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Recipe for 1Malaysia: Differences, Dissent, Demands, Diversity

Different paths but one destination: Najib
Karen Arukesamy

PETALING JAYA (Feb 28, 2010): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said today the media can take different paths in helping the country in nation building.

Najib and Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor stirring the traditonal “yee sang” at the
Sin Chew Media Group Chinese New Year open house yesterday. Also
present was Sin Chew Media Group chairman Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King (right).
"We can take different paths because we must allow some latitude in our society. We must allow some room for differences of opinion and even dissent, but we must be conscious that we are not pulling apart this society, but we (must ensure that we) are slowly but surely bringing all Malaysians together.

"... Sin Chew might take a different path... Utusan (Malaysia) might take a different path ... other papers might take a different path, but although we take different paths, we must converge and we must reach our final destination," Najib said when attending Sin Chew Daily and Guang Ming Daily’s Chinese New Year open house yesterday.

Meanwhile, he said no community should make demands that will be at the expense of other communities. He said any demand made by a community should also be good for all communities as well.

"Yes we can make demands, we can make statements but that should not be to the at the expense of other communities. It cannot and should not be a zero sum game," he stressed.

He said if all communities can think the same, Malaysia can move towards becoming a united, harmonious and prosperous nation.

"A truly united Malaysia can only happen if we believe and embrace the values that underpin the concept of 1Malaysia, which associates with the mindset to move from one paradigm to another," he said.

The prime minister said all Malaysians must learn to embrace and practise total acceptance of the differences in society to be a united, harmonious and prosperous nation

Saying he was carrying on the work of previous prime ministers who had also strived in their own ways to build a united, harmonious and prosperous nation, Najib said Malaysia had started with a basic paradigm – tolerance.

"In the 1Malaysia concept, tolerance is just the beginning. It is time to move on to total acceptance of the differences among the multiracial society.

"When we accept the diversity of the society as something unique, colourful and as our strength, then in our very minds we have moved to a higher level in nation building," he said.

Acknowledging that diversity is the nation’s strength and challenge, Najib said the final apex is to celebrate that diversity.

"Then we will achieve Bangsa Malaysia, the final destination of 1Malaysia," he said. -- theSun

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36,000 Malaysians Unemployed As At Dec 2009, Says Maznah

February 28, 2010 13:50 PM

36,000 Malaysians Unemployed As At Dec 2009, Says Maznah

ROMPIN, Feb 28 (Bernama) -- Some 36,000 Malaysians were unemployed between October 2008 and December last year or 3.6 per cent of the total population, Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Maznah Mazlan said.

She said most of the unemployed were those being laid off from the manufacturing sector which was badly affected by the recession in the United States in 2008.

"Due to the economic crisis in the US, many workers were temporarily laid off. Companies in the manufacturing sector had to reduce their production due to the drop in demand," she told reporters after attending a Chap Goh Mei celebration here Saturday night.

However, Maznah said the number was still under control compared to the 84,000 laid offs during the Asian economic crisis in 1997.

She said the ministry managed to get some 29,000 of the laid off workers to be rehired while the rest were offered retraining.


Race is on for Taib Mahmud's successor but first, the state election!

He hinted in 2006 that he would have one last shot as chief minister. Next year, he would be CM for 30 years.

Political analyst Dr Sivamurugan Pandian believes that Taib will relinquish his top party position only after the next state election. Reason being if he steps down now, it might trigger be a power struggle within the party.

Sivamurugan said Taib had to groom someone to take over and there might be some indications as to who would likely be the person after the PBB convention.

Sivamurugan said from a political strategy perspective, it would not be wise for him to step down before the state election as the party might be focusing more on who was going to be the next chief minister instead of winning and retaining power in the state election.

Five factors why graduates are unemployed

February 27, 2010 21:40 PM

Unemployed Graduates: Five Reasons Why

KUALA TERENGGANU, Feb 27 (Bernama) -- Lack of industrial training and poor English are among five factors why graduates are unemployed, according to a study conducted by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM).

Other factors are low problem-solving skills, job-hopping and lack of self-confidence, said Higher Education Ministry student development and affairs director Prof Dr Mohd Fauzi Ramlan.

He said as graduates were bogged down with poor communication skills in English, they should improve their command of the language.

"They have themselves to blame if they fail to convince employers on their potential," he said when closing a two-day graduate etiquette programme at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu here Sarturday.

He said graduates should also avoid being choosy about jobs and shrug off bad attitude of preferring to work in ones' hometown.


Poor command of English eh? So, these graduates have themselves to blame? In the first place, the education system has failed to make the English language of paramount importance.

Huge 8.8-magnitude quake hits Chile -

Huge 8.8-magnitude quake hits Chile

Last Updated: February 27, 2010 4:55pm

A killer earthquake in Chile sent tsunami warnings from coastal areas of British Columbia to countries in the Asian-Pacific region on Saturday. Read the full story

Zambry's top priority is voters of BN and Pakatan!

Zambry gets worked up over 'racist' Pakatan
They are sowing the seeds of racial hatred during festive seasons dedicated to the 1Malaysia concept, he charges.
Zambry was speaking at a people's gathering organised by the Taiping BN and Umno in conjunction with the celebration of Prophet Mohammad's birthday and Chinese New year in Taiping today. There were about 600 people who turned up for the function that was attended by some BN district leaders and Gerakan state chief Chang Ko Youn, who was also Taiping BN coordinator chief. Zambry said taking care of the people's welfare had always been his top priority and did not differentiate between voters from BN and Pakatan held areas as all were Perakians to him.

As the wakil rakyat, are you not to sincerely serve the rakyat regardless of race and religion? Don't even talk about BN voters or Pakatan voters! Even more so, as the MB Mahkamah, you are to serve all Perakians without prejudice. You do not have a choice. You have to do it!

Malays have MPM, Indians have Hindraf. Can the Chinese have CHINDRAF?

76 NGOs form council to defend Malay rights
Seventy-six Malay NGOs today joined forces to form a consultative council, Majlis Perundingan NGO Melayu (MPM), to defend Malay rights and Islam.

Sad to read this news @ BERNAMA
Shocked to know that Malaysia is still divided along racial lines.

