Saturday, January 31, 2009


Perak PKR has accused Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak of attempting to entice two state executive councillors (exco), who have been missing for four days, to defect. "We believe that there are efforts by Barisan Nasional to persuade the duo to join them in exchange for a desperate reward on offer by Najib, including dropping corruption charges against them," said Perak PKR chief Osman Abdul Rahman. Over the past few days, rumours that two Perak exco members - Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu - are quitting PKR have been rife. The duo have not publicly denied this. The rumours surfaced immediately after Bota assemblyperson Nasarudin Hashim left Umno for PKR last Sunday. Najib took over as Perak Umno chief after Tajol Rosli Ghazali stepped down to take responsibility for the defection. Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman are both facing corruption charges and their trial is scheduled to begin Feb 10.
PKR is a 'new' party while Umno has been a ruling party for donkey years. While the former may be desperate, the latter ought not succumb to pressure and use tit-for-tat tactic. Shame! Shouldn't Najib as the Finance Minister spend more time to spur national economic growth rather than micro managing state-level affair? Is there no capable leader left in Umno at state level?

After climax, BBC speaks

The Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BBC) today expressed its concern over the custodial death involving Kugan Ananthan and suggested several measures to overcome such incidents in the future. The club, through a statement issued by its chairperson Tiong King Sing, also said it was worried by the political manipulation of the issue by the opposition to gain mileage from the people. "We, as responsible politicians, should work towards calming the emotional setting of the community rather than stirring the racial issues to further aggravate the wound," said Tiong in the statement. He added that all politicians should focus on providing constructive criticisms or some solutions, instead of blatantly condemning the government and the police force. And the club proposed several revamps to bring an end to custodial death, including the review of the police selection process to ensure only truly qualified persons are appointed to join the police force and the discarding of old practices of using force to extract information during interrogation. (Mkini)
Why lah suddenly this fellow issued statement? Isn't it very clear that since the Kugan incident the public's outcry was against alleged police brutality? No one was stirring racial issues.

Malaysiakini: Pakatan Rakyat hungry for numbers or power?

Will some BN state representatives in Negri Sembilan defect to PKR? Yes, says Seremban-based PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin. Something ‘big’ is going to take place in the state 'real soon', he told Malaysiakini today. Asked to comment on rumours that four BN elected representatives are contemplating to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat, Badrul said: “We have been building this bridge with the four BN reps since the March 8 election last year.” “However, at that time, two of them only agreed to defect if Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s plan to take over the federal government on Sept 16, 2008 was successful. After Anwar’s plan did not materialize, the matter cooled off...Meanwhile, Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hassan denied that four of his colleagues in the state assembly were jumping ship. (Source: Four Negeri BN reps to defect 'real soon', claims PKR - Malaysiakini) Why lah Pakatan Rakyat? Are you really so hungry for numbers or power? You already have 5 states in your hands. Be gracious and grateful. Govern the states well and you shall be rewarded in the next general election.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Genting Highlands

One of our stops at Genting Highlands.

Malaysiakini: Will the coward cops plead guilty?

The police personnel involved in the death of 22-year-old detainee Kugan Ananthan are expected to be charged next week. According to a source, at least nine rank-and-file personnel from the Subang Jaya police district CID department are expected to be hauled to court. However, it is learnt that the officers - aged between late 20s and early 50s - could be slapped with a lesser charge instead of murder (Section 302 of the Penal Code), which carries the death penalty. One possibility is for them to be charged with either 'causing hurt' (Section 330) or 'causing grievous hurt' (Section 331) to extort confession. If found guilty, the police officers could face a maximum jail term of seven years (for causing hurt) or 10 years (for causing grievous hurt). The case was initially classified as sudden death but following the emergence of a video clip which depicted severe lacerations on the body of the deceased, attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail last Friday reclassified the case as murder. (Kugan's case: Cops to be charged next week - Malaysiakini)
Good. We will get to see the police charged next week. I wonder if they will plead innocence to the charge. I guess they will because beating up a suspected criminal is such a cowardice act. ;-)


A video footage obtained by Malaysiakini shows family members and politicians did not 'barged' into the Serdang Hospital mortuary last week to see the remains of deceased police detainee Kugan Ananthan. PKR's Kapar MP S Manikavasagam, who provided the clip, also filed a police report this afternoon against Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar for making a ‘false’ statement pertaining to the incident. The report was lodged at the Brickfields police district headquarters. "Khalid has misled the public that Kugan's family members and politicians had barged into the morgue when they were actually allowed in by an hospital attendant. "The false statement had hurt the feelings of the family members who had lost their loved one," said the MP in his report. Met later, Manikavasagam, who was among those present at the mortuary last Tuesday night, reiterated that they did not barge into the mortuary and called on Khalid to resign. (Malaysiakini: Video clip shows no 'barging' of mortuary)
The days of police 'bungkus-ing' the rakyat is over. Now the rakyat is equipped with technology.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Janson Wheely


Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says the departure of Bota assemblyperson Nasarudin Hashim from Umno to PKR shows a leadership crisis in Umno. Describing Nasarudin’s action as “a huge blow”, Tengku Razaleigh said it also confirmed the downward trend in support for Umno since the March 8 general election and the by-election defeats in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. “Umno, for many of us, has been more than simply a political party. In better days, it was also a social movement inspired by ideals of service. As members we felt part of something larger than ourselves, part of a noble cause within which we formed many lasting friendships across the country.”

Ku Li is such a noble Umno man, a stark contrast to the Umno clown who spew irrelevant statements like 'Don't see criminals as heroes, cops as demons'.

Did you know that The New Straits Times Online reported on Monday, 26 January 2009:
Deputy Minister S.K. Devamany said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar should stop making irrelevant statements on the incidents relating to the death of police detainee A. Kugan.

He also said the minister should instead try to solve the matter at hand.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


WARNING: Content may offend.

To show support for the Palestinian cause and to protest against the atrocities committed by the Israelis in Gaza, our Government has decided to boycott all American products. MAS will return all Boeing Aircrafts. Mas will use Wau Bulan for night flights and Wau Burung for day flights. Their new motto " COME FLY KITES WITH US".


A tearful good-bye at Puchong Batu 14 cemetery as Kugan is laid in his final resting place. — Picture by Shannon Teoh
Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

In the meantime, the Malaysiakini Team paid tribute to Kugan in
'His death will not be in vain'.



