opposition but Mukhriz blames the opposition!!!!

exclusive Three days before polling day, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad told voters that the country needs an opposition that can hold up a mirror to the government.

Indeed, Mukhriz has a lot to learn from his father. If Mukhriz had been doing well, he would have silenced the opposition. Nevertheless, the opposition is doing Mukhriz a big favor by holding up a mirror to the government!

Singapore Talent 'Co-opt': Malaysian tops Cambridge, heads to Singapore

Malaysian tops Cambridge, heads to Singapore

October 19, 2010
Container ships are seen against the backdrop of the Singapore’s financial district. Singapore has honed its capacity to scour the world for top talent, including from Malaysia where students are recruited to the republic from as young as 15 years old. – Reuters pic
ANALYSIS, Oct 19 – Malaysian first-class honours law graduate Tan Zhongshan, who won a slew of awards at Cambridge University including the Slaughter and May prize for best overall performance, is heading to Singapore to join its Legal Service commission, it was reported today.
But this is no longer an uncommon case in Malaysia which has been facing a brain drain problem for decades even as previous administrations did little to stem the tide of outgoing talent.
This has led to fears that the country is being hollowed out.
The Najib administration has taken the strongest steps yet to tackle the issue by proposing a Talent Corporation (Talentcorp) to lure talent and overseas Malaysians back as well as resolving the perennial government scholarship debate by awarding scholarships to all students who score 9As and above.
The prime minister has also been on a personal charm offensive abroad the past one year and told Malaysian communities in Belgium and Luxembourg this month that the Talentcorp will seek overseas Malaysians out and do what it takes to make them consider going home.
It is too early to tell however if the initiatives will be able to dent the numbers of qualified Malaysians moving abroad, particularly to Singapore which has over the years, honed its capacity to scour the world for top talent, including from Malaysia where students are recruited to the republic from as young as 15 years old.
In the case of Ipoh-born Tan, he was sponsored with an Asean scholarship by Singapore’s Ministry of Education after completing his A-Levels at the Temasek Junior College there, The Star newspaper reported today.
It is unclear however if the Talentcorp’s mandate also extends to preventing further hemorrhaging of talent even as it works to bring overseas Malaysians back.
While the prime minister’s campaign to bring lure the Malaysian diaspora back to the country has been widely welcomed, he faces structural and branding challenges including the widespread perception that in Malaysia, ability is not appreciated and ranks well below other factors such as race and political connections.
The country also lags behind favoured immigration destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, US and UK in terms of livability, lifestyles, education systems and opportunities in areas such as scientific research, making it harder for many returnees to adjust even though they want to serve the country as well as be closer to friends and family.
The government’s fledgling Economic Transformation Programme, which aims to elevate Kuala Lumpur to the top 20 in the world in terms of livability and economic activity could however help address some of the concerns.
The number of Malaysian migrants rose by more than 100-fold in a 45-year period, from 9,576 Malaysians in 1960 to 1,489,168 Malaysians in 2005, according to the World Bank which warned that a lack of human capital is a “critical constraint in Malaysia’s ambition to become a high-income economy.”
Deputy Foreign Minister Senator A. Kohilan Pillay also said recently that 304,358 Malaysians had migrated from March 2008 till August 2009 compared with 139,696 Malaysians in 2007.
The prime minister told Parliament this month that less than one per cent of 784,900 Malaysians working overseas have returned to the country during the past nine years with Singapore having the highest number of Malaysians with 303,828 people, followed by Australia with 78,858.

Permodalan Nasional Bhd first! Not rakyat first, not better health care, education

Ok, all of us know that PM says Warisan Merdeka not his idea. So, I've decided to rename the original title of this blog post from 'Najib puts his baby first! Not rakyat first, not better health care, education' to 'Permodalan Nasional Bhd first! Not rakyat first, not better health care, education'!

Prime Minister Najib Razak defended his plans for a 100-storey megatower in Kuala Lumpur after a backlash on a fast-expanding Facebook petition and criticism from the opposition.
Najib unveiled plans for the tower, to be built by 2020 at a cost of RM5 billion, during last week's budget speech, which included a number of grand infrastructure projects.

Najib has said such projects exemplify the spirit of "Malaysia Boleh" or "Malaysia Can", a national campaign conceived by former premier Mahathir Mohamad, an advocate of mega projects, has warmly endorsed the new skyscraper even though
Mahathir's own schemes included the Proton national car and the multi-billion-dollar administrative capital Putrajaya have failed to thrive.

azlanA Facebook page created last Saturday that said,
"Malaysia needs better education, better health care, better public transportation, safer neighbourhoods, cleaner water, but not a taller building. We don't need another white elephant!" 