Hopefully, more Chinese NGOs (if there's any in the first place, I don't know) will join forces too or maybe the Chinese business associations, you know those Hakka, Hokkien, Fuchow and whatnot!? Come on, what are you Chinese people doing for the Chinese community? FORM ANOTHER COUNCIL TO DEFEND THE CHINESE! PLEASE DO SOMETHING! The Indians too - please do something! Oh yes, at least, the Indians have the Hindraf!!! But can the Chinese form CHINDRAF?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

AG's doule standards in Al-Islam case

FEB 26 — Christians and Catholics in particular are likely to have one major topic of discussion when they gather this weekend in churches throughout the country, and that is the decision of the authorities in taking no further action against two journalists from Al Islam who allegedly desecrated the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is a Christian sacrament considered to be a commemoration of the Last Supper, the final meal that Jesus Christ shared with his disciples before his arrest and eventual crucifixion.

Also called the Holy Communion, Catholics and many Christians perform this sacrament at every Mass or service.

They believe in transubstantiation, which means the bread and wine that they partake in during Holy Communion changes into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

An understanding of what this means to Catholics and Christians should allow the authorities to understand why they were appalled at the actions of these two journalists from Al Islam magazine.

According to the article written by the two, they had sneaked into a Catholic church in Ipoh last year and participated in the Holy Communion, by pretending to be Catholics.

After Mass, the two claimed they spat out the bread, which is an act of desecration.

They claimed in their article that their spying was part of their mission to find out if Muslims were being secretly converted by the Catholic church.

Few Muslims are aware of this issue because the media has largely ignored the story. But among Catholics the issue had caused unease.

In the eyes of the Catholic church, the desecration of the communion is an act even worse than the recent firebombing of places of worship.

Now, the Attorney-General’s Chambers has told the police that no further action will be taken against the two journalists. They had been investigated under Section 298A (1) of the Penal Code for causing disharmony, disunity or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill will, or prejudicing the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion.

Never before has the exhibition of double standards been so obvious.

The irony is this message of hypocrisy comes at a time when the Najib administration is asking for support from non-Muslims.

Friday, February 26, 2010

No action against Al-Islam, say AG's Chambers

Due to overwhelming pressure from the general public, the Dang Wangi police district headquarters revealed yesterday that charges against two Al-Islam magazine's journalists who - on the pretext of checking out a claim that Muslims were being converted to Christianity - entered a Catholic church in Kuala Lumpur and took part in the holy communion, have been dropped.

The duo were investigated under Section 298A (1) of the Penal Code for causing disharmony, disunity or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill will, or prejudicing the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion. In a letter to the complainant, senior investigating officer ASP Ananthan Rajoo stated that the Attorney-General's Chambers had decided not to press charges against them. The letter, dated Feb 12, stated that the case was referred to the deputy public prosecutor (DPP) and orders were given from them to take no further action (NFA).
So easy! Three words can close case! 1Malaysia kononnya! Double standards indeed!

Jerry Brewer | Captivating figure skater Kim Yu-na wins gold | Seattle Times Newspaper

Jerry Brewer | Captivating figure skater Kim Yu-na wins gold | Seattle Times Newspaper

The most-debated question of any Olympics has an answer now. Who should be the face of these Games? Kim Yu-na, for certain.

Seattle Times staff columnist

VANCOUVER, B.C. — The most dominant athlete at these Winter Olympics is 5 feet 4, 103 pounds and skates in such a mesmerizingly graceful manner that grown men stood in front of an electronics store in South Korea on Tuesday, transfixed, unashamed, overjoyed.

Do an Internet search for that picture. It explains the greatness of Kim Yu-na perfectly. She's smiling — elegant, beautiful — on about 20 TVs. The men are frozen, and it seems like she has entranced the world. The photo was taken during the figure skater's world-record performance in the short program that night.

But after watching Kim's free skate Thursday, after watching her shatter another world record, after watching her own an intriguing and gifted field, you're left to wonder if any country, any gender, any living thing with eyeballs would dare stop staring at this 19-year-old phenom.

When the Pacific Coliseum public-address announcer introduced Kim as the gold winner during the medal ceremony, a man in the crowd screamed, "I love you!"

She made Korea proud. She made her sport proud. She made any casual observer who paid attention an instant fan of women's figure skating.

Including me.

Especially me.

So, the most-debated question of any Olympics has an answer now. Who should be the face of these Games?

Kim, for certain.

Not Lindsey Vonn, not Apolo Ohno, not Bode Miller.

Kim Yu-na.

Remember her name, and never forget how she dazzled the 2010 Winter Olympics. Remember her astounding agility, and never forget the tears she shed while gliding off the ice this night.

"I still can't believe my performance," she said. "Watching previous figure skaters, I always wondered why they cried after their performance. Crying for the first time today, I still don't know why I did."

Kim overwhelmed a worthy competitor, Mao Asada, of Japan, the silver medalist. She made you cheer when your heart said to give all your support to Canadian Joannie Rochette, who skated to a bronze medal just five days after losing her mother to a heart attack.

Kim won Korea's first gold medal in women's figure skating and its first gold in any Winter Olympics event other than speedskating. She was as electric as the stunning blue dress she wore, flawlessly executing triple flips, triple lutzes and double axels at full speed, landing so softly each time that it felt like you were watching a feather float to the ice. Then Kim would wow the crowd with her flexibility during combination spins.

The performance was so impossibly artful, so in tune with her musical selection — George Gershwin's "Concerto in F."

How about that? A 19-year-old performed to a song written 85 years ago and matched its brilliance, maybe even amplified it. She truly is Queen Yu-na.

That's her nickname back home. On this night, she fulfilled all lofty expectations with her world-record 150.06 score. Combine that with a world-record 78.5 in Tuesday's short program, and you have a 228.56 total that's every bit as impressive as Usain Bolt running 100 meters in 9.58 seconds.

"I still can't believe the score I received," she said. "I'm really surprised. It's almost as close as the men's score."