I first read the news about Tengku Rithauddeen's suggestion to abolish the Umno 'Wings' via while Malaysiakini reported it a few hours later:
Umno disciplinary committee chairperson Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen Tengku Ismail made a startling suggestion today to prevent money politics in the party. If the party is serious in addressing this scourge, he said, Umno should restructure its organisation by abolishing the wings..."I was thinking whether there was a need for Puteri Umno and Putera, as this means more money politics. “Perhaps even having the Youth and Wanita wings should be weighed now. In England, there is no women's wing in the Conservative Party nor the Labour Party," he was quoted as saying by Bernama. Tengku Rithauddeen said Puteri and Putera members who were still young, should focus on their studies rather than on politics.

What a wise advice from Tengku Rithauddeen! But then again, it may be too lil too late. If money politics in Umno is spreading like terminal cancer, then Umno is like a terminal patient.

Sixty sen increase @ Little Wok, Tesco Extra Cheras

Once in a while, we patronize the food court of Tesco Extra Cheras. Stall no. 5 aka 'Little Wok' is the stall that we usually order our 'regular'.

Yesterday, tired from spending a full day of CNY, we decided to have dinner there again.

I looked at the menu. Most of the food items listed were priced at RM5.50 each. I wasn't sure if the price had increase until I came home and checked out my own blog post here.

Indeed, I was shocked that the price had increased by 60 sen. I am still shocked. I remember we ate there last month and the price was still RM4.90. What is the justification for the price increase?

Petrol price has come down - even the price of rice and chicken. So, what additional costs that Tesco can't bear that it has to transfer them to the consumers?


Commenting on the same matter (referring to the 'breaking in' or 'barging into' of mortuary), Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said that the media was being used to divert attention by highlighting the incident of the deceased's family members barging into the mortuary. "What was not reported was the mortuary guard's admission that he had opened the door of the mortuary," he told a press conference on Sunday. He also said that the opposition wanted the government to form a royal commission to investigate abuse and allegations of torture of suspects under police custody. Anwar said investigations into Kugan's case must be open and independent instead of being conducted by the police themselves. He claimed that some police personnel were committing abuse and torturing suspects and these were covered up by top officials in the force. (Source: Malaysiakini)
So, people. There you have it. So much brouhaha over the so-called breaking in but now we know what was not reported. Anyway, if really there was a 'break in', it would be easy to tell. Certainly, there would be signs of forced entry right?

Malaysiakini: Police afraid of civilised public

Do not turn Kugan Ananthan's funeral into a political rally, warned Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar in a statement today...While his bereaved family is now preparing for his funeral to take place tomorrow, a spate of SMSes are being sent out by various people stating that a procession will be held from the University Hospital to the burial ground. These SMSes urged "all Malaysians to come for the funeral and give support to Kugan's family". Responding to this, Khalid said that the funeral should not be politicised or turned into an illegal demonstration as it would disrupt public order and lead to chaos...However in an immediate reaction, a police watchdog lashed out at Khalid for intimidating and dissuading the public from attending the funeral. "He has failed to see the fact that if the police had acted professionally, there would not have been a funeral in the first place," said Police Watch and Human Rights Committee coordinator S Jayathas in a statement..."Any attempt by the police to disrupt the peaceful funeral on whatever pretext would only further erode their credibility and that of the ruling government."I wish to emphasise that the funeral procession tomorrow will be a peaceful and a solemn event in accordance with Hindu rites and rituals," he added. (Source: Malaysiakini)

Man, now I know what police means when they say they have intelligence report - it's all about 'plans by certain quarters to politicise, turn into an illegal demonstration blah blah blah' - the same old tune. And this so-called intelligent report is based on one SMS saying "all Malaysians to come for the funeral and give support to Kugan's family".

The police can be rest assured that the civilised public will be watching their every action or inaction during the funeral procession. Thankfully, there's a police watchdog doing the job but I believe the whole country will be keeping a close watch on the police this time round.

If I were still single, I would or might be there for the funeral procession to show my support. My first and last 'illegal' demonstration was the infamous MARCH FOR JUSTICE organised by the Bar Council in the wake of the Lingam Tape scandal. I remember there was a heavy police presence - at least a helicopter hovering over us and a few FRU trucks. Imagine, an armed police force watching over a host of unarmed civilised public and professional lawyers to boot!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Swinging with mommy

Mommy & Janson @ mommy's playground as a kid

Malaysiakini: Obama - change is here!

President Barack Obama began to shred Bush administration climate policies, signing measures to encourage production of fuel-efficient cars and vowing to lead the fight against global warming. In another sign of change, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton picked a veteran of the Kyoto Protocol talks as her envoy for climate change, as world leaders target a historic global warming pact this year...Obama signed memoranda aimed to prod the struggling US auto industry to design new fuel-efficient vehicles to lessen US dependence on energy sources which he said bankroll dictators, and to spur the US economy. "The days of Washington dragging its heels are over," Obama said. "My administration will not deny facts - we will be guided by them," Obama said, in an apparent dig at Bush aides accused of subverting science for ideological reasons...Environmentalists praised Obama, after years battling the White House on climate change issues. "It's a terrific beginning," David Yarnold, executive director of the Environmental Defense Fund told AFP. (Source: Mkini)
Obama within a week could make decisive changes. Malaysia desperately needs a leader like Obama. Nevertheless, will the rakyat get to vote WHO they want as the next Prime Minister? 8|

Malaysiakini: Father knows best. What does the police know?

For six days following A Kugan's disappearance on Jan 14, his family members had sleepless nights searching for him but it was all in vain. On Jan 20, their worst fears were realised when a patrol car pulled up in front of a relative's home in Puchong, to inform them that Kugan had died under police custody. "Why? Why couldn't they just call us when he was arrested? But when he died, they seemed to know how to find our house," said Kugan's father G Sandaran when met at his relative's home in Puchong today. Kugan is the latest victim of death while in police custody, allegedly due to assault. The police had claimed that Kugan was a suspected car thief and there was no foul play involved in his death.
Sandaran said he was extremely suspicious because of the numerous injuries found on Kugan's body and the statements made by Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar. Kugan's family has ruled out death due to illnesses because he never had any medical conditions. Sandaran vowed to pursue the matter until those responsible for his son's death are brought to justice, though his immediate concern was to see that a second post-mortem is conducted and burial rites are performed quickly. "I hope this never happens to another Malaysian, especially an Indian. The Indians are the largest number of people who die at the hands of the police," he said.

(Malaysiakini: Kugan's family tells of anguish, anxiety)

Sad story indeed.
Kugan died without a chance to prove his innocence.
The eleven policemen whom Kugan died in their custody still have a chance to be proven innocent.
Will justice be served?
We shall see.