By this afternoon, the page has about 11,000 people had signed up and has seen an outpouring of criticism from Malaysians who say the money would be better spent elsewhere.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fed up with Umno’s failure to fight for Sabahans, Karim Ghani quits Umno!!!!

October 18, 2010
KOTA KINABALU, Oct 18 – A key veteran politician who brought Umno into Sabah, Datuk Karim Ghani, announced he quit the party today.
Karim was among former United Sabah National Organisation (Usno) leaders, including the late Tun Datu Mustapha Datu Harun (who founded Usno), who played a part in bringing Umno into the state in the 1990s. Usno was disbanded to make way for Umno.
He said he had sent his resignation letter to the Umno headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and the party’s state office here, earlier today.
“I quit Umno with immediate effect today. I stick to my final decision and in the meantime, I will remain partyless until I find the right political party to join,” he told a news conference here.
Karim said he got fed up and was disillusioned with Umno’s failure to fight for Sabahans’ rights and welfare.
The former Usno vice-president was among a group loyal to Usno who recently pleaded to Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein to review the decision of rejecting their application to revive Usno.
There were reports saying that many former Usno leaders felt sidelined and wanted their old party to be revived to continue their political struggles. – Bernama

Finally, this guy has come to the point of realization!
Umno is only interested in its own political survival!

Sultan Selangor wants 'neutral' civil servants but Najib wants Umno civil servants

On Monday, April 12, 2010, there was a news report that I blogged about:
S'gor sultan wants 'neutral' civil servants - Reforms by PR restricted by 'BN-friendly' civil servants
Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has urged civil servants in Selangor to act professionally and put their political allegiance aside in serving the people. (Civil servants) must be neutral and serve...
But on Oct  16, 2010, Bernama reported:
Excerpt from the news article - '...Further to this, Najib said he could not understand why there were civil servants and government pensioners who preferred to support the Opposition. "We have to look into this ... this is not right...'

What can I say but 'DAULAT TUANKU!'!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Anwar: 8-fold increase in EC budget, polls loom - Will Anwar be doomed??

@ Malaysiakini
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today queried the government over allegations that the Election Commission's budget will be bumped up to RM250 million next year.
The Federal Court today dismissed Anwar Ibrahim's appeal to obtain the witness statement of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, which was recorded by the police, in connection with the opposition leader's sodomy trial. The decision today exhausted the attempts by the Permatang Pauh MP to get the witness statement of Mohd Saiful, made under section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

MACC adviser wants action on website report

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) adviser Robert Phang wants a report on a Sabah website probed “for passing off rumours of a court case in Hong Kong as the Gospel truth”.

Phang added that the subject of the said probe should be made public. Reason being the people have a right to know, since the case still under MACC investigation is now generating heat anew because of muck-raking”.

He described as “inaccurate” a news report last Wednesday on the “errant” website that three Malaysians - a senior lawyer and two timbermen, including a Chinese Muslim - would be in a Hong Kong court on Oct 27 for the mention of a case involving money-laundering and financing of terrorism. All three are from Sabah except one who is reportedly a transmigrant from Negeri Sembilan.

NONE Phang (right) said
if the news was true, then it was news to him as he had spent over 30 years in Sabah, which included the Berjaya administration period (1976-1985). Phang said, “But I can tell you that such a case could not be brought to a court in Hong Kong without the MACC being informed first.”

All these Phang said to Malaysiakini last night, in reference to an Oct 13 report on the Sabahkini website.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

1Malaysia: Bukan perjuangan Melayu & Islam tetapi Umno yg diutamakan

The DAP has accused Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak of using “racial rhetoric and falsehoods” to incite anger among Malay civil servants so that they would continue to support Umno.
Tengok-lah. Najib bersembunyi di sebalik tabir 1Malaysia. Kononya, rakyat didahulukan. Kalau lihat 'banner', nampaknya 'perjuangan Melayu & Islam diutamakan' tetapi ketika melancarkan Kelab Umno Pesara Kakitangan Kerajaan hari ini, Najib selaku presiden Umno, dipetik sebagai berkata, "Pegawai kerajaan harus lebih tahu bahawa hanya Umno yang dapat menjamin kelangsungan hidup kita." This statement is a tweaked Google translation of the English version - "Civil servants should know better that it is only Umno that can ensure our survival", said Najib, who is also Umno president.
Read the Malay version of the news in Malaysiakini - DAP: PM nyalakan 'api perkauman'
Image Source: Malaysiakini

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Civil servants no bonus: Government no $! People last! Performance none!