Kim's performance softened the disappointment of the United States. For the first time since 1964, the U.S. didn't win a medal in this event. Teenagers Mirai Nagasu and Rachael Flatt finished fourth and seventh, respectively. Considering the tradition of American female figure skaters, the outcome will go down as a failure, but Flatt, 17, and Nagasu, 16, didn't fail. They both posted season-best scores Thursday. The trio of Kim, Asada and Rochette was simply in another league.

Rochette, the emotional favorite, turned in another incredible, heartfelt effort. She fulfilled the vision of her late mother, Therese Rochette.

"I feel proud and the result did not matter," Rochette said. "I'm happy to be on the podium. It was a lifetime project for me and my mom, and we achieved that."

But the night was about Queen Yu-na. She proved that she hadn't been prematurely anointed. She turned the pressure of an adoring nation into inspiration. She's the champion, of this event and of these Games.

"I still can't believe this day has finally come for me," Kim said.

It's a day that may never end. It will stand for a long time, frozen, like those men she hypnotized back home.

Raja Azman's lawyers cry foul

The probe should have been done in their presence because of the intimidating nature of prisons, they contend.

Both lawyers J Chandra and Amarjit Singh Sidhu were unhappy over the way the investigation was carried out with the former explaining that it was important for counsel to be present to ensure that the interview was conducted in the right manner and the latter asking why, as Raja Azman's counsels, they were not called for the investigation.

Chandra said tha
inmates might be pressured to give answers just to appease the authorities.

Yesterday, Suhakam, the national human rights council, had conducted an investigation at the Sungai Buloh prison of allegations that the son of prominent blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin had been tortured.

The tooth of the matter - Sensodyne for sensitive teeth -

(Source: The Sun @ Tues, Feb 23, 2010).
Click here for the web version of the article.
I use Sensodyne Freshmint. It's good.
There's another way to treat sensitve teeth - gargle your mouth with warm salt water weekly.

Economy: Worst yet to come though out of the woods

On Sep 24, 2009:
Zeti: Worst is over, economy on road to recovery

5 months later:
Zeti: Malaysia clearly on track to economic recovery

PM-cum-FM said: Out of the woods


Who do I trust more? The one who said worst yet to come. Read MIER outlook below for 'balance':


Executive Summary

Various economic indicators continued to show improvement ahead, albeit being subjected to occasional pullbacks. This progress is brought about by the efforts of numerous national policy stabilisation measures. Some countries may start to normalise their policies first, while others, depending on their economic conditions among other things, may opt to do so later.

In Oct 09, the IMF anticipated the global economy to expand by 3.1% yoy in 2010, from a 1.1% yoy decline in 2009. For 2010, the U.S. is projected to grow by 1.5% yoy, the euro zone at 0.3% yoy, Japan at 1.7% yoy, and China 9.0% yoy. The comparable yoy figures in 2009 are -2.7% (U.S.), -4.2% (euro zone), -5.4% (Japan), and +8.5% (China).

Regionally, the ADB has also lifted its GDP growth forecast for developing Asia to +3.9% yoy in 2009 and +6.4% yoy in 2010. The regional economies are seen to be more resilient to the downturn than initially feared. Underpinning the region's growth prospects is China, whose aggressive monetary easing and fiscal stimulus could accelerate the GDP growth rate to +8.2% yoy in 2009 and to +8.9% yoy in 2010.

In 3Q09, Malaysia's GDP improved to -1.2% yoy (2Q09: -3.9%) due to rebound in manufacturing, construction, and services sectors. Stabilising global and domestic demand conditions resuscitated manufacturing output, while large public expenditure contributed to expansion in both construction and services activities. Nevertheless, the external sector remained relatively weak in 3Q09.

To enhance the image of Malaysia to foreign investors, liberalisation measures were implemented on 27 services sub-sectors in Apr 09 and the 30.0% Bumiputra equity requirement for newly listed companies was removed in Jun 09. Moreover, the personal income tax rate will also be reduced from 27.0% in 2009 to 26.0% in 2010. Special income tax rate of 15.0% will be given for local residents and foreigners who work and stay in Iskandar Malaysia.

In tandem with regional economic performances, monthly Malaysian indicators have also signalled improvement. Overall CPI declined at a slower rate of 0.1% yoy in Nov 09 (-1.5% in Oct 09) due to effects from higher transportation cost. Sequentially, CPI increased by +0.3% in Nov 09 (+0.1% in Oct 09). Consumer inflation remained in positive at 0.5% on a year to month basis. Meanwhile, core CPI also declined at a slower rate of 0.6% yoy in Nov 09 (-2.6% in Oct 09).

Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) has left the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) unchanged at 2.00% for the sixth consecutive meeting in Nov 09. While the economic contraction is expected to decrease from 3Q09, the monetary policy stance is expected to be fairly accommodative until the economy recovers. This is also facilitated by the absence of inflationary expectations in the near term. Hence, MIER expects the OPR to be relatively unchanged at least until end-2010.

Against this background, both the in-house Consumer Sentiments Index (CSI) and Business Conditions Index (BCI) continued to show improvement. In the 4Q09, CSI rose 4.2 points qoq to settle at 109.6 points (3Q09: 105.4), while the BCI was higher by 5.1 points qoq to 118.8 points (3Q09: 113.7). Nevertheless, the hardship posed by the global financial crisis, domestic labour market rigidity, rising inflation, and early policy exit strategy may affect sentiments ahead.

There are glimmer signs that the global downturn has stabilised somewhat, but the recovery is expected to be sluggish and uneven. The healing from the current crisis will be difficult compared to previous ones because of the synchronised nature of the downturn. It will take time and huge resources to revive the deeply entangled US financial sector, while policy options are running out. The weak external sector will impede a faster recovery, and the lower commodity prices are not helping either. Banks are becoming more cautious as bad loans could rise soon, limiting the flow of funds to firms. The services sector will be the pillar of strength amidst a glum manufacturing sector. The technical recession is likely to end in 4Q09. However, Malaysia may not regain more strength until the global economy is back on track, which is going to be at a disappointingly slow pace.

In view of improving macroeconomic indicators, and better CSI and BCI as well as the sectoral indices, MIER is maintaining for now, its GDP growth forecast of -3.3% yoy in 2009 and +3.7% yoy in 2010, while concomitantly projecting 2011 GDP growth forecast of +5.0% yoy. Downside risks are still prevalent and might perturb the road to recovery, but there are stronger positive influences that led to MIER's projections.