Monday, January 26, 2009


This year is the year of the golden ox.
Golden or not, it doesn't make any difference to me.

Anyway, CNY has always been a time of annual reunion with family members and relatives.
Of course, collecting 'ang pow' as well.

Thank God for the first day of CNY, we received a lot of 'ang pow' blessings.
Not so much for us parents but for our son, Janson.

And oh yes, a friend of ours had her handbag snatched when she alighted from her car to unlock the gate of her house.
So, be extra careful, people!
There will be more snatch thefts this season maybe because the police is having holidays.

Malaysiakini: Nizar vs Najib

Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin today refuted a claim by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak that no other BN state representative will be joining the Pakatan Rakyat. Instead the PAS leader said that three more Barisan Nasional assemblymen were expected to join Pakatan. He added that discussions with the three assemblymen were ongoing and Pakatan was working at bringing them into its fold. "We did not invite them to join us but they came to see us. We are holding discussions. "After Nasaruddin (Hashim) announced his joining us yesterday, the three others came to see us and said they wanted to talk," he told reporters in Ipoh, reported Bernama...However, he said, the chances of Pakatan getting the BN assemblypersons to join the opposition pact was 50-50...Earlier today Najib rubbished all talks of more BN state representatives in Perak joining the Pakatan alliance. He said that such talks were only rumours. (Malaysiakini: Don't be too sure, Perak MB tells Najib)

hehe...Mr. Denial & Perception is afraid of losing. Anyway, Nizar said 50-50 chance mah. You win some, you lose some lor. Why you want to win all the time?

Umno-led BN already had too much power with the mandate given by the rakyat for the last 50 years. So foolish of the rakyat. Now the rakyat has wised up! ;)

A birthday card that touched my heart

Made by Caylie, a 7-year-old kid

THANK THE LORD I'm much better now.

Thank the Lord for His grace.
Praise the Lord for His mercies endure forever.
I was down for the past two days - fever, tonsil infection, cough, body aches, heavy head.
Drowned myself with lotsa water.
So, frequent trips to the toilet during my sleep.
Thank you Jesus that I am much better now.
In fact, I feel very good.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


A second post-mortem autopsy on deceased police detainee A Kugan will be conducted tomorrow to determine his cause of death. Universiti Malaya Medical Centre doctors will conduct the procedure on Sunday at 9am and preliminary findings are expected within eight to 10 hours, said Gobind singh Deo, who is acting for Kugan’s family. Kugan’s family was only given the green light for the post-mortem today by the Subang district police, two days after the family had called off his funeral. The family is seeking a second post-mortem because they believe foul play was involved in his death. (Source: Malaysiakini)

Are the police shivering in their pants yet?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Enjoy the ad!

Malaysiakini: Pro-government will make you rich ;-)

KK Eswaran, the president of the Indian-based business group, the Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Maicci), has lashed out at government critics for negative remarks on the country’s leadership. The activities of banned movement Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leader P Waythamoorthy and Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) commissioner Denison Jayasooria, topped Eswaran's grievances.

Asked about the perception of the Indian community on the matter of marginalisation and their doubts on the BN-led government, Eswaran said: “There is a proper way in approaching the government...and it is not by demonstration and taking to the streets”. Eswaran stressed that the Maicci had many successful encounters with government and accomplished many feats via dialogue sessions and meetings. “For instance, when we approached the deputy prime minister to sort the scrap-metal licensing problem...he promised he will take the issue to the cabinet and it was solved not long after,” said Eswaran.

Moreover, he said that the public have got to stop thinking that the government should “spoon-feed” them with opportunities and embark on their own efforts to improve their wealth. “Is the opposition as multi-racial as they promised...look at what happened in Selangor,” said Eswaran referring to the replacement of Low as the acting general manager of Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS). Beginning Feb 1, Low's position would be taken over by Othman Omar following controversies on the grounds that she is Chinese. “The BN government is the only government that can lead this multi-racial country ... although we must have an opposition, it must be an opposition that is genuine to the people,” he said.

Man, where did this fellow come from suddenly? Slamming gov't critics aside, I think this fellow should put himself in the shoes of the poor. Maybe he is where he is today because he is well-connected. Well, we all know that doing business in Malaysia is not only about what you know but also WHO you know.
No, we don't want government handouts. We want policies that are fair to all races. We all know that certain people are just 'second class' citizens.
The PKNS issue just goes to show that BN is worse than PR. The former ruled for many years in Selangor while the latter has just taken over a regime infested with racial woes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Malaysiakini: Civilised Public vs Uncivilised Police

Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail today classified the death of 22-year-old police detainee Kugan Ananthan as murder. It is learnt that investigations are underway. Earlier, Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said that a full investigation will be carried out into Kugan's death. According to him, a thorough probe will be undertaken although the post-mortem report found that Kugan had died due to fluid in his lungs. "We will not cover up anything," he told reporters in Kuching. Kugan was arrested on Jan 15 in connection with several car theft cases. He died on Tuesday at the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya. His death resulted in a massive public outcry, with various quarters accusing the police of foul play...Earlier, some 50 people held a short protest near the entrance of the federal police headquarters.They chanted, 'We will fight till the end' and 'Polis Pembunuh' (police are killers). (Malaysiakini: Detainee's death classified as murder)

Ok, at least, a ray of hope here - the case classified as murder and the personal promise by IGP that police would not cover up anything. The public is certainly watching the police on this case.

Malaysiakini: Death for two melamine men

A Chinese court today sentenced two men to death for making and selling some of the tainted milk that killed six babies and sickened nearly 300,000 others, state media reported.


Another man was given a suspended death sentence, while at least four others were given jail terms ranking from five years to life, Xinhua news agency said.

State media had reported earlier that verdicts would be given on Thursday for all 21 people who went on trial for their involvement in the scandal that last year killed at least six babies and left 294,000 others ill.

Immediately after the verdicts were announced, the Chinese government sought to show it was making great efforts to improve not only its milk industry, but all its food products, following numerous safety scandals in recent years.

"The Chinese government authorities have been paying great attention to food safety and product quality," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters.

"After the case broke out, the Chinese government strengthened rules and regulations and took a lot of other measures to strengthen regulations and monitor food safety."

The former boss of the dairy firm at the heart of China's milk scandal was on Thursday sentenced to life in jail, state media reported.

Tian Wenhua, 66, former head of the Sanlu Group, received life imprisonment while three of her colleagues were given sentences ranging from five to 15 years, Xinhua news agency said.