Bonus withdrawn because of massive RM3.1b expenditure: Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, Saturday 16 October 2010 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today the government could not pay a month's bonus to the 1.2 million civil servants in Budget 2011 because it incurred a huge expenditure, of RM3.1 billion.
As such, he said, the special financial assistance of RM500 for each civil servant was appropriate.
Najib, who is also the finance minister, said many quarters had lobbied to him to announce a month's bonus to the civil servants.
"But I would like to share with you... that a month's bonus incurs an expenditure of RM3.1 billion for the government. Personally, I would want to give a bonus but as a responsible finance minister, I cannot expend more than the national revenue.
"It is for this reason that I gave RM500 as a special financial assistance to civil servants," he said when addressing the 1Malaysia gathering of teachers at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil, here.
When tabling Budget 2011 in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, Najib announced a special financial assistance of RM500 for all civil servants from Grade 54 and below as well as contract officers and retirees. The payment will be made in December this year.
The prime minister said the aid could help civil servants cope with schooling expenses for their children at the end of the year.
He also said that though no bonus was given, the government had proposed other incentives for civil servants, such as maternity leave of up to 90 days.
This also benefited women teachers, who made up almost 70% of the 400,000 teachers in the country, he said. "The maternity leave is a gift for women. But they can opt not to take the 90 days. It is up to them," he said.
Under Budget 2011, the government will allow flexibility to self-determine fully-paid maternity leave, not exceeding 90 days from the current 60 days. The facility is subject to a total of 300 days of maternity leave through the tenure of service.
The prime minister also said that the government facilitated civil servants in owning houses as well as improving the terms and conditions for housing loans.
He said it had raised the maximum loan eligibility to RM450,000 compared with the current RM360,000, so that civil servants could buy more expensive houses.
Najib also referred to the various memorandums sent to him to make improvements to the teaching service scheme, and said he needed some time to scrutinise the proposals because they had financial implications and involved a large number of teachers.
"I have to look at them together with the Public Service Department and the Finance Ministry. There are many proposals. If the government can afford it, I will have discussions with (Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin... and an announcement can be made when the time comes," he said.
MySinchew 2010.10.16

And the verdict is...Budget 2010: GLCs 1st! Performance sucks! People last

October 16, 2010

The Malaysian Insider’s Budget 2011 Jury. — All pictures by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 16 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s second Budget since becoming prime minister was put to the test yesterday, hours after he tabled the Budget 2011 that proposes to spend RM212 billion over the coming year.
Not many were amused by a new six per cent tax slapped on paid television satellite packages.
Some among the 12 were also not impressed by the idea of a 100-storey skyscraper over Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara, two independence icons that will remain standing in the RM5 billion Warisan Merdeka project.
Here, in their own words, are the verdict of the 12.
Hussein Maruan, 26, IT Support Manager, British American Tobacco Malaysia
Hussein Maruan said that he was disappointed with the Budget 2011 because it would not benefit the ordinary people, and stressed that it was only a cosmetic budget.
“Well, the budget may sound impressive but when you get to the details — nothing,” he said.
Hussein was very critical with 50 per cent stamp duty exemption for first-time house buyers because it still didn’t not tackle the real problem, which is the continuous increase in property prices.
 “Realistically basic stamp duty does not make any difference. There are actually no benefits.  Regardless if you are a first time or the fourth time house buyer, the stamp duty is only a small part of the total cost.  Stamp duty is cheaper but house cost still goes up. “
“How about making the price of houses go down? This is not doing anything for me. How is this giving back?” he said.
He also questioned why the government just stopped at PLUS and did not also implement toll rate freezes for all highways.
“Well, it is great if you are travelling long distance but what about daily travel? People use the LDP and Smart Tunnel but how many times do they use the PLUS highway? It is only useful when people go back to their hometowns but does not benefit ordinary people on the road,” he said.
Hussein added that tax cuts for retail goods only benefits that rich that can afford imported goods but “neglects the price of basic goods such as sugar and flour.”