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Amelanistic corn snake shed its skin - Watch the skin!

Vid taken on 16 Feb, 2010 @ Miracle Pets Tesco Extra Cheras
My first time seeing a skin shed by a snake.
Janson's first time too!

Why do snakes shed? An explanation from the website - 'Caring for Corn Snakes':
As a reptile grows, its old skin become too tight and worn. A new skin awaits just below the old. As a snake gets ready to shed, its eyes will turn a milky blue over the course of several days, and the body color will start to dull and develop a whitish sheen. Once the eyes have cleared, the snake is ready to shed. To assure proper hydration, soak the snake in warmish water after the eyes clear; this should enable to snake to shed easily within the next 24 hours.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ku Li has probably pumped more petrol into his car than Muhyiddin flushing his sh*t down the toilet!

Muhyiddin questions Ku Li's loyalty over oil dispute
By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 — Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has questioned Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s loyalty to Umno and accused the Kelantan prince of trying to confuse the public over the oil royalty dispute.

He also defended the federal government’s refusal to pay oil royalty claimed by Kelantan, saying that it was in “accordance with law.”

“I know of the move taken by Tengku Razaleigh and some opposition leaders to make people believe what is not legally right. I think that is not the proper way to do it. This is not political but the constitutional and legal way of whatever Act enacted by Parliament,” the deputy prime minister told reporters today.

Muhyiddin also questioned the Umno veteran’s loyalty to the party.

“We are studying the situation. As everybody is aware of the statements and actions that he (Tengku Razaleigh) has taken. Even though they are his personal opinion but it is not in line with the decision made by the government and party leadership. So we must look at what will happen next and maybe he will realise in the end. This is not a question about bringing hardship to the people of Kelantan or anybody. We have given explanations based on facts.

“I have been informed that he has met the prime minister but what I do not understand is why he is still continuing with his actions. As if he is the only one fighting for the people of Kelantan and that we are not considerate. Actually leaders from Barisan Nasional have given explanations and will continue to do so,” he said.

Muhyiddin said that educated professionals from Kelantan understood the government’s position.

“Many of the people from Kelantan are lawyers and professionals and can analyse the matter. I have heard statements from the people of Kelantan, especially academicians and those with certificates, saying that the actions taken by the government do not go against the law,” he said.

He argued that the allocation of compassionate payments instead of oil royalties was in accordance with the law.

“The term is not royalty and that has been explained by the government and also through the advertisements for the general public’s knowledge which was well received. I think what we have done (in giving compassionate payment) is in accordance with the law.

“Since Kelantan requested for some help then we considered and agreed to give them compassionate payment. So this is all according to the Petroleum Development Act and whatever interpretation has been well explained by the adverts that we have put in,” he said.

The federal government had over the weekend taken out advertisements in Berita Minggu, Mingguan Malaysia and Sinar Harian, listing eight reasons to deny Kelantan its claim for oil royalties.

But Tengku Razaleigh and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) have been campaigning hard to force the federal government to pay oil royalties claimed by the state.

Tengku Razaleigh, who is Petronas founder, had earlier this week rubbished attempts by the federal government to explain, through newspaper advertisements, its refusal to pay the Kelantan government oil royalties.

“The advertisement fails to point out that almost all the oil found in Malaysia is located more than three nautical miles offshore, and Petronas has nevertheless been making oil payments to the states,” said the Gua Musang MP.

The federal government’s main argument is that oil and gas are extracted from waters that are beyond the three-nautical mile limit prescribed as territorial waters under Malaysia’s Emergency Ordinance (Essential Powers) No. 7 1969.

“By the argument deployed in the advertisement, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak too are not entitled to the ‘cash payments’ of 5 per cent of profit from oil,” said Tengku Razaleigh earlier this week.

“The argument for depriving Kelantan of 5 per cent cash payments on the basis of its petroleum resources being found beyond three nautical miles is an insult to the intelligence,” he added.

The Gua Musang Umno chief said that the implication of the argument is that Terengganu has no right to receive the cash payment which was reinstated early last year.

I guess Muhyiddin does not and will not understand Ku Li who is a man of principle.

Ku Li has probably pumped more petrol into his car than Muhyiddin flushing his sh*t down the toilet!

MI insider_latest - Unanimous decision: Judges dismiss review application by applicant on grounds that no right of review


Last chance for Anwar to get extra evidence

BREAKING NEWS updated 11.15am Karpal complained that the defence had yet to receive the list of prosecution witnesses and that this was “unbecoming conduct” of the prosecution in ensuring a fair trial.

“The trial is being conducted via ambush,” charged Karpal.

The lawyer added that Anwar had brought in three specialists from overseas and they were not allowed to view the evidence.

“Is this not fair?” Karpal asked. (Source: Mkini - Support Mkini - Subscribe to Mkini!)

Obviously, not fair lah.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Umno Youth to the rescue! Now every runaway (read: underage) bride can come home! - Based on true life story of 'Bella' Salsabila Yunan - Lombok mali!

The 'sensational' rescue of 15-year-old Malaysian teenager, by the name of Salsabila Yunan aka Bella has made the headlines.

Who rescued her? Umno Youth lor. This girl ran away from home to marry a man in Lombok, Indonesia.

Actually, the girl didn't want to come home even though her father was sick.

Now that she's home, she's hoping that her family will accept her spouse.

Of course, the father was very grateful to Umno Youth for bringing his daughter home because normally, girls who ran off to Lombok would only return home after 10 to 12 years.
(Source: The Star Online)

Shahrir: Reality behind 'Ketuanan Melayu'

EXCLUSIVE In a democracy, the ‘master’ must serve the ‘slaves’ as they hold more votes than him, says the pragmatic politician.

