Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Video CCTV footage] Chong Mei Kuen, dead husband Hussain Ahmad Najadi and killer Sei Ngan Chai @ Lorong Ceylon

Link to video posting:

Meanwhile, the police had released a photo of the suspect, taken from a CCTV footage from a camera near the Lorong Ceylon Kuan Yin Temple.

City police name “four-eyed boy” as banker’s killer

July 31, 2013
Latest Update: July 31, 2013 03:18 pm
Kuala Lumpur police have identified the main suspect behind Monday's cold-blooded shooting of banker Hussain Ahmad Najadi as Sei Ngan Chai or Cantonese for "four-eyed boy".
Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Ku Chin Wah said the man was still believed to be in the city. It is not confirmed whether the police know the suspect's real name yet.
He said the police had released a photo of suspect, taken from a CCTV footage from a camera near the Lorong Ceylon Kuan Yin Temple.
Najadi, who helped form Arab-Malaysian Development Bank in 1975,  was walking to his car with his wife along Jalan Ceylon after negotiating a land deal at the temple.
The road is just a couple of hundred metres away from the headquarters of the bank, now known as Ambank Bank.
Police said a man came up behind the 75-year-old ex-banker and opened fire, hitting him in the chest and lower abdomen. The man fled in a waiting taxi.
Najadi died on the spot while his 49-year-old Malaysian wife Cheong Mei Kuen was wounded in the arm.
Ku today said police had detained the driver of the taxi that the shooter had escaped in last night.
He said the 44-year-old was detained in a coffee shop - July 31, 2013.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hussain Ahmad Najadi, founder @ Ambank shot dead, wife injured @ Lorong Ceylon Kuala Lumpur: Three suspects involved using Proton Waja taxi

Arab-Malaysian Development Bank founder shot dead, wife injured

July 29, 2013
Latest Update: July 29, 2013 09:51 pm
Arab-Malaysian Development Bank founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi was shot dead in a car park at Lorong Ceylon in Kuala Lumpur today, several hundred metres away from the bank headquarters.
The 75-year-old was walking towards his vehicle with his wife when a gunman approached him and fired several shots at his back, killing him on the spot in the 1.30pm incident.
Hussain was shot in the chest and ribs while his wife Cheong Mei Kuen, 49, was injured after being hit on the hand and thigh, police said.
She is said to be out of danger and was questioned for about two hours at the Tung Shin hospital this evening.
The couple have no children of their own but Hussan has children from his earlier marriage. Cheong was said to be calm during the interview.
Closed-circuit television cameras showed the assailant was a man wearing a long sleeve checked shirt and khaki pants.
Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Zainuddin Ahmad confirmed the incident saying it has been classified as murder.
It is believed that three suspects were involved in the incident, using a Proton Waja taxi.
An eyewitness, who declined to reveal his name, said he was at his food stall when he saw a man walking towards the couple.
"Then I heard gunshots and saw the couple crumple. I ran to safety when I saw the gunman running towards me," he said.
The shooting comes just days after crime watchdog activist R. Sri Sanjeevan was shot in the ribs in his hometown Bahau. There has also been a spate of shootings over the past month.
The AmBank Group was founded in 1975 as Arab-Malaysian Development Bank by Hussain via his holding company AIAK (Arab Investments for Asia Kuwait). He brought the bank public via the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) in 1981.
Meanwhile, Ambank group chairman Tan Sri Azman Hashim expressed his condolences to Hussain's wife and said he was sad to hear about the incident. - July 29, 2013.
Where the shooting took place this afternoon. - The Malaysian Insider pic by Muzliza Mustafa, July 29, 2013.Where the shooting took place this afternoon. - The Malaysian Insider pic by Muzliza Mustafa, July 29, 2013.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lunch @ PappaRich Bandar Sri Permaisuri: Dry Curry Mee with Foo Chok & Fish Cake, Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream dessert -

 Halal and 'No Pets Allowed'.

PappaRich 'Old Man'.

