Saturday, June 12, 2010

Refreshing Springs Resort - Kg. Gumut Tambahan, Kalumpang, Ulu Selangor -

Just came back from a 2D1N stay @ Refreshing Springs Resort - a perfect place to break away from the stress of city life. It's only an hour's drive from KL.
Directions to go there:
1. Get on the PLUS highway, head north and exit at Tanjung Malim. After you pay the toll, go straight. You will see some signs that can confuse you. Ignore the 'turn-left' sign that reads 'Tanjung Malim'. 
2. Go straight up on a mini 'flyover'. You will reach a traffic light junction and see a 'turn right' blue sign that reads 'Kuala Lumpur'. Again, don't be confused by this sign, thinking that you will end up in Kuala Lumpur and miss the resort. Just turn right, go straight all the way and you will be on a two-way trunk road.
3. At approximately 6-8 km, look out for a Kampung Gumut Tambahan sign on your left. Once you see the Kampung Gumut Tambahan sign, you can also see a Caltex petrol station  not far away on the opposite side of the two-way trunk road.
4. Turn left at Kampung Gumut Tambahan sign. Just follow the road all the way until you reach a 'four-pronged' road.
5. Turn left and keep left until you reach a small bridge.
6. Cross the small bridge.
7. Go straight all the way until you reach Refreshing Springs Resort.

 The Container
 Upon arrival, you will see a red gate that is the main entrance and the container.

 The 'Monument'

The Hot Springs
 There are three pools here - hot, hotter and hottest!

Studio for two!
 Cute 'n cosy - suitable for honeymoon couples!

The River
Upstream, you can hear the running river!

The Cave
Still in progress, this studio for two is for the 'wild' ones! 8D
* Credits to my wife for taking the photos.
For more info please go to!
Check out the gallery that has many beautiful shots of the place.

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