(Source: Malaysiakini)

Finally, China had taken action. Strangely, the ex-head of the biggest culprit only gets life imprisonment and not as reported on Dec 26, 2008 - Ex-head of China milk-powder firm could face death penalty. Perhaps, there is not enough evidence to sentence her to death.

Amazed by Desperation Band

I've heard this song numerous times but never really listened to it. This morning, as was playing, this song somehow touched me.


Malaysiakini: Khir Toyo misses his BROOM days

Malaysiakini: Selangor Opposition Leader Dr Mohd Khir Toyo today claimed that he had in his possession a copy of a letter from Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s office ‘instructing’ the purchase of 46 cattle to be distributed in Bandar Tun Razak last December during Hari Raya Korban. Revealing this at a press conference in Shah Alam, the former menteri besar also said he was "disappointed with Khalid for having no knowledge of the cattle distribution to the constituency and denying giving out instructions" to pay for the cattle worth RM110,400...Meanwhile, Selangor PKR Youth today called the latest ‘controversy’ a "conspiracy" to overthrow Abdul Khalid and at the same time, tarnish new PKNS chief executive officer Omar Othman’s image before he takes over on Feb 2. "It looks like there are culprits in PKNS itself who are trying to trap the menteri besar, who is also the PKNS chairman," said Selangor PKR Youth information chief, Mazli Saring in a statement issued today. Aiyoo...since ACA days we had reports lodged against top leaders - Mazlan Harun against the PM and DPM, remember? So, tell me. Who is a 100% squeaky clean politician? For a change, Khir Toyo should start his own organisation to award brooms to individuals.

Malaysiakini: Famous Amos safe to eat, no worries

The Health Ministry today said it was investigating the Famous Amos cookie chain after it withdrew dough from several of its outlets here amid fears that it was contaminated by the salmonella bacterium. The action followed an outbreak of salmonella poisoning in the United States, which has made at least 474 people sick since September as a result of infected peanut butter and peanut paste dough, according to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. The Health Ministry said it had launched a probe into Famous Amos here based on information it received that the infected dough had been exported to Malaysia for the company's use."The Health Ministry has investigated and found the company is indeed using the dough which contains peanut butter and peanut paste which is imported from the Peanut Corporation of America," it said in a statement. "The company has withdrawn the dough which is sold at three of its premises," it added.

Famous Amos company representatives here said the company did use peanut butter in cookies in Malaysia but that all its cookies were safe for consumption. "There is only one dough (suspected of being contaminated with salmonella), called premium choice, which we had carried and (which was only) available in limited locations," the company's general manager Jesrina Liew told AFP. "The batch which they suspected of contamination is still in our inventory and has not been distributed yet. (The premium choice cookies) we have recalled were from an earlier batch of dough and had not been contaminated," she added.

(Salmonella dough scare: Ministry probes Famous Amos - Malaysiakini)

Hmm...I've always liked the FREE SMELL coming from a Famous Amos shop but I don't always eat its cookies. Nevertheless, my wife loves the chocolate chips cookies. So, I told her about the suspected contamination.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Malaysiakini: Cops doing their job, ok. So, stop complaining. ;-)

The police will record the statements of two deputy ministers over Tuesday night's incident where some 50 people
into the Serdang Hospital mortuary where the body of 22-year-old Kugan Ananthan who died in police custody was being kept. It was reported that Deputy Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department T Murugiah and SK Devamany were present at the morgue. When contacted, Murugiah said that Kugan's family members had already entered the morgue by the time he arrived there. "I got a call from the victim's family member at nearly 11pm and I rushed to the hospital... by the time I got there the family members had already rushed into the morgue," he said. "The reason I went there was to calm the situation as some of them were frantic after looking at the injuries on his (Kugan) body."

In a related matter, DAP's Klang member of parliament Charles Santiago lambasted the Selangor police chief for trying to protect his officers by claiming that Kugan had died of breathing difficulties. "I watched the video recording of Kugan taken at the mortuary. The footage revealed severe marks on his body, deep cuts on his wrists and bruises on his legs. Blood was oozing from his nose," he said in a statement. "Kugan was held under a two-week remand to facilitate police investigations linking him to several car theft cases. The job of the police is clearly to find enough evidence to charge him in court. It was not to beat him to death," he added.

The same matter was also raised by Malaysian Indian United Party president KS Nallakaruppan, who said that the police must come clean on the matter. "This is the second incident in a short period of time. First we had the case of car park attendant B Prabakar and now this," he told Malaysiakini. The Prabakar-case involved police personnel allegedly abusing and pouring hot water on the man while being questioned in police custody. He was picked up to assist in investigations into a robbery. Subsequently, seven police personnel were charged with voluntarily causing hurt to Prabakar and 18-year-old C Solomon Raj to make them confess to a criminal intimidation case.

(Source: Cops to quiz deputy ministers over morgue barging - Malaysiakini)

Is the police so desperate to nail the suspects to the point of resorting to violence? Maybe the public to blame lah, you know. We should stop complaining about the police that they are not doing enough to fight crime. Now you see what happens...they are so driven that they drive suspected criminals to death. Opppss...but then again, don't simply accuse, ok. Police are also citizens like us - innocent until proven guilty.
Also, not all police are bad. Only a few bad apples spoil the whole force or does the rot start from the top? ;)

Expensive Little Taiwan @ Pearl Point, Old Klang Road

Tired and hungry, I finally arrived at Pearl Point at 8 PM.
My wife suggested Little Taiwan for dinner.
I thought why not though I knew it would be pricey.
So yeah. Sat down, looked at the menu. We contemplated ordering the dinner set but 'nah'.
We decided to ala carte. No drink.

I ordered the "Tang Tang" Noodles RM9.90.
My wife - the claypot "loh shee fun" RM10.90 (I think)
During the order, I pointed to the two egg halves in the bowl "Tang Tang" Noodles as shown in the menu. I asked the waitress, 'One egg?' She smiled and nodded. 'Yeah, I'm going to have two egg halves,' I thought to myself. If I remember correctly the waitress' name was "Cherry", a Filipino lady.

When my bowl "Tang Tang" Noodles came, there was only half an egg. 'One egg?' I asked "Cherry" and pointed to the one egg half. Then, I showed her the two egg halves in the menu. Again, she just smiled...
The two photos - before and after 'makan' - prove that there is only one egg half.
Finally, I had to be contented with eating only half an egg.