 Top & Bottom: Hari Raya Tissue Box

 Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert!
 Dry Curry Mee with Foo Chok


 Festive mood: Ketupats decor!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

School kids @ SK Seri Pristina Sungai Buloh eat in changing room: Kamalanathan, the hand-kisser, says fiasco resolved! Kudos to Guneswari Kelly

On Monday, 22 July 2013, Guneswari Kelly's posting on Facebook about school children at SK Seri Pristina in Sungai Buloh eating at changing room or bathroom went viral:

On the following day, Tuesday, 23 July 2013, TMI reported:

Parents up in arms against Sungai Buloh school

July 23, 2013
Latest Update: July 24, 2013 06:50 am

The shower room and changing room for students in the SK Seri Pristina in Sungai BulohThe shower room and changing room for students in the SK Seri Pristina in Sungai Buloh"There must be a better way of doing this. Even if it is the fasting month, there is no harm in allowing non-Muslim children from eating at the canteen."
This was the view of a parent, Mastura Abdullah Sani, 22, who expressed shock after learning that non-Muslim pupils of SK Seri Pristina in Sungai Buloh were ordered to have their meals in the school shower room.
Parents who turned up to collect their children from the school this evening were puzzled why the school authorities had resorted to such a measure.
 There were also others who turned up at the school gates this evening just to see what was happening after word spread that non-Muslims pupils of the school were ordered to spend the recess, eating in the shower room.
"This is wrong," said another parent who wanted to be identified only as Zarimah.
"I know for a fact that earlier, the children were allowed to use the canteen, but suddenly the canteen was shut.
"They could have used one of the classrooms instead of the shower room," she said.
Several parents claimed that the canteen was out-of-bounds after the operator closed shop for the fasting month. The school authorities tied a red tape around the premises to stop children from using the place.
The case of schoolchildren dining in a shower room during recess would not have seen light if not for a concerned parent who did her own investigations.
The woman, who has a daughter studying there, was skeptical when told about this last Saturday by a school van driver.
The mother, identifying herself only as Guneswari, visited the school on Monday and what she saw shocked her.
"The non-Muslim students were put in the shower room, which is adjacent to the toilet.
"The doors to the shower room were closed, there was no ventilation. The smell from the toilet was so strong," she told The Malaysian Insider.
Incensed that her daughter was treated in a such a manner, Guneswari demanded an explanation from the school authorities. She met the school's afternoon supervisor.
But when there was no response forthcoming, Guneswari decided to expose what was going on in the school.
Her posting on Facebook has now gone viral. It has garnered more than 3,000 shares.
The clean empty canteen at SK Seri Pristina. The Malaysian Insider pic by Diyana, July 23, 2013.The clean empty canteen at SK Seri Pristina. The Malaysian Insider pic by Diyana, July 23, 2013.Guneswari also dismissed reports earlier today that the canteen was allegedly closed for renovations.
“You can see it on my Facebook page. There is nothing going on in the canteen," she said.
After the Facebook posting became viral, Education Ministry officials showed up at the school this afternoon where they inspected the shower room and canteen. They also spoke to the school administration.
Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan later said that they have ordered the school to stop asking the non-Muslims pupils to have their meals at the shower room.
A police report over the incident was also lodged at the Sungai Buloh police station this evening. - July 23, 2013.

On the third day, Wednesday, 24 July 2013, TMI reported:

Sungai Buloh school fiasco resolved, it’s not about race or religion - deputy minister