Mohd Azlan argued that the 50 per cent of stamp will help reduce the burden of prospective house buyers.
Mohd Azlan Mohamad, 27, junior executive at a local bank
Mohd Azlan Mohamad  applauded  the 50 per cent of stamp duty exemption because it would help reduce the financial burdens of prospective first time house buyers.
“I think it is good. Now if I buy a house that costs RM350,000 I have to roughly fork out RM4,000 for stamp duty alone. So if it is 50 per cent off then I would save RM2,000, which could be someone’s salary for one month. Well, thumbs up for the savings,” he said.
Mohd Azlan questioned the need for a six per cent service tax on paid TV broadcasting services.
“I do not agree, for what? Why do I need to pay for entertainment at home? That is crap. My family shouldn’t be taxed for watching TV. Getting taxed for watching Astro Ria? For what?” he said.

Syahrul called the six per cent service tax for paid TV a “rip-off.”
Mohd Syahrul Nizwan, 31, project event manager
Mohd Syahrul Nizwan ridiculed the logic behind the 10 per cent sales tax exemption for mobile phones and questioned how it would help the public in cutting costs.
“Ten per cent? So? Do you expect people to go buy [the] BlackBerry Torch or iPhone 4 now? It is not like people are not using mobile phones right now so it makes no difference,” he said.
Mohd Syahrul added that government should also decrease toll rates instead of merely freezing the rates on PLUS highways.
“Why not reduce? It is still costly for ordinary people so they should reduce! What about the other highways? How many people use the PLUS highways? How about those living on the east coast?” he said.
He stressed that the government needed to do more than offer 50 per cent stamp duty exemption for houses because salaries still remained the same despite the spike in property prices.
“For me the stamp duty is not an issue. They should give us more leverage. While our income still remains the same, the price of houses continues to go up so how will 50 per cent off  [the stamp duty] benefit us? We still cannot afford but developers are still increasing the prices in KL, and the Klang Valley,” he said.
Mohd Syahrul also called the six per cent service tax for paid TV a “rip-off.”
“The service already sucks and we have to bear more costs? It is not fair. It is a rip-off,” he said.