A 23-year-old youth detained in connection with several car theft cases died this morning at the Taipan police station in USJ. Sources identified the deceased as Kugan Ananthan from Puchong. The youth was detained on Jan 15 in Kajang in relation to several car theft cases in the Subang Jaya district. Kugan was being held at the Puchong police station under a two-week remand to facilitate investigations. It is learnt that the suspect, who is said to be suffering from asthma, was taken to the Taipan police station this morning for questioning in relation to a car theft case there. According to sources, Kugan had requested for water and upon drinking, he had vomited and collapsed at about 11am. Following this, a doctor from a nearby clinic was brought to the police station and he confirmed that the suspect had died. (Malaysiakini: Youth dies in police custody)

Watch these still shots taken from Malayskiakini.TV


Malaysiakini: Shut down time!

Intel Corp, the world's biggest computer chip maker, announced plans on Wednesday to close facilities in Malaysia, the Philippines and the United States. The Santa Clara, California-based company said the moves were expected to affect between 5,000 and 6,000 employees worldwide. "However, not all employees will leave Intel," the company said in a statement. "Some may be offered positions at other facilities." Intel said it will close two assembly test facilities in Penang, Malaysia, and one in Cavite, Philippines, in addition to wafer production facilities in Santa Clara and Hillsboro, Oregon. The closures, Intel said, will take place between now and the end of 2009...The moves were designed to "align its manufacturing capacity to current market conditions," the company added...Intel has also warned that it expects even worse results this quarter than the previous three months, with an expected revenue of seven billion dollars. (Source: Intel to shut facilities in Penang - Malaysiakini)

Tough times. Good thing that the Gaza war has ended. If not, there'll be more job losses with people boycotting US products and quitting jobs from McD, KFC etc in protest of the war. ;-)

Malaysiakini: Enter Obama, Exit Soldier!

The last Israeli soldier withdrew from the Gaza Strip today, the fourth day of a ceasefire that ended a 22-day blitz on the Islamist Hamas movement in which 1,300 Palestinians were killed. "The last soldier left the Gaza Strip this morning," an army spokesman told AFP. "However the army remains deployed all around the Gaza Strip to meet any eventuality."...The pullout began on Sunday after Israel declared a ceasefire and Palestinian militants matched it. Hamas gave Israel a week to remove all troops and open crossing points into Gaza or face renewed hostilities...The army conditioned a full withdrawal on a halt to rocket attacks on southern Israel by Palestinian militants, which sparked the invasion...The ceasefire has held firm and the withdrawal was completed the day after the inauguration of US President Barack Obama in Washington...Obama plans this week to name former Northern Ireland peacemaker George Mitchell as his Middle East envoy to deal immediately with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Washington Post reported.
Is the ceasefire-and-withdrawal plan purely coincidental? A day after Obama entered office, the last Israeli soldier exited from the Gaza Strip. Obama is no 'god' lah but then again, he's the head of the once-upon-a-time-most-powerful nation in the world. Hopefully, he will do well to lead not only America but also the world. ;) All the best to Barack Obama, the 44th US President.

Malaysiakini: Government has all the rights, not the rakyat

The Home Ministry will investigate claims that 'The Herald - The Catholic Weekly'
was still using the word 'Allah' despite the government's decision prohibiting the publication from doing so. Minister Syed Hamid Albar said the decision to disallow the weekly from using the word 'Allah' was a government's decision and not that of the ministry. " The case is not yet disposed of by the court. They should have waited for the court's decision and not think as if they have all the rights and others don't. (Source: Malaysiakini)

HA? The decision to disallow the weekly from using the word 'Allah' was a government's decision and not that of the ministry? Ok, fair enough. Pray, tell us, whose government is this? It is certainly not BN nor PR. Lesson No 1: The rakyat is the ONE who has elected the government.
HA? They should have waited for the court's decision and not think as if they have all the rights and others don't? So that means the government has all the rights and not the rakyat? You will know WHO has all the rights in the next general election!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009







A year of goodness in the midst of suffering.

Malaysiakini: Selangor MB - MACC latest victim

Anti-graft watchdog Gerak has lodged a complaint with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for allegedly misusing state funds. According to Gerak chairperson, Mohd Nazree Mohd Yunus, Abdul Khalid had used state funds to sponsor 46 cattle to be slaughtered and distributed to Bandar Tun Razak residents in Kuala Lumpur for the Hari Raya Korban last December. Abdul Khalid is also the member of parliament for Bandar Tun Razak. According to Mohd Nazree’s complaint, Abdul Khalid had bought the cattle for RM110,400 using funds from a state agency. The Gerak’s chairperson also revealed that they had received documents last week from “an individual working in the state agency involved”, namely the Selangor Industrial Corporation Sdn Bhd...Meanwhile Abdul Khalid rejected Gerak's claims of his corrupt practice. Talking to reporters at a press conference later in the day, Abdul Khalid clarified that the cattle were actually gifts for the needy from an associate company of a state agency. (Mkini: Corruption report lodged against S'gor MB) Will MACC take swift action against those found to be corrupt? I hope so. There have been far too many cold files in the past.

Malaysiakini: World on Obama

Barack Obama took the oath of office as the first black president in US history today, proclaiming Americans had chosen "hope over fear" and vowing to remake his nation to triumph over multiple crises at home and abroad. In front of a jubilant two million people on Washington's National Mall, Obama, the son of a black Kenyan father and white American mother, laid his hand on the same Bible that Abraham Lincoln used at his inauguration in 1861. "I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will execute the office of President of the United States faithfully and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States, so help me God," said Obama, provoking a huge roar from the crowd and a 21-gun salute. (Source: Obama takes oath as first black US President - Malaysiakini) I watched the inauguration streaming live this morning. It was indeed a historic moment. Everyone looked hopeful. Obama did well to sow the seeds of hope in the midst of turmoil. Meanwhile, on our shores, Mr. Perception tried to change tune by saying, 'Change or perish'. The rakyat wish to change our next PM, can ah or else...Mr. Perception should perish!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Malaysiakini: Non-Malay, Non-Chinese, Non-Indian are all the same!