July 24, 2013
Latest Update: July 24, 2013 06:55 pm

The issue of non-Muslim pupils being ordered to have their meals in a Sungai Buloh school shower room is not related to race or religion, said the Education Ministry.
Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan (pic), who visited the school this afternoon, said the shower room has been used as a canteen since March, and not since the beginning of the fasting month.
"Let me make this clear. This is not about religion or race," he said, adding that the matter has been resolved.
It was reported that non-Muslims were ordered to eat their meals during recess in the makeshift canteen in the shower room during the Ramadan month.
Kamalanathan said the issue had been blown out of proportion.
"It happened to be that the canteen renovation started one to two weeks ago," he said, stressing that the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) was aware of what the school administration had done.
"What happened was very unfortunate but his (the headmaster) intention was good,” he said at a press conference after meeting the school administration and the PTA today.
Headmaster Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor was not present and, when asked, Kamalanathan said he was "in a meeting". He was however spotted walking around the school with Kamalanathan before the press conference.
"The headmaster has apologised and we accept it," Kamalanathan said.
He noted that the headmaster only wanted the students to have a safe place to eat their meals as the canteen could not accommodate all its students. It was built for about 600 students but there were 1,300 pupils.
The changing room was to be a temporary venue. "Previously, they had to eat by the drain and other unsafe areas but after this I will make sure they only eat here in the canteen since the renovation work has ended," Kamalanathan said.
He said that the issue must not be made into one that incites racial sentiments as the matter at hand is only about an inappropriate dining venue.
Kamalanathan refused to be drawn on why it was difficult to provide suitable space for 28 non-Muslim students to have their recess break when the school has a large compound.
“It has been done now,” he said.
He maintained the pupils had to have their meals in the changing room for their own safety. He said the school had been changing the glass door at the canteen and the administration had feared for the pupils’ safety.
The ministry will also be assisting the four-year-old school to enlarge its canteen, he added.
"Hopefully in the Syawal month, there will be a new place for all the students to eat and no other rooms need to be used."
He also offered to donate some funds to help in the renovation work.
Parents who were present at the venue disputed Kamalanathan's explanation.
Two parents said pupils were only placed in the changing room after the fasting month started.
"Why would we wait this long to voice out our dissatisfaction if this has been going on since March?, said M. Neeta, 30, whose daughter is studying in the school. She expressed shock that Kamalanathan insisted it had been happening since March.
"He must talk to the parents too... I'm not happy with this," the heavily pregnant mother said.
T. Devi, 38, whose sister's daughter attends the school, echoed Neeta's sentiments. "This opinion and remarks are very biased."
Several NGO members who were present lodged a police report to record their dissatisfaction after Kamalanathan left the school.
K. Gunasekaran from the Malaysian Tamilan Today (MTT) said the contradicting explanations simply did not add up.
Dr K. Suthan from the Malaysian Indian Education Transformation Association (MIETA) shared his view.
The Malaysian Insider was told to leave the premises by an unnamed PTA member when asked if the changing room had been used since March. - July 24, 2013.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Muslims pro bak kut teh aka sex bloggers Alvin & Vivian @ Alvivi: Young Singaporean Muslim, Raja Petra Kamarudin and Zurairi -

I am a Muslim and I am not that offended.

So I am not bothered about what those two ‘sex Bloggers’ did. After all, they have apologised for what they did. And I must admit that their Bahasa Malaysia is pretty good. And because of their apology (which I published today in Malaysia Today -- which means I have graciously given them space in my site), and in good Bahasa Malaysia on top of that (which I commend them greatly for mastering the country’s National Language), I consider this matter closed.

One can't insult Islam, it's simply not possible.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Teacher in Toyota Wish shot nine times by two men on a black Yamaha LC motorcycle @ Kulim in Simpang Empat Keladi: Third shooting in a week!!!

A police forensics team checking the victim's car at the scene of the shooting in Simpang Empat Keladi, Kulim.
KULIM - A secondary school teacher died after he was shot nine times at point-blank range at a traffic-light junction near Simpang Empat Keladi near here yesterday.
K. Shanmugam, 45, from Taman Bidara, had stopped at the junction at 12.20pm when two men on a black Yamaha LC motorcycle approached from behind the left side of the car.
A police spokesman said one of them took out a gun and fired nine shots at the victim.
The shooter was believed to have used a 9mm automatic pistol based on bullet shells found at the scene.
"We are investigating the motive," said the spokesman.
He urged those with information on the case to contact the nearest police station.
Yesterday's shooting was the third involving teachers in the past week.
In the first incident, Hashim Mat Zain, a senior assistant of SK Beris Panchor, was gunned down while leaving the school in his car last week.
The victim, 43, was found dead with three gunshot wounds after his car crashed onto the steps of a house about 300m away from the school.
In the second incident, teacher Mat Zaki Hashim, 35, sustained serious injuries after being shot in the neck in Kampung Kubang Panjang, Pasir Mas, on Friday.
He was warded at Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Alvin, Vivian jailed. No bail. Alvin Tan a household name? Yes, so is Najib. Google Najib and you get Altantuya. Facebook post, sex video clip -

A-G throws the book at Alvivi couple for Facebook post, sex video clip

July 18, 2013
Latest Update: July 18, 2013 06:02 pm
Malaysia's infamous sex blogger couple were denied bail and remanded to prison after they were charged under three laws for their controversial Ramadan greeting posted on Facebook and for uploading sex video clips on the web last year.

The couple, Alvin Tan Jye Yee, 25, and Vivian Lee May Ling, 24, known collectively as Alvivi, were charged under the Sedition Act, the Film Censorship Act and the Penal Code at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court this afternoon.

They face a maximum jail sentence of 15 years each, with fines, if convicted of the three charges.

The duo were alleged to have posted a seditious publication on Facebook titled  'Alvin and Vivian-Alvivi' at with a photograph titled "Selamat Berbuka Puasa dengan Bak Kut Teh.. Wangi, enak, menyelerakan!!!" with the Halal logo beside it.