Nabil said the government needs more incentives to help the public.
Nabil Feisal, 27, CEO of MyInteractive Labs
Nabil said that the 50 per cent stamp duty exemption for houses was not realistic because the people simply couldn’t afford current property prices.
“It doesn’t make sense in the Klang Valley context for people who work and live here because the price is still too expensive. People will have to start moving out of Klang Valley so they can find affordable homes,” he said.
Nabil was not amused with the exemption of the 10 per cent sales tax for mobile phones and five to 30 per drop in import duties for retail goods.
“Well, I don’t think it will make any difference because while mobile phones and imported retail good are cheaper, the increase of service tax to six per cent will end up costing the public even more,” he said.
He added that public would not be able to “feel” the mobile sales tax exemption since hand phones are sold as a package with telecommunication companies
Nabil also ridiculed the six per cent service tax for paid TV.
“Well, it is ridiculous. I feel that it is unfair for the government to impose tax to people when Astro is not doing enough to improve their services. We have to bear the costs because the government wants to back GLCs instead of helping the people.” He said.
Jane Sidhu, early 30s, Assistant Professor
Jane believed that the 2011 Budget is not “major” and feels more can be done towards transforming a nation. The ideas tabled yesterday were existing ones, and she said that the new suggestions will not affect her in any way. She added that even if they did, it would be minimal.
Happy with the fact that there will be a five to 30 per cent discount on personal grooming items, Jane said she would be able to save a little extra since household items and personal grooming essentials can be costly at times.
She was expecting for property prices to go down, but appreciated the fact that toll prices for PLUS highways will not be increased for another five years. She was also happy that young married couples and graduates would now be able to get 50 per cent off stamp duty when they buy their first homes.
However she was unhappy with the government’s plan to build a 100-storey building in the city. She suggested the money be pumped into other sectors which will benefit the nation. Malaysia already has the Twin Towers and there is no need for another, she said.
As an academic, she was glad that the government was taking important measures to fund RM575 million to help students who wish to further their education.
“ThegGovernment needs a plan to reduce the number of foreign workers into the country and encourage more Malaysians to fill up available positions here. The RM474 million which will be used to enhance productivity and skills of non-graduates is also a good way to encourage more Malaysians to work here.”
Rizal Kamal, 35, Director/ Founder of Vivify & The Comedy Club KL
As a consumer and father, Rizal sees the 2011 Budget as promising but not from the business perspective. Being in the creative industry, Rizal was disappointed that nothing major has been done to encourage and promote the creative industry, which might boost the country’s economy.
He is, however, glad that there are proposals for green projects and he expects the Klang river to be set as an example of waste and pollution management. He believed that Malaysians deserve a clean and beautiful city, just like in Europe.
Rizal had hoped for the government to spend more on branding local products and creativity which will help promote tourism. Even if Malaysia was weak in “providing content,” he believes that government funds will help boost the industry especially in advertising and branding sectors.
He added that it was a good move to allocate RM100 million for Orang Asli and Pribumis, saying that this was one of the ways to appreciate their existence and their contribution to the country.
Rizal, however, questioned the massive amount of RM1.2billion that will be pumped into the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. His question was, “Why is there a need to fund that much money into this sector?”
He applauded the government for not increasing the toll rates on PLUS highways for another five years and commented that people will probably travel more because of this.
“It is good that the country is looking towards transforming the country by focusing on education and development. By doing so, the younger generation will be able to get jobs and lead better lives than their parents in the future,” he says.
Shobha Bala, 34, PA in a law firm
 “It’s not really relevant to us. It’s not for us ordinary rakyat who work in the private sector. I’m disappointed,” she said, noting with envy the financial perks and 90-day maternity leave for civil servants.
 “But I’m glad they’re not going to implement the GST next year. It’s a relief. There’s no way we can afford GST like in the other countries right now,” said the mother of two.
 “I kind of suspected the government won’t be able to do it, because of the next GE (general election),” she added.
 She did note that there were some positive aspects of the budget.
“I like the fact they are giving a 50 per cent exemption on stamp duty for first-time home buyers,” she said.
 “I’m married with two kids and looking to buy a landed property nearby and have budgeted RM300,000 for it,” said Shobha, who was currently living with her in-laws in Kepong.
 She also thought Putrajaya’s decision to start works on the MRT next year was “excellent”.
 “My husband takes the KTM Komuter train to work every day and he’s always complaining there’s not enough carriages or the seats are [damaged].”
 Shoba, who had planned to swap her old petrol-guzzler for a more fuel-efficient car next year, praised the Najib administration’s efforts to go green through tax cuts on imported hybrid and electronically-run vehicles.
 “I’ll definitely consider buying one,” she said.
 The downside, however, caused her grief.
“I’m irritated about the service tax going up one per cent. I mean, in Malaysia, you get horrible service and you’re charged for it,” said Shoba.
 “The Menara Warisan (Merdeka) is a total waste of money. I think it’s just to line the pockets of crony companies because there’s not going to be an increase in tolls.
 “What’s the point of having the tallest tower or whatever? We already have the Petronas Twin Towers.
 “I think this is just a legacy for Najib. He won’t be remembered for anything else,” she said.
 “They should stop these white elephants and put the money where it matters most, like building better public infrastructure, improving on facilities in schools and teacher quality,” said Shobha who applauded the move to hire native English speakers to boost the local command of the language.
But she also said she would reserve judgment on how the venture would turn out, noting the government’s decision earlier this year to reverse the teaching of Math and Science in English back to the national language.
Michael Reyes, 42, financial advisor
Reyes who trains youngsters to better understand and manage their finances wondered how Putrajaya planned to foot its ambitious plan to boost the national economy.
“How are they going to finance this?” he asked, worriedly.
The Petaling Jaya-born said the government was good at drawing up grand-scale policies, and stressed the problem was in making sure the policies worked.
 He noted that the money would be better spent on areas that focused on improving knowledge and skills such as education, instead of “hardware” infrastructure, to propel the nation forward.
He remarked that the tax cuts on some 300 imported goods would not significantly change people’s entrenched spending habits.
“If I want to buy expensive stuff, I’m going to buy it regardless of the price,” Reyes said, adding that his company coached youngsters to prioritise value over the price of goods.
He praised the move to extend tax cuts on broadband equipment as a huge plus.
“It’ll increase the Internet penetration. The Internet opens the gate to a lot of things. It’s a very good move from the long-term development perspective. That’ll really help develop education... make it more rounded,” he said.
But like many members of The Malaysian Insider’s 2011 Budget jury, Reyes was highly critical of the government’s unbalanced allocation for funds.
 “It’s not a mind-blowing, outrageously shocking Budget. This is a deficit budget. For a long spell now, Malaysia has been going on a deficit budget,” he said.
Reyes added that deficit budgets did not necessarily mean bad news but feared the last of the subsidies would be cut to enable the savings to be channelled to pay for the big projects.
Reyes noted with concern the government’s return to big spending on big projects and backing of big businesses, particularly Putrajaya’s plan for PNB to build a 100-storey tower near Stadium Merdeka.
“It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money,” he cried over the phone after learning the Budget report.
 Reyes, who graduated with a degree in economics and computer science, did not think the Najib administration’s bid to build a high-income nation was reflected in the 2011 Budget.
 “It’s going to take a lot longer,” he predicted.
Putt Kah Wai, 25, business development and marketing in an asset management house
Putt Kah Wai was glad to see the ambitious projects under the Budget tabled yesterday but was unconvinced that all of them would be seen through.
“I see a lot of initiatives, mainly domestic, to help build our nation,” he observed. “But I feel that there are too many things going on at the same time.”
He said one of the positive effect from the Budget tabled was an increase in Malaysians’ purchasing power.
As for the RM5 billion 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower, Putt said it was unnecessary at this point in time to build such an extravagant landmark.
On the move to increase maternity leave for civil servants from 60 days to 90 days, however, he said it “ may backfire in productivity”.
“I think it gives a position where people can take advantage of it. I think 60 days is good enough. I think 90 days is more than enough, unless the remaining is unpaid leave,” he said.
He said the 100 per cent loan for first-time home buyers earning less than RM3,000 was a positive step towards increasing home owners.
“I think what the government is advocating [is] for people to invest internally,” he said. With the 50 per cent stamp duty exemption for first-time house buyers for houses which cost less than RM350,000, it would encourage the middle class to own properties, he said.
Although Putt was for the increase in wages for security guards, which is now between RM500 and RM700, up from RM300 to RM400, and also the increase in allowances for Imams and Al-Quran and Fardhu Ain (KAFA) teachers, he saw neglect in other sectors.
As for the prime minister’s goal to up PhD-qualified academic staff in research universities to 75 per cent, it was a good ambition to have, said Putt.
“More people will have the right skills to help expand the growth of GDP but the only thing the government is deprived of is this — we know how to train them, we know how to make them, but our government is bad at sustaining such talents…
“In the sense that with this implementation, there will be an increase of highly skilled workers. Thing in Malaysia is, they can’t sustain all these talents,” he said, referring to the brain drain effect.
He said overall, the Budget tabled was leading the country in the right direction and that a lot of the people’s suggestions and concerns were taken into consideration.
“These are very positive vibes for the audience. I guess most of the plans tabled are really good, achievable but at the end of the day it’s still the execution which matters,” he said.
Dennis Tan, late 20s, Construction material supplier
Dennis Tan found the Budget 2010  vague and lacking in details.
Tan agreed that the increase in public-private partnership projects as a “very good idea” but he wanted to know the total number of projects and their scales, rather than just the announced RM1 billion allocated for such projects.
As for the freeze on toll rates, he said that would affect him a lot as he spends about RM5 to RM6 a day just on tolls.
The prime minister had announced that first-time house buyers would get a 50 per cent stamp duty exemption for houses not exceeding RM350,000. How did Dennis feel about that?
“A lot of houses are above RM350,000 and even apartments are about RM300K,” he said. The cut off point should be around RM500,000. He said in Australia, where he currently held a permanent resident status, gave out AUD20,000 (RM61,000) for first-time home buyers.
He did, however, concede that he was happy about the 100 per cent loan to first-time house buyers earning less than RM3,000 .
“It is always better to own houses now than later. The population will continue to increase and the housing value will be going up. If you keep delaying going into the housing market, it will only get worse no matter how much you save, because you can’t catch up,” he said.
Tan said he disagreed with the six per cent service tax for paid TV broadcasts.
“It’s not good.  Currently, multimedia information is a necessity.” By implementing the tax, he said, it would discourage Malaysians from embracing information technology fully.
Tan said that the five to 30 per cent import duty cuts on 300 goods preferred by tourists such as handbags and shoes, was a positive step to move the economy.
“It will induce more spending definitely, which is a good thing,” he said.
He commented on the RM1 billion allocated for the 1 Malaysia training programme.
“As long as it’s effective, it’s okay but the government will have to study it. It is great that they’re trying to promote unity but whether the money is spent wisely or whether it’s effective or not, it’s another story,” he said.
“I think we’re on the right track even though our budget definitely is lower in terms of percentage of GDP but nominal value has increased in the previous years,” he said on a positive note.