Talking about 'Ketuanan Melayu', Shahrir has this to say:
Ketuanan Melayu is an expression used to expand on what (one-time) Dr Ismail (Abdul Rahman) used to say, that the Malays are the core of the country - Melayu teras negara dan Umno ialah teras Melayu. Ketuanan Melayu, may sound like teras, but has negative connotations... and to the statement that put forward by Malaysiakini that maybe the word tuan is responsible for this, Shahrir said:
If you look at it rationally and not emotionally, this tuan needs to work very hard for the people who were once slaves, because in a democracy, the slaves have more votes than the tuan.
Ok, so now the honest question to ask is - 'Is the tuan working very hard for the people?' or 'Is the tuan making the people working very hard for him?' You tell me! ;)

Liow's team wants AGM to vote for fresh polls

MCA vice-president Liow Tiong Lai’s faction is attempting to force a vote during the upcoming national annual general meeting (AGM) on whether fresh polls should...

Aiyoh...these Chinamen always fighting...attempting to use force somemore. If only the same force were used to fight for the Chinese community in Malaysia, how good that would be...

Shame lah!

'Be tigers' says Nizar

Ousted Pakatan MB calls on Ipoh residents to emulate the tiger and be ‘courageous’ and ‘fight against injustice’.

About 500 residents in Ipoh's Canning were treated to an entertaining DAP Chinese New Year function at Kg Simee last night.

Ousted Pakatan Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin delighted the audience by ending his speech with a rendition of the Mandarin song 'The Moon Is In My Heart'.

NONENizar (left in red) also showed off his Mandarin skills, impressing the mostly Chinese audience.

As this year is the Chinese year of the Tiger, Nizar exhorted the function's attendees to be courageous like the tiger and fight against injustice, abuse of democratic rights and abuse of power by state and federal authorities.

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang got a belated birthday surprise when DAP Canning assemblyperson Wong Kah Who announced that Lim had celebrated his 69th birthday last Feb 20 and the Canning branch was gifting him a cake. (Source: Mkini - Support Mkini - Subscribe to Mkini!)

Facebook buys Malaysian start-up Octazen, maker of a contact importer -

Facebook buys Malaysian start-up

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 22 – Social networking giant Facebook acquired Malaysian Internet start-up, Octazen, for an undisclosed sum last week.

According to tech website Gigaom, Facebook announced the acquisition in a statement sent via e-mail to reporters and described the buy as a “talent acquisition.”

Octazen makes software that helps Facebook grow its user base by encouraging existing members to invite their e-mail contacts.

“We’ve admired the engineering team’s efforts for some time now and this is part of our ongoing effort to add experienced, accomplished technical talent to help drive the company forward in its efforts to be the central way for people to connect and share information,” said Facebook spokeperson Larry Yu in the media statement.

Octazen’s website confirms it is being acquired but does not provide any contact information.

Many Silicon Valley start-ups are launched with an eye on being acquired by large internet companies but this could be the first acquisition of a Malaysian start-up by a bona fide internet giant.

According to website, Octazen will remain based in Malaysia, making the two people behind Octazen the first Facebook employees based in Asia full time.

However, Facebook says, “This won’t become an office… It’s just a talent acquisition and they’ll be considered remote workers since we’ve opted to let them remain in Malaysia.”

Facebook has over 400 million users including 250 million added last year, but has been quiet on the acquisition front, preferring to acquire talent rather than products. Octazen is only the third ever acquisition by the company.

The acquisition of Octazen comes as Facebook is fending off a challenge from Google with the launch of the latter’s Buzz social network.

@ Inside Facebook

Facebook Makes Small, Strategic Acquisition of Malaysia's Octazen

@ Gigaom

Facebook Acquires Contact Importing Startup Ocatazen

@ GreyReview

Facebook Acquired A Malaysian Startup

Octazen is KL-based with an office in Taman Melawati. Address:

182, Jalan C3, Taman Melawati, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Finally, a screenshot of the website of the company that Facebook acquired - Octazen Solutions:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'Umno-sponsored' police zoom in on Guan Eng

Cops zoom in on Guan Eng
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been told to contact the state police to fix a time and date for his statements to be recorded in relation to six reports against him.

According to the notice issued by the police, the probe is based on reports lodged in Penang with four counts of participating in an illegal assembly, one of violating the Sedition Act 1948 and three counts of criminal defamation. Lim's lawyer, Jagdeep Singh Deo, described the investigations as a form of harassment and told a press conference today, saying, "The police are listing six cases to be investigated. This clearly shows intention to harass the chief minister, but he will cooperate fully with the police."
Biasalah. If not harrasment, then what? Jagdeep said, "
Many reports have been lodged against others - the prime minister, menteris besar and cabinet members...are the police investigating?" I can safely say or rather, needless to say, NFA by the police!" No Further Action as always!

Dr M wants M'sia's F1 team to perform well in Bahrain

Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysia's formula one team, Lotus Racing, must perform well in Bahrain next month to maintain the Lotus image and brand.

Can anot? Sorry. Wrong English ah.

You think Lotus Racing can or not?

I think can coz Malaysia Boleh! ;)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Money brother to democracy. Money is important in politics. In politics, everything is money! - Malaysiakini interview with Shahrir Samad

EXCLUSIVE Umno has recognised its weaknesses and will be more careful in the selection of its candidates. [VIDEO INSIDE]

On amendments to Umno's constitution in combating money politics, Shahrir said he was realistic enough to understand and accept that money was the brother to democracy because capitalism was the economic system that was part of democracy.

When Malaysiakini asked, 'So you are saying that money politics is inevitable?", Shahrir answered, "
You have to accept money and its role in politics. This is because we have come to a stage in Malaysian politics that you have to be reasonably wealthy to be in politics. When I started working with leaders like Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Razak and served even Tun Ismail, it was impressed upon me as a young man that politics is service and you serve the rakyat. But now in a democratic situation, money is important in politics."

PEUGEOT BB1: Little but efficient -

Info from BB1Peugeot @ Youtube
With the BB1 project*, Peugeot is shattering convention with the invention of a new solution to the urban transport needs of today and tomorrow.100% electric, with the capacity to carry 4 people, the BB1 has an interior and exterior so innovatively designed that it is only 2.5 metres long.

Peugeot have reinvented the automobile with a vehicle that combines responsive handling with technological capability, yet emits no carbon emissions.

Having made its debut at the Frankfurt International Motorshow, BB1 is now on tour around Europe. Learn more at

*BB1 is a concept car not available for sale.

