Saturday, May 31, 2014

Schoolgirl, Nurul Emielda Nadia Sallehuddin, falls to her death @ The Gardens Mall near Robinsons in Mid Valley City @

[BREAKING] Young Girl Falls To Her Death At The Gardens Mall

MAY 31, 2014
A schoolgirl fell to her death from the third floor of a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur today.

The 7-year-old, identified as Nurul Emielda Nadia Sallehuddin, died on the spot in the 2.20pm incident due to severe head injuries.

The incident occurred near the Robinsons outlet at The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City, and was witnessed by hundreds of tenants and shoppers, mainly comprising families enjoying the first weekend of the current school holidays.

According to one shopper, Nurul Emeilda was playing with her brother near the escalator on the third floor when she accidentally fell to her death.

A man working in one of the stores in the mall said he heard a loud scream coming from the top floor and rushed out.

"I tried to extend my hand while running towards the girl, hoping that I would be able to catch her but it happened so fast," said the man on conditions of anonymity.

He said she started bleeding from the trauma to the head almost immediately after the body hit the ground.

"The place was crowded with people in seconds. People were screaming. Her parents were too," he said, adding that the incident happened around 2pm and the management handled the situation immediately.

Brickfields police chief assistant commissioner Muhammad Azlee Abdullah confirmed the case and said the body has been sent to Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for a post-mortem.

This is the second incident within the last 48 hours in which a young girl has died under tragic circumstances.

Siti Soffea Emelda, who was two-and-a-half years old, was found decapitated two nights ago by the banks of the Klang River, not far from the Kuala Lumpur KTM Komuter station (formerly the main railway station), a few hours after she was abducted at the Kota Raya Shopping Complex in Kuala Lumpur.

In the incident which shocked the nation, two witnesses said they saw a man carrying a toddler making his way through the long grass at the river banks.

The eyewitnesses seeing the suspect strangling the victim while pushing her onto the ground, alerted the auxiliary police at the nearby Public Bank building.

"The suspect then grabbed something that appeared to be a ceramic object, using it to hit the victim," a police source said.

The suspect fled from the auxiliary police before jumping into the Klang River.

After two days of search along the river, the body of the suspect was found this afternoon.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant operations director Mohd Sani Harul confirmed the recovery of the body at 4pm near the banks of Sungai Petaling Jaya in Sunway Selangor.

Azizan also said police have confirmed that the body found was that of the suspect.

Police believe that the suspect had attempted to rape the girl, and hit her when she struggled. – May 31, 2014.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

[PANAS: Gambar bikini masuk masjid] Dyana Sofya - skandal Pauleen Luna di Malaysia. Thomas Cup: Lee Chong Wei won @

Everybody knows how low Umno can go.

The pro-Umno bloggers first started the bikini smear campaign against Dyana Sofya.

Dyana Sofya tak gelabah isu 'gambar berbikini'

Since then, the smear campaign has gone from bad to worse, moving from the Internet to the Malay heartland of Teluk Intan constituency.

Dyana’s fake bikini photos found in mosque, Malay villages, says DAP
Gambar bikini palsu Dyana Sofya ditemui di masjid, kampung Melayu

Meanwhile, Thomas Cup Final M'sia Vs Japan 1-0 - watch LIVE @ Astro on the Go (AOTG) or @ RTM.

Friday, May 16, 2014

[GAMBAR] Bikini: Dyana Sofya mungkin calon DAP Teluk Intan. Target of smear campaign, she will roar like Katy Perry:
1:13PM - 15 May 2014

Dyana Sofya tak gelabah isu 'gambar berbikini'

Walaupun baru saja diura-urakan sebagai calon untuk pilihan raya kecil parlimen Teluk Intan, pemimpin muda Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud terus menjadi sasaran serangan kempen untuk memburuk-burukkannya.