The government has decided not to pursue the proposed Race Relations Act - just four months after saying that the cabinet had agreed to do so.The change of heart was announced today by Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Shafie Apdal. He said that the cabinet has now agreed that there was no need for the Act, according to reports. Shafie said that the cabinet had studied the matter thoroughly and has decided not to proceed with the proposed Act. "Race relations is something that comes naturally and cannot be forced through legislation," he told reporters today. "That is why everyone in the cabinet agreed there was no need for such an Act." Shafie added that so many experts were against such an Act being implemented in this country. The minister also said that he had studied similar acts in several other countries and found that such an act was not suitable here...The Race Relation Act proposal came hot in the heels of the Ahmad Ismail controversy where the Penang Umno chieftain had allegedly labelled the Chinese minority as "squatters". (Source: Malaysiakini) I'm certainly not an expert in law but I certainly know that all humans come from one man - Adam. Thus, there is only one race - the human race. Race supremacy will die a natural death. Today, Barack Obama will be remembered in history as the first non-white President of the US to be inaugurated.

Malaysiakini: Obama Oath coming soon! Watch it LIVE

Obama-fever swept the globe today carrying widespread public hopes that the incoming US president will lead the world into a new crisis-free era. In the hours before Barack Obama takes the oath of office in Washington at noon (1am Malaysian time), foreign governments and new polls all showed huge support for the Democratic president even though many analysts have warned that expectations for his rule are unrealistic. Pictures of Obama dominated front pages and television news programmes around the world. Spain's El Pais newspaper published a photo of Obama and his wife Michelle above the headline: 'The American Dream Comes to Power'...Hopes that Obama can improve US ties with the rest of the world have grown in the run-up to his inauguration, according to a poll of people in 17 countries for the BBC World Service radio. An average of 67 percent of people believe Obama will strengthen America's relations abroad, with more than 50 percent thinking so in all but two - Japan and Russia - of the countries polled. (Source: Malaysiakini) Yes, history is in the making with Obama, the first non-white American president swearing in soon!
Click here to watch the Inauguration of the President: Live Streaming: 2009 Swearing-in Ceremony

Malaysiakini: Latest brand - Mr & Mrs. Doom

The future appears black and blue for Barisan Nasional following its second consecutive by-election bruising in the wake of the March 8 elections.

After Saturday's bashing at the hands of PAS in Kuala Terengganu, numerous political analysts have painted a bleak picture for the ruling coalition.

a kadir jasinJoining this bandwagon was former New Straits Times Press (NSTP) group editor-in-chief A Kadir Jasin.

Without mincing his words, the veteran journalist warned that a knock out awaited BN if its leaders do not tackle the reasons behind the defeat.

"Kuala Terengganu voters, it seems, are not buying the sky-high promises made by Umno and BN and as a matter of fact, Umno members themselves are still angered and hold grudges against its leaders.

"The defeat is a curse and spells doom for Umno and BN because they lost a seat where they used to enjoy major support," he said in his blog posting today.

Unlike BN's defeat in Permatang Pauh, the fortress of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, Kadir said the ruling coalition has always boasted of heavy support in Kuala Terengganu.

However, he said the PAS victory is a clear indicator that the BN brand does not sell.
(Malaysiakini: Change or it's a date with doom)

hehe...BN brand eh? That's a nice way to put it. A Kadir Jasin is good at creative writing. ;-) If a brand has good marketing, it can sell too...there's a perfume by the name of Poison. Maybe can rebrand BN to that name!

Malaysiakini: Azilah did not kill Altantuya. He ate char kuey teow instead

Source: Malaysiakini - Azilah denies killing Altantuya
On the second day of cross-examination, chief inspector Azilah Hadri, the murder accused, vehemently denied he was with corporal Sirul Azhar Umar at Puncak Alam for about 45 minutes where Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered on that night.

This was despite his cell phone records indicating he had received calls or made calls while he was on his way to the crime scene or was at the crime scene.

mongolian woman bombed altantuya 081106Azilah, 32, who was answering questions from DPP Tun Majid Tun Hamzah and Shah Alam High Court judge justice Mohd Zaki Md Yasin, maintained his reply that he was with his fiancee Norazila Omar and later with girlfriend Lance Corporal Rohaniza Roslan on the night of the incident.

The accused who is a member of the elite Special Action Squad also disagreed with suggestions by Tun Majid that he had already conspire with Sirul Azhar in his mission to kill and destroy Altantuya while the two were at political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda's house in Bukit Damansara.

He, however, agreed that he, Sirul and Rohaniza had brought Altantuya to Bukit Aman. But, he denied that he and Sirul had brought Altantuya to Sirul's jeep where the three of them travelled from Bukit Aman till Puncak Alam and this ended with the Mongolian being murdered.

An excerpt of the cross-examination:
Tun Majid: What time were you with your fiancee Norazila?

Azilah: 10.30pm onwards, and I was having char kuey teow with her at a mamak shop near Carrefour in Wangsa Maju.

Now there is only one murder accused left standing - Sirul. Naturally, he will deny killing her too unless...and then, how about the 'government official' who was seen in a photograph with the victim?

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today, over dinner, my mom told me about one my neighbour's grandchild who had high fever. The adult family members had to be quarantined. She said it wasn't dengue but something else. I said it could be chikungunya. I told my mom (an ardent fan of DAP) that last year, Lim Kit Siang actually lambasted the government and the Health Minister in particular for playing down the ongoing dengue epidemic in the country which resulted in 100 deaths and over 45,000 cases. (Click here to read in Malaysiakini - *FREE READ - ENJOY!*) My mom asked who the Health Minister was. I replied crudely, 'LIOW'. Well, you know what 'LIOW' sounds like in Cantonese. HAHA. No wonder the Health Ministry was DEAD silent.

After dinner, I visited The Star Online. 'Govt declares war on dengue' - its headline read. WOW, what took the government so long to declare war on dengue. Maybe the govt is preoccupied with the war between Israel and Palestine or was it too busy fighting in the KT by-election 'war'? Anyway, people. Take care of your health. Don't let the mozzies bite you. Kill 'em! Show no mercy!!

Malaysiakini: Muhdyiddin, you're the man!

Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin said Umno has lost its 'wow' factor and this contributed to Barisan Nasional's defeat in Saturday's Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election. He said there was a need to bring it back because having the wow factor would mean that people would sit up and take notice of something new and interesting that the party was conveying. "Currently, in Umno, what's the wow factor? There is no wow factor. We have lost the wow factor that would make people say 'I really want to listen to what the leaders are saying'," he was quoted as saying by Bernama. The International Trade and Industry minister stressed the necessity for Umno and BN to be reinvented to fulfil the people's aspirations without sacrificing Umno's principles and struggle...The Umno leader, who is currently on an official trip to Bahrain, said he had received views from various parties who expressed concern that a BN defeat in by-elections had become a new trend because the people still had not seen any reform by BN and Umno. (Muhyiddin: No more 'wow' in Umno) Muhyiddin was, so to speak, putting his neck on the line for saying that. At least, he's unlike Mr. Perception & Denial. Man, how I wish Muhyiddin could be the next PM.