Yeo found the Budget vague.
Yeo Kien Kong, late 20s, Artist
Yeo, who agreed to be interviewed while he watched the Budget 2011 on television, could only express bewilderment. He felt that the government “is very vague in terms of implementing the Budget to create a better future for Malaysia.  Let’s start with the PM’s first mission about empowering [the private sector], in the end it all depends on the attitude, yes? Creating more highways?  Consider maintenance and the welfare of public transportation!”
Yeo was not pleased with the tax cuts for retail goods such as cosmetics and clothes. “They are meant for foreign tourists! But what about locals? We work like there is no tomorrow, and after we are given a holiday to rest, we either stay at home or go overseas... or shopping.
“Shopping for cheap imitations to satisfy our jealousies towards those who are rich! And the government is advocating anti-piracy laws by witch hunting consumers instead of the real culprits,” he said.
He then questioned what the prime minister meant by modal insan? “Does it work in line with money?”
The government also said that it would help women especially those who were physically challenged.
“How about men? Lelaki? Why doesn’t the government allocate more budget for the men to be more educated about love and harmony and most importantly, responsibility?” asked Yeo.
“I have no idea how this Budget will show that citizens will get a greater taraf hidup while all the essence of life and maintenance seem to be chucked aside. Houses?  Security? Public transportation? Will the marginalised community and refugees seeking the safety and security benefit from this new national budget?”