10 sen increase for RON95! BN is living up to its acronym! BARANG NAIK! RAKYAT MENDERITA

Petrol price expected to increase by 10sen
Kong See Hoh

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 21, 2010) : The government is expected to announce a price increase of 10sen a litre for RON95 petrol and diesel when the new fuel price mechanism is revealed in mid-March, Sin Chew Daily reported today.

The price of RON97 will also be increased but there is no decision yet on the quantum.
RON95 is currently retailed at RM1.80 a litre, RON97 and diesel at RM2.05 and RM1.70 a litre respectively.

Finance Ministry sources said the government has decided to raise fuel prices as it cannot provide more subsidy needed to maintain fuel prices at current levels following a spike in global crude oil prices.

The government believes an increase of 10sen a litre is acceptable to the public.

The sources also told the daily the government has yet to come up with a fuel price mechanism that is acceptable to all quarters, and as a result it may put off or may even be forced to abandon some new measures that are already in the pipeline.

“Plans were afoot for the registration of vehicle owners and their MyKad through Maybank and petrol kiosks to begin in April under the proposed ‘one vehicle owner, one subsidy’ fuel subsidy mechanism. It looks like the plan may not take off.”

The sources said the cap on selling 20 litres of petrol to foreign cars near Malaysian borders will continue to be implemented.

Meanwhile, Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia president Datuk Hashim Othman believes that foreign car owners will pay the market price when the new fuel price mechanism is introduced next month.

He said the government’s main intention is to provide subsidy to those who qualify for it, to protect the interest of the lower and middle-income groups as well as save on expenditures.
Updated: 04:27PM Sun, 21 Feb 2010

Music has the power to shape a child's mind -

Music has the power to shape a child's mind

Learning an instrument enhances the brain's sensitivity to all sounds, including speech, say researchers

By Kate Youde

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Schools which fail to make music a core subject are making a mistake as it has advantages for the growing brain and would help all childrenSchools which fail to make music a core subject are making a mistake as it has advantages for the growing brain and would help all children

Parents may not appreciate the screeching of violins and recorders during the hours of practice, but new evidence suggests music lessons help children improve their language skills. Scientists have discovered that playing an instrument significantly enhances the brain's sensitivity to speech.

Schools which fail to make music a core subject are making a mistake, because it has advantages for the growing brain and would help all children, including those with dyslexia and autism, neuroscientist Professor Nina Kraus said yesterday.

"Playing an instrument may help youngsters better process speech in noisy classrooms and more accurately interpret the nuances of language that are conveyed by subtle changes in the human voice," she told the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Diego, California.

"Cash-strapped school districts are making a mistake when they cut music from the curriculum," she warned.

Professor Kraus's team at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, have shown that the nervous system responds to the acoustic properties of speech and music with sub-millisecond precision. The effectiveness with which the nervous system interprets sound patterns is linked to musical ability.

"Playing music engages the ability to extract relevant patterns, such as the sound of one's own instrument, harmonies and rhythms, from the 'soundscape'," said Professor Kraus. "Not surprisingly, musicians' nervous systems are more effective at using the patterns in music and speech alike."

Professor Kraus's team had previously discovered sensitivity to sound patterns correlated with reading skill and the ability to hear speech against background noise.

The research also suggests that playing an instrument affects automatic processing in the brainstem, the lower part of the brain, which controls breathing, the heartbeat and responses to complex sounds. She said they had discovered music can "fundamentally shape" brains in ways that may enhance everyday tasks, including reading and listening.

Emma Hutchinson, the founder and director of The Music House for Children, a not-for-profit music teaching school in London, agreed music benefited children's academic development. Babies as young as three months could respond to different frequencies in music and develop communication skills, she said.

A National Autistic Society spokeswoman said many children with autism respond well to music: "It seems that music can help children to communicate and interact with those around them, relax or to express emotions."

    Liver donor plans to publish book -

    (Source: The Sun 22.02.10)

    Johor, Pahang, Perlis yang ditadbir oleh Umno tiada perarakan?! Kenapa Pulau Pinang ada perarakan?

    FEB 22 — Empat negeri dilaporkan akan menyambut Maulidur Rasul pada Jumaat ini tanpa mengadakan perarakan sebagaimana yang biasa dianjurkan di kebanyakan negeri lain. Sambutan di negeri-negeri berkenaan akan ditumpukan kepada kuliah dan ceramah agama serta zikir dan berzanji.

    Tidak tedengar pula bantahan atau kecaman dari mana-mana pihak terhadap kerajaan negeri atau Menteri Besar Johor, Pahang dan Perlis yang ditadbir oleh Umno.

    Sebaliknya, Kelantan yang dipimpin Pas teruk diseranah Umno dan kumpulan-kumpulan penyokongnya kerana negeri itu akan menyambut Maulidur Rasul dengan syarahan agama dan solat khas di Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV Kota Bharu malam Jumaat ini tanpa sebarang perarakan.

    Begitu juga kata-kata “anti-Islam”, “cauvinis”, “tidak pedulikan sensitiviti Islam”, “menafikan Islam”, “meniru Singapura” dan “penghinaan besar kepada umat Islam” telah dilemparkan terhadap Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng yang dituduh mahu membatalkan perarakan Maulidur Rasul di negeri berkenaan.

    Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin baru-baru ini mempertikaikan kewibawaan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang apabila merpersoalkan: “Saya mahu bertanya kepada kerajaan Pulau Pinang khususnya Guan Eng. Adakah dia mahu menunjukkan satu sikap baru bahawa dia tidak lagi bersama mendukung hasrat dan cita-cita umat Islam di negeri berkenaan?”

    Kecaman Muhyiddin terhadap Guan Eng dibuatnya berdasarkan laporan tidak lengkap yang berbau fitnah yang telah disebarkan oleh kumpulan-kumpulan pro-Umno termasuk Utusan Malaysia.

    Telah dijelaskan bahawa isu “pembatalan” perarakan itu timbul apabila salah satu dari beberapa kertas cadangan awal yang sedang dibincangkan oleh Jawatankuasa Hal-Ehwal Agama Negeri baru-baru ini telah tersebar kepada umum. Sedangkan keputusan muktamadnya ialah menganjurkan perarakan di samping beberapa acara lain selama tiga hari berturut-turut.