Malaysiakini: Umno-led BN thrown into the sea?

"It looks like there is now hope for Sarawak." This was the text of a SMS from a KL-based senior bank manager, a Lun Bawang, after reports on Saturday night that PAS had crushed the Barisan Nasional and won the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat with a 2,631-vote majority. This would be the second win for the Pakatan Rakyat after the March 2008 general elections, confirming waning support for the country’s ruling coalition. The Orang Ulu senior bank manager, a PKR supporter, was referring to PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim-led Pakatan Rakyat’s (PKR/DAP/PAS) campaign already underway to wrest control of Sarawak from the BN in the next state elections due at the latest by 2011. He said: "The KT result confirmed for the second time, after Permatang Pauh, that the wind of change that swept the country on March 13, 2008 is real and here to stay." (Source: Malaysiakini) Umno-led BN already thrown into South China Sea at Kuala Terengganu as 'prophesied' by RPK? It was already thrown into the Indian Ocean at Permatang Pauh as 'prophesied' by RPK. Maybe these two 'prophecies' are just 'coincidental'. Don't put too much hope in them, ok. Hope, yes but continue to fight the good fight of faith. People of Sarawak, now is your time to show the power of the rakyat!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Malaysiakini: Timely advice from a spiritual leader

PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat urged PAS and Pakatan Rakyat leaders to be "a gracious winner" and not utter snobbish remarks that could hurt the feelings of those who lost in yesterday's Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election. The Kelantan menteri besar said any negative statement following the victory would put the party in a bad light. "Don't hurt the feelings of opponents because if they are hurt, it will be difficult for us to convince them of our struggle," he was quoted as saying by Bernama. In the by-election, PAS won the Kuala Terengganu seat by a 2,631-vote margin. BN's Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh polled 30,252 votes while PAS' Mohd Abdul Wahid, who is Wakaf Mempelam assemblyperson, polled 32,883 votes. Independent candidate Azharudin Mamat @ Adam polled 193 votes and lost his deposit. Nik Aziz, who is grateful for the victory, said it was a meaningful one as there were signs that the non-Muslims, especially Chinese voters, had began to understand PAS' objectives. (Nik Aziz: Be gracious about victory - Malaysiakini) I totally concur with Nik Aziz. His advice is indeed timely. Pakatan Rakyat needs to be reminded that 'with great power comes great responsibility' and pride comes before a fall. 8-|

MUST WATCH: What If Cartoons Got Saved

This is an interesting song from Chris Rice. If you're listening to it for the first time, you must be shaking your head and think it sounds silly but as the Chris Rice sang at the end of the song:
Now, there's a point to this looney-tune
I'm not an Anamaniac
But there's a lot of praisin' to do
And cartoons weren't made for that
It's our job
So, let's sing hallelujah


Romans 5
1 Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

ﺭﻭﻣﻴﺔ 5

1 فَبِمَا أَنَّنَا قَدْ تَبَرَّرْنَا عَلَى أَسَاسِ الإِيمَانِ، صِرْنَا فِي سَلاَمٍ مَعَ اللهِ بِرَبِّنَا يَسُوعَ الْمَسِيحِ.

羅 馬 書 5

1 我 们 既 因 信 称 义 , 就 藉 着 我 们 的 主 耶 稣 基 督 得 与 神 相 和

Malaysiakini: THE RAKYAT WON!

9.55pm: At a press conference tonight, Prime Minister-in-waiting Najib said that the defeat in Kuala Terengganu should not be interpreted as the voters having spurned Barisan Nasional. He denied that the poll was a vote of no confidence on his leadership.While Najib conceded that this was a setback for the ruling coalition, he nevertheless played down the importance of the by-election. "We accept this defeat. This is the decision of the people. In a democratic system, the people's voice is supreme," he said. "I am confident that in the end the people will be confident of BN," he added...MCA president Ong Tee Keat meanwhile said that although BN was defeated in the by-election, the vote from the Chinese community however had increased compared with the March general election. "Despite the unfavourable results, I would like to thank the Chinese voters for staying with MCA during this difficult time," he said in a statement.
(PAS wins KT by 2,631 votes - Malaysiakini) Mr. Perception & Denial is saying all the 'right' things. Of course, the defeat is not a vote of no confidence. It was never all about a person or persons. It is all about system - the corruption and race-based politics that the rakyat has rejected and Mr. MCA is still living in a different time zone. MIC - Malay Indian Chinese - are all irrelevant. Can someone send him back to China?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

John 16:33

Jesus said: "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

PAS WON. Yeah!

Now in a Chinese restaurant. So happy to know that PAS menang. There's a Chinese man here who used to do biz in KT. He's also happy. He bet PAS to win.

Malaysiakini: Not my money. I no money

BN candidate Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh today denied he had anything to do with the claims of two reporters who were given money at the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election media centre yesterday. According to Bernama, Wan Ahmad said “people would do anything to tarnish my name” during the by-election. “I don’t have any money to offer to anybody ... you know people can do anything especially in this by-election...Earlier, it was revealed that RM300 cash was distributed to more than a dozen journalists at the state information department’s media centre in Kuala Terengganu. Journalists were asked to list their names, the organisation they work for and telephone numbers on a blank piece of paper by a media centre staff before being given a white envelope containing six RM50 notes. Four Malaysiakini journalists wrote their details on the paper without knowing about the ‘gift’. The four later returned the envelopes with a total of RM1,200 to the media centre staff. Several other journalists also did the same.
(Wan Farid: It's not my money - Malaysiakini)
People can do anything especially in this by-election. So true and that includes giving money and denyning doing so.
So, maybe the money is not from BN but then again, the 'mystery' gift was given in the state info dept media centre. Doesn't the state belong to or controlled by BN?
One thing I am quite sure - PAS will not give in to money politics easily. PAS is all about piety.

Malaysiakini: Update from KT - CHECK IT OUT!

Hello people. I will feed this post as often as I can. So, do come back as often as you can. Cheers!
(I've added the permalink for this post at my sticky post!)

Click here for blogger zorro-unmasked's update. Click here for more updates from

Malaysiakini is going live with the coverage of the Kuala Terengganu by-election. News are updated as they come in.

4.15pm: NST reports the unofficial voter turnout stands at 72 percent. The EC will give its official figure at 6pm.