Like many, Andri was cynical about the Budget.
Andri Iskandar, early 30s, in oil and gas, part-time rock musician
Like others, Andri expressed his cynicism at the Budget 2011. He had been following its announcement on the Twitter micro-blogging service, as his office had no television, and wanted to know two things: What were the execution strategies for all the projects, and were they sustainable in the long run?
“There seems to be a lot of rhetoric but no clear plan. I don’t deny that there are good things like extending relief up to RM5000 to ageing parents, caretakers, daycare, that would help people like me who have such parents but government allowing flexibility to self-determine fully-paid maternity leave, not exceeding 90 days from the current 60 days… this will still be left to employers to determine whether staff can have 60 to 90 days. It’s still the employer’s market.”
“This Budget seems to be more catered to lower incomes, but doesn’t seem to have much for middle class professionals like me. That bit about tax breaks for hybrid cars — how many people can afford such cars? I can’t,” lamented Andri.
The Budget didn’t seem to be well-thought out, according to Andri, who sensed it had a “cut and paste” feel to it.
“1MDB supplying multi-vitamins to poor children – how would such an effort actually turn them into better students? If they ate junk food or suffered from malnutrition, how would this make them smart?”
The greening of Kuala Lumpur was another bone of contention for Andri. Was the budget KL-centric, he wondered. Or was there more but it was not fully fleshed out in Parliament today because of time constrainta?
“And, why, why, are we obsessed with tall towers and buildings? What are they for?”
Hussaini Karim, late 50s, self-employed, retired military officer
Hussaini saw the Budget as ambitious and did not think any of the grandiose plans would be achieved within the stipulated time. His main reason?
“Malaysians are not able or capable of executing such strategies because of their main handicap: their lack of mastery of the English language. Yes the Budget seems to have covered all sectors, though it barely touched entrepreneurs. But, none of anything can come to fruition if no one can communicate in English very well. 
“Instead of spending so much on infrastructure, can we spend on revamping the education system and that English is at the top of the list? We have PhD holders who can’t even speak English, as well as degree holders. They can’t get jobs because of this handicap. Hence this breeds insularity.
“And I don’t agree with getting foreign, native speakers coming here to teach us English. We have fantastic, local English teachers who are retired. They may be old but they teach good English. Fine. We can have the Brits, but Australians? They don’t speak proper English! Even their Government is revamping the teaching of English in Australia.  What’s wrong with us locals? We are as good if not better than this foreigners.”
When asked about the shopping tax cuts, Hussaini said, “Any reduction in taxes is good. Doesn’t matter if it’s more for the ladies. But if you look from a macro level, this will affect the ‘seller’, the ‘business’.
“I was in SMEs before, after I retired from the military. There were tax cuts then and it killed us! So now, you’ll get cheaper underwear, but what about the manufacturer? We’ll end up bankrupt!”
As far as Hussaini was concerned, the Budget was just another political tool to appease Malaysians.


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