    Pada Khamis malam Jumaat ini, majlis bacaan Yasin dan tahlil akan berkumandang di semua masjid di seluruh Pulau Pinang. Pada pagi Jumaat pula, satu perarakan Maulidur Rasul pimpinan Timbalan Ketua Menteri I Dr Mansor Othman akan diadakan di mana kemuncaknya ialah perhimpunan ummah di Dewan Sri Pinang.

    Pada Sabtu dan Ahad ini, umat Islam dijemput menyertai majlis bacaan Kitab Sirah Rasulullah SAW di Masjid Negeri Pulau Pinang.

    Selain itu, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Agama Pulau Pinang Abdul Malik Kassim dilaporkan berkata kerajaan negeri turut menganjurkan pameran Tamadun Islam dengan kerjasama Universiti Sains Malaysia dan Jabatan Mufti Pulau Pinang di ruang legar Dewan Sri Pinang.

    Dalam pada itu, apabila Guan Eng menjemput Muhyiddin dan Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi selaku bekas Perdana Menteri yang turut mengkritik “pembatalan” perarakan itu untuk menyertainya Jumaat ini, kenyataannya itu tidak pula diberikan liputan meluas dalam media arus perdana.

    Guan Eng turut dipetik oleh media alternatif sebagai berkata: “Utusan Malaysia berbohong dan saya tidak mahu Muhyiddin memalukan dirinya sendiri dengan mempercayai pembohongan itu.”

    Difahamkan pada tahun-tahun 2003, 2004 dan 2005, tiada perarakan rasmi Maulidur Rasul dianjurkan oleh kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang. Sebaliknya hari kesyukuran itu diisi dengan program-program agama yang diadakan dalam premis dewan-dewan sekolah dan dewan orang ramai.

    Abdullah Badawi pun lupa agaknya tentang sambutan tanpa perarakan itu di negeri kelahirannya kerana sibuk dengan tugas-tugas sebagai Perdana Menteri, walau pun Maulidur Rasul pada masa itu disambut di sekitar Seberang Prai, tidak jauh dari kawasan Parlimen Kepala Batas.

    Pada masa itu tidak pula timbul soal Umno dan Gerakan yang menerajui Pulau Pinang menghina Islam atau berfikiran sempit kerana tidak menganjurkan perarakan.

    Semua ini telah terdedah di merata pelusuk alam maya. Banyak blog telah mengemuka dan menyebarkan butir-butir tentang perkara ini sejak seminggu yang lalu walau pun media arus perdana tidak mempedulikan fakta-fakta yang ada.

    Sebagaimana yang dilaporkan oleh portal berita internet, pimpinan jabatan dan hal-ehwal Islam di Johor, Pahang dan Perlis menyatakan bahawa perarakan Maulidur Rasul tidak perlu diadakan kerana ia lebih afdal disambut melalui ceramah agama, majlis berzanji dan aktiviti lain yang dianggap lebih bermanfaat.

    Memang tidak manis, malah biadap jika ada mana-mana pihak mahu menuduh kerajaan negeri Johor, Pahang dan Perlis sebagai “anti-Islam”, “cauvinis”, “tidak pedulikan sensitiviti Islam”, “menafikan Islam”, “meniru Singapura” dan “penghinaan besar kepada umat Islam” kerana tidak akan menganjurkan perarakan hari kesyukuran itu.

    Cuma kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang dan Kelantan serta badan-badan hal-ehwal Islam negeri berkenaan perlu banyak bersabar dan beristiqamah dengan segala tuduhan yang dilemparkan terhadap mereka berhubung isu sambutan Maulidur Rasul tahun ini.

    Opposition is for the Government to perform better - not worse! Opposition Necessary As Reflection Of Government - Mahathir

    Opposition's ploys affecting investments, says Ahmad Husni
    IPOH, Feb 21 — The opposition is garnering the support of the international community towards its cause by creating a bad perception of the country, said Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah.

    He said the ploy indirectly dented investors’ confidence in Malaysia, adding that in other countries, the opposition did not rally the support of the international community to support its cause.

    “But why does the opposition here tarnish the image of the country by creating the wrong perception,” he asked at a news conference after opening the 31st branch of the Tambun Umno division here today.

    He was commenting on a note handed by 50 Australian members of parliament (MP) to the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra, calling for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial to be dropped.

    “This turn of event occurred as a result of relations forged by opposition leaders with the international community, persuading them to interfere in the domestic affairs of the country,” said Ahmad Husni.

    He said however, the people could read the opposition’s ploy.

    Ahmad Husni, who is also MP for Tambun, said the people’s support for the government had soared as they were confident of the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. — Bernama


    June 09, 2009 16:04 PM

    Opposition Necessary As Reflection Of Government - Mahathir

    SHAH ALAM, June 9 (Bernama) -- Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the opposition was necessary as a reflection of the government.

    "It's not healthy to have a one-party state. We need to have the opposition. Otherwise, we won't have a 'mirror' to see whether we look good or not," he said at a news conference, here, today.

    He was asked to comment on the proposal made by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang at the party's 55th general assembly last week on the setting up of a unity government between PAS and Umno.

    Dr Mahathir said the proposed unity government was also not clear, whether it was to be between PAS and Umno or between Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat.

    "If unity is just among Malays, Chinese with Chinese, and Indians with Indians, we'll be divided into three groups. I don't know...but it's not my problem, I'm already retired.

    "In those days when we formed BN, we invited all parties to join except DAP. PAS also joined BN but later split from the coalition as it used its power in government to strengthen the party and not BN," he said.

    Asked how a unity government could benefit the country, Dr Mahathir said it would only bring good if both sides were sincere about doing it in the interest of the nation.

    "But it's sometimes difficult for politicians to be sincere. I'm also a politician, you know," he said, smiling.

    Earlier, Dr Mahathir launched a pilot plant of Green Base Utama Sdn Bhd in Section 28 here which turned discarded plastic items into biofuel.

    He said the technology used by the company appeared to be able to solve the problem of plastic waste dumping although it was still a pilot project.

    Green Base Utama chairman Tan Sri Abdul Halil Abdul Mutalib said the pilot plant could produce 5,000 litres of biofuel daily, with the fuel containing almost no sulphur, hence it was cleaner.

    "So far, we have received orders from Sarawak Fertiliser Sdn Bhd which is willing to pay the price offered," he said.

    Abdul Halil said interested parties including investors and the local authorities were welcomed to cooperate with the company in the venture or buy its fuel.

    He said the company's biofuel was being sold at RM1.40 to RM1.50 per litre, which was lower than the market price of RM1.80 per litre.

    -- BERNAMA

    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    1 Malaysia is just theory to me, there’s been no real action taken

    Pandamaran folk seek real change, not promises

    By Neville Spykerman

    KLANG, Feb 21— Pandamaran residents and community leaders believe Datuk Seri Najib Razak must move beyond rhetoric if he hopes to regain the confidence of the Chinese community.

    They lamented at the lack of real change a day after attending the national-level Chinese New Year celebrations hosted by the prime minister in the Pandamaran new village.

    1 Malaysia is just theory to me, there’s been no real action taken,” said Jalan Papan community leader Ang Mah Chai, who campaigned for DAP in the last general elections.

    The former Klang Municipal (MPK) councillor who attended the Federal Government’s national level Chinese New Year open house in Pandamaran was responding to the prime minister’s appeal last night for the Chinese community to give the government a chance to prove that it can do its best for the people.

    Ang said as long as Umno insists on “Ketuanan Melayu” or Malay supremacy it will not regain the support of the community and this was evident from the lack of enthusiasm at last night’s function.

    “I didn’t feel anything and there was just no excitement.”

    Ang said the prime minister did not score any points by raising trivial issues about billboards of the event being torn down because the applications were not filled or claiming Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Selangor government had deliberately organised their state Chinese New Year open house to draw people from Pandamaran (picture).

    “These are just petty issues which he should have avoided,” he added.

    Ang also disputed press reports in the main stream news papers that there were 20,000 or even 40,000 people at the event, adding that Jalan Chang Ah Choon, when the functione was held, could barely accommodate 5,000 people.

    Pandamaran resident Tee Boon Hock, who opted to go for the state’s open house at the Dong Zen temple in Jenjarom, said Najib has an uphill task convincing the community, especially the younger generation, why it they should give the Government another chance.

    “Talk is sweet but we want to see government institutions and policies being fair to all races.” said the MPK councillor.

    Local resident Lim Swan, who did not attend either dinner, said the Chinese community will probably smile and say thank you prime minister but keep what they really feel in their hearts.

    “We heard all this before but unless there’s real change its unlikely people here will support BN,” she added.

    1Malaysia is at best an ideal, at worst a political gimmick.

    For lorry driver T Nathan, 44, who lost his 11-year-old daughter Dina Deve in the 1Malaysia camp at Kuala Dipang tragedy, 1Malaysia is just a political stunt. He said, "The lives of my daughter and her friends were sacrificed needlessly in the name of the 1Malaysia concept of (Prime Minister) Najib (Abdul Razak) which is a political stunt to fool Malaysians.

    Najib like The Incredible Hulk - only better: Don't make me angry, else there will not be forgiveness for you

    Rosmah beautifully described Najib's 'virtue', saying, 'If he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you.' on Hello Malaysia over Bernama TV at Wisma Bernama on Friday.

    I'm not sure if The Incredible Hulk who was famous for his stock phrase - "don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry", killed any of his nemesis but I'm sure Najib did not. ;)

    (Image source:

    God judgeth the righteous and God is angry with the wicked every day

    The above verse found in Psalm 7:11 is one of my favourite verses.

    RPK's latest article below clearly shows how evil is repaid for those who are its proxies.

    Surely, the wicked will not escape the wrath of God!

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    PR revived 40% of 141 abandoned housing projects from BN

    Anwar (fourth from right) with the happy owners who had received mock keys to their homes. — Picture by Jack Ooi

    By Neville Spykerman

    HULU KLANG, Feb 20 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim moved today to dispel any notion that his role as Selangor economic advisor was being derailed by his sodomy trial by officiating a state programme to rehabilitate abandoned housing projects.

    “It’s good the trial has been delayed so I can be here today,” said the 62-year-old opposition leader, who is accused of sodomising his one-time aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

    He has denied the allegations and is facing trial, the second time in 12 years he has faced similar charges.

    The PKR leader adopted a business-as-usual posture while handing over keys to homeowners of Taman Ukay Bistari flats, a project which is being revived and in various stages of completion after a four-year delay.

    The rehabilitation of abandoned housing projects is among six focus areas announced by state government last year as part of efforts to stimulate Selangor’s economy.

    Anwar pointed out that the state government "inherited" 141 abandoned housing projects from the previous Barisan Nasional (BN) administration but would make efforts to revive the projects for the sake of buyers.

    “The previous government made a pact with developers rather than the people and now these houses are not built.”

    He lamented the lack of political will by the Housing Ministry and unfair laws which favour developers over homebuyers.

    “What’s needed is political will and a change in laws,” he said.

    He added that at least RM5 billion was needed to revive all the abandoned projects.

    However, he said the state would not run away from the responsibility of helping home owners.

    Anwar said he would soon meet Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to discuss what funding could be obtained for the purpose of reviving projects which are viable.

    Officials from the state government today said at least 40 per cent of the 141 housing projects have been revived and are in various stages of development.

    (Source: The Malaysian Insider)

    Betty's Midwest Kitchen - America on a plate @ Aman Suria Damansara

    Had a so-called CNY reunion dinner at Betty's Midwest Kitchen last Thursday.
    A 5-month-plus old restaurant, Betty's Midwest Kitchen is located at an obscure place -almost at the 'tail end' of Aman Suria.

    Here are some videos.
    (No pictures of the food)


    360° (almost lah!) of the interior of Betty's Midwest Kitchen

    Janson having fun - squat, shake butt, 'ma bu'!

    I'm not a foodie. So, I can't really review the food.
    All I can say is that the burger (it was called 'pull pork' something) I ordered and ate was nice.