Setiausaha politik pemimpin veteran DAP Lim Kit Siang itu dikesan menjadi sasaran penulis blog pro-Umno yang menyebarkan gambar seorang wanita berpakaian bikini yang seiras wajahnya.

Dyana, 27, yang baru menyertai DAP dua tahun lalu, bagaimanapun nampaknya tidak tertekan dan tidak memandang serius serangan peribadi seperti itu.

Beliau juga mampu berseloroh apabila para pengikutnya bertanya mengenai gambar tersebut di laman sosial.

"Saya sudah (baca). Sebab itu saya kata saya harap ada badan sebegitu. Perlu lebih kerap ke gimnasium," tulis beliau di Twitter.

Menurutnya lagi, beliau turut menerima panggilan dan pesanan yang bersifat kasar, namun tidak gelabah dengan tekanan seperti itu.

"Beratus panggilan dan mesej kasar yang diterima sejak semalam. Jimatkan kredit anda. Saya tak berganjak. Ini Dyana lah," tulis beliau.

Gambar berkenaan dikesan dimuatkan di blog dan sejak semalam. Semakan Malaysiakini mendapati gambar berkenaan masih kekal disiarkan di blog berkenaan hari ini.

Gambar itu juga didapati dimuatkan di blog dan bukti penyiaran gambar tersebut berjaya dirakam oleh pengguna laman sosial semalam.

Gambar wanita seiras wajah Dyana yang berpakaian bikini itu didapati telah dipadamkan hari ini dari blog berkenaan, namun bukti penyiarannya berjaya dirakam pengguna Internet.

Kalangan penulis blog Pakatan Rakyat pula, termasuk pula menyiarkan beberapa gambar yang menunjukkan bahawa individu dalam gambar tersebut adalah seorang pelakon Filipina, Pauleen Luna dan bukannya Dyana.

Sementara itu, tulisan di blog pro-Umno turut mempersoalkan pendirian Dyana dan prinsip parti DAP yang didukung peguam muda tersebut dengan mengaitkan kelulusan Dyana dari Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

Penulis blog tersebut mengaitkan UiTM sebagai institusi Bumiputera yang diperjuangkan Umno dan kontras dengan DAP.

Blog tersebut juga mendakwa ibu Dyana adalah orang kuat Wanita Umno di Ipoh Barat.

"Tidak tahu di mana silapnya, Diyana Sofea (Dyana Sofya) sekarang merupakan pejuang cauvinis DAP," blog dipetik.

Blog berkenaan juga memuatkan satu gambar Dyana berpakaian jubah peguam, gambarnya ketika sedang berkempen untuk DAP dan juga gambar merakamkan beliau menerima satu anugerah dari bekas menteri kewangan, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

(English version:

DAP's Potential Teluk Intan Candidate Becomes Target Of Smear Campaign A Week Before Nomination Day

Friday, May 9, 2014

[VIDEO] Jillian Lauren, being in harem of Prince Jefri "Playboy Prince" and one night sex in penthouse @ Kuala Lumpur -

Wanita Amerika Dedah Kehidupannya Sebagai Perempuan Simpanan Adik Sultan Brunei

Jillian Lauren, Former Stripper, Talks About Being In Prince Of Brunei's Harem (VIDEO)

How the Sultan of Brunei Violated His Sharia Law With Me

Now the sultan is making headlines for implementing Sharia law in Brunei, including a new penal code that includes stoning to death for adultery, cutting off limbs for theft, and flogging for violations such as abortion, alcohol consumption, and homosexuality. There’s also capital punishment for rape and sodomy.

I am no expert in international human rights. My only qualification in commenting on this issue is that one drunken evening in the early ’90s, the sultan and I committed at least two of the aforementioned offenses as we looked down on the lights of Kuala Lumpur from a penthouse suite.

Kakatoo @ Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara, Kepong: Nyonya & Western Restaurant @ Kuala Lumpur - Eat Drink KL

Came to Kakatoo for the first time.
A lively place and lovely ambiance.
How is the food here? Pretty good.


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