4.10pm: Independent candidate Azharuddin is nowhere in sight and could not be contacted as his mobile phone is switched off.

4.05pm: When contacted, election observers Mafrel said that many party supporters were still campaigning at the polling centres despite it being against the election laws to be campaigning today.

"It is even more disappointing when they are using minors to campaign today," said Mafrel's BK Ong.

He added that the party candidates should have made public their expenses during the 11 days of campaigning, including "the use of public facilities".

3.30pm: PAS's official organ Harakah reported that Putera Umno chief Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim was ‘caught' by PAS monitoring team trying to pass himself off as an election agent.

The report said that the incident happened this morning at 10.45am at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pusat Cahbang Tiga. Abdul Azeez was reportedly using a BN agent pass belonging to one Ibrahim Omar.

PAS is expected to lodge a police report on the matter soon.

However when contacted by Malaysiakini, Abdul Azeez denied being ‘caught' by anyone from PAS, stating that it was a mischevious lies. He added that he has been at the Tok Ku polling centre since morning.

3.10pm A check at several polling stations indicates an unexpected low turnout. Weather still holding.

2.30pm NST reports: Deputy Umno Wanita leader Shahrizat Abdul Jalil is busy making her rounds to monitor the by-election along with Wanita chief Rafidah Aziz.

2.10pm Campaigners continue their final push under the scorchingafternoon sun. Our team members describe the heat as the worst over the past 10 days

2.00pm Turnout is reported at only 56 percent. PAS is concerned as they feel that this may give rise to phantom voters. They did not elaborate on how this could take place.

1pm: According to RTM, 44 per cent of voters have turned out to vote.

kuala terengganu by election voting day 170109 voters queue12:43pm Worried that their ballot papers would be accidentaly spoilt after they were folded by EC officials, voters in SK Bukit Losong polling station made a report to EC and the officials were later instructed not to do so.

Earlier, Malaysian for free and fair election (Mafrel) reported that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and some BN supporters entered the polling station even though they have no right to do so. This resulted in a protest by some PAS supporters.

12.15pm A minor scuffle erupts between Umno and Pakatan supporters in front of Sek Men Gong Kapas following a name-calling episode.

According to the National Institute for Electoral Integrity (NIEI), the Umno supporters were campaigning at their office next to the school while PAS and PKR supporters were campaigning not far from there.

During the heated exchange of words, they started to punch each other before they were dispersed by police officers five minutes later.

It was later learnt that the supporters involved are not locals but from other states.

12 noon As of this hour, 42 per cent of the 80,229 electorates have cast their votes, according to the EC chair. Polling closes at 5pm.

11.45am mStar reports: Election Commission chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof says indelible ink may be used in the next general election.

"We are currently doing our research to go on with the use of indelible ink", he said after paying a visit to polling station at Sekolah Menengah Tunku Bariah.

11.25am Under the watchful eyes of dozens of police officers, the polling station in Kubang Ikan is calm and BN/PAS pondok panas seem to attract equal numbers of voters.

11.20am Election Commission officials says they hope for a high turnout among the 80,229 voters who are eligible to cast their ballots, according to AFP. They say that the short lines of voters at polling booths during the morning was normal and that the pace will pick up in the afternoon.

11am Weather still holding although rain is expected in the afternoon. Most polling stations report brisk polling. No uneventful incident reported.

10.20am Mostly women supporters from both sides seen outside the five polling stations within the Ladang state seat.These are Malay areas. Situation calm. Heavy police presence at schools. Traffic jams due to campaigning in front of schools.

10.03am: NST reports: In SK Chabang Tiga, BN party workers look worried as a majority of voters are seen stopping at the Pakatan Rakyat pondok panas before entering the polling station.

9.50am At Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman where the Chinese voters of Kg Cina cast their votes, turnout is brisk. Many are seen quietly in queue. Outside, some 50 supporters of both camps are separated by police. Atmosphere is friendly. MCA leaders Dr Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong La, Wong Foon Meng are here. Also sighted are DAP's Ronnie Liew, PKR's Tian Chua and PAS' Annuar Tan.

9.27am Bernama reports: Traffic in the city under control, with vehicles carrying party flags seen plying the streets. Police personnel station themselves in strategic locations. The Election Commission expects a 90 per cent voter turnout.

9.00am Over at SK Pusat Chabang Tiga station, about 100 PAS and Umno supporters seen on both sides of road waving flags and placards. PAS group comprises mainly elderly women while Umno seems to be dominated by Puteri members. They exchange shouts with PAS' Allahu-akbar while Umno replies with "PAS kluk klek", "PAS bohong."

8.50am Big groups of BN supporters armed with party flags start converging outside SK Bukit Besar. Shouts of Allahu-akbar and 'Hidup BN' heard.

8.30 am Weather reported good throughout KT when polling started. Morning is cool although some parts are cloudy. Large groups of policemen seen outside some polling stations.

8.15am After voting, Wan Farid told reporters outside, "God willing, voters will choose intelligently and vote for continuity through BN'

7.50am BN's Wan Ahmad Farid arrives at the SK Bukit Besar. Together with his wife, Intan Baizura, they voted at 8.05am.

7.45am PAS candidate Wahid Endut arrives at SK Pusat Chabang Tiga polling station. Accompanied by his wife and five of his nine children, he says he wants to be the first voter at the station.

9-month-old baby (Your Baby Today)


Your baby now loves to play games. He'd rather not go to sleep. And he loves to practice “walking” while holding on to a steady yet movable object (like a laundry basket)! Your 9-month-old is starting to have “a mind of his own.” Isn't it wonderful to see your child seeking some independence?

Milestones this month*

  • Your baby now can pull himself up to a standing position from sitting down. (Yes, Janson can also turn his body 360 degrees)
  • He can stand while holding on to someone or something. (Yes, Janson can)
  • Baby uses the “pincer grasp,” holding tiny objects between his thumb and forefinger. (Yes, he can)
  • He can walk while holding onto furniture. (Yes, holding onto the sofa set at home)
  • Baby drinks from a cup. (Yes)
  • He can stand alone for a few seconds or perhaps longer. (Yeah, like 2-3 seconds and wobble)
  • Baby says “mama” or “dada.” (Yes, he said papa mama this morning)
  • He understands the meaning of “no.” (Yes, now we tell him no if he tries to touch 'hazardous' stuff)
  • Baby responds to simple commands (such as “Give Mommy the toy”). (Yes)
Janson is 8-month-17-day old today. He is showing all the 'milestones' development.
Thank You Jesus for a strong and healthy baby.


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