The Facebook administrator has since shut down their page.

They were alleged to have committed the offence at 568-14-18 Kompleks Mutiara, Jalan Ipoh, Batu 3 1/2, Kuala Lumpur, between July 11 and 12.

They were also charged with uploading pornographic photographs at between 9am on July 6 and 2am the next day.

The prosecution team comprising deputy public prosecutors Noorin Badaruddin, Ishak Mohd Yusoff and Nadiah Mohd Izhar objected to bail as two of the three charges were non-bailable.

"There is also a possibility that they will upload contents on the web that can incite anger among the public," said Noorin.

Ishak also said "Alvin Tan" is now a household name.

"You can google him and a stream of his name with pictures will pop up," he said.

"These contents can affect the relationship between races."

However, he said, it cannot be denied that these charges were not violent in nature, but added these were serious offences.

Counsel Chong Joo Tian, who was assisted by Wong Kee Them, said the court should use its discretion to grant both his clients bail as they are innocent until proven guilty.

"To say that there is a possibility they could commit similar offences is purely speculative," he said.

"They should not be incarcerated as it would be a form of punishment even before trial begins."

Chong said public outcry against the two should not be a factor when bail is decided.

"The two are ordinary people, without position, power or wealth. No matter how heinous the offence, judicial process must be in accordance with the law. The court cannot give in to emotions which are riding high at this time."

Judge Murtazaidi Amran then asked Tan and Lee if they had anything to say on the matter of bail.

Tan: "I cannot possibly upload any material that can incite anger as the MCMC (Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission) has seized all my equipment. I am currently unemployed and I am a person of no position and wealth."

Lee, a kindergarten teacher, echoed Tan.

After standing down proceedings for about 15 minutes, Murtazaidi denied both of them bail and fixed Aug 23 for mention. The couple was then taken away by police.

Later outside the courtroom, Chong said he will be appealing against the court's decision to deny them bail.

Tan was a law student and was on scholarship at the National University of Singapore. But his scholarship was revoked following his Internet sexploits last year.

Tan was an Asean scholar and had been on "leave of absence" from his classes for almost a year when he started uploading pornographic pictures and videos of himself and his girlfriend Lee on a blog titled "Sumptuous Erotica".

Tan and Lee started the blog in September 2012. - July 18, 2013.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vege Farm, Fish Pond, Lake, Away From City Kuala Lumpur @ Hulu Langat - come here for good food with reasonable price! -

Entering the restaurant...

Here comes the food...

And the fishes!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sex bloggers, Alvin and Vivian aka Alvivi in hot soup over Facebook post of photo with 'Selamat Berbuka Puasa', 'halal' bak kut teh - -

For latest news update, visit at:

Mon, 15 Jul 2013 07:15:00 GMT | By Carolyn Khor

Malaysian sex bloggers post tasteless breaking fast greeting

Muslims offended by ‘Bak Kut Teh’ Ramadan greeting.
Alvin Tan; Vivian Lee
Alvin and Vivian, the couple who posted the Bak Kut Teh greeting for Ramadan have publicly apologized through a video uploaded yesterday to their YouTube channel called SexcussionsAlvivi. The video, which was recorded in Malay with English subtitles, seeks forgiveness from all Malaysians for offending the Muslims during Ramadan. Alvin went on to describe the Bak Kut Teh greeting that included a Halal logo that is only used by Jakim (the Islamic authority of Malaysia). He also claimed that both he and Vivian are aware that Muslims were forbidden to take pork, but made the greeting 'for humour'.
The 1:22 minute video shows Alvin speaking in a rather tensed and somber mood, with Vivian sitting next to him. Alvin also conveyed his regrets for his actions.
"We truly regret offending religious beliefs and sensitivities in multi-racial Malaysia," he said, adding that they had no intention to insult, ridicule or trivialize Islam, or incite racial conflict.
"With that, we apologize to all offended parties."
The video ends with an Aidilfitri greeting and another apology. Vivian was silent throughout the video.
Alvin and Vivian were in the headlines sometime in October last year for uploading videos and pictures of themselves in various suggestive positions and detailing their sexual liaisons in Tan's personal blog. Alvin was a student of the National University of Singapore*. Since then, Alvin has had his scholarship withdrawn. It is unknown if they are still studying. Now they are making headlines again, for all the wrong reasons.
Alvin and Vivian, both in their mid-20s posted a greeting online that says ‘Selamat Berbuka Puasa, dengan Bak Kut Teh… Wangi, enak, menyelerakan!’ In English, it means happy breaking fast with Bak Kut Teh, aromatic, tasty and appetizing.
Bak Kut Teh is a popular Chinese Malaysian recipe commonly served with pork ribs in herbal soup. Although, the name of the dish does not specifically mean pork, the greeting certainly raises eyebrows and courts disapproval from many quarters.
“They have gone overboard and they are very disrespectful towards us,” said a young tech- savvy urban Malay who declined to be named.
Sinar Harian, a Malay daily reported that Seremban MCA chief, Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam had lodged a police report yesterday at Campbell Road and had urged the police to take action against them.
He said that this is not something to be taken lightly and that the couple should not have insulted Muslims who are fasting. He also said that the couples’ actions have agitated many people including the Chinese.
“If left unaddressed, we fear that it might affect our racial harmony and lead to larger issues,” he said.
This insensitive greeting especially in the month of Ramadan, is potentially harmful especially when the Chinese in Malaysia were blamed for the marginal win during the 14th General Elections held in May this year. Prime Minister Najib Razak termed the dwindling support for the national coalition as a Chinese Tsunami, a move generally seen as an attempt to distant himself from the poor performance compared to his predecessor.
Muslims are forbidden to consume pork as stated in the Quran with no less than four references made.
“He has forbidden you only dead animals, and blood, and the swine, and that which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for other than God.” (Quran 2:173)
However, some netizens have mischievously defended the couple by asking whether the meat that was being referred to was ‘chicken, rabbit or venison?’
Although most ordinary Malaysians balk at any attempts to further disintegrate racial unity, it must be said that resentments towards the different ethnic groups are deeply rooted and that racial harmony are constantly under threat. Extremist groups like Perkasa and Jati often openly provoke discord along racial lines and are unabashed for their unilateral views.
More often than not, some pockets feel marginalised even though government policies provide affirmative actions like quotas and incentives. These policies, however, have had a negative impact, as only a handful of them were made very rich through the National Economic Policies. The widening the gap between the rich and the poor are the primary source of discontentment, although some politicians have boldly pointed the finger at the Chinese.
Tanda Putera, a full-length movie that was supposed to be screened before the general elections, portray the Chinese as the provocateurs during the May 13, 1969 riot with a scene showing Chinese youths allegedly urinating on the flagpole bearing the Selangor flag. The movie, which is funded by the government arm FINAS, is still unreleased. Even so, private screening to selected audiences especially students were made prior to the last election.
Another controversial matter which had the non-Muslim community up in arms, was the introduction of Interlok as compulsory literature for Form 5 students. The story, written in 1971 by Abdullah Hussain gives the impression that the Chinese are greedy, smokes opium and sell their daughters away; and the Indians as pariahs. The book has since been removed from the syllabus.
The 1Malaysia slogan has so far, been just a slogan and a catchy phrase at best. Ironically, the Prime Minister calls for a national reconciliation despite contradictory to his accusation of the Chinese voting for the opposition. In the 13th General Election, the Indians were made the scapegoats. It would have been better if there was some consistency in claiming to be a multiracial country and not confuse people every now and then.
Even after 56 years of independence, we can still hear people say ‘Go back to China’ or ‘Go back to India’.
Perhaps the latest stunt by Alvin and Vivian is just another attempt to draw attention, or it could be an underlying problem within our multiracial society. According to blogs around the internet, the couple had claimed that they posted the greeting for ‘no reason’. The MCMC will be conducting an investigation into the complaints made against the couple.
In order to strive for a more balanced and healthy society, people need to discard prejudices and categorisation by religion, colour and race. This tit-for-tat mentality has to end someday if we ever hope to live peacefully. What we do not want is more ire or confrontational approaches, but what we do truly need are level-headed leaders who believe in equal opportunities, have a combative attitude towards racism and an ability to lead his people forward as Malaysians.
Hopefully, there will be no more replicas of Alvin and Vivian.
*Correction made: Vivian Lee was never a NUS student
CAROLYN KHOR hopes to contribute her effort in making meaningful changes to the world. She was formerly the Editor for Komunitikini Penang, was CJMY Programme Coordinator and was also a Trainer in News Writing for the Penang and the Northern Region under phase II of the Citizen Journalist Programme. She was trained by Malaysiakini, CIJ (Centre for Independent Journalism) and also the ICFJ (International Centre for Journalists). Besides writing, she sings, plays the piano, does video editing and photography. Writing poetry is her personal favourite. She can be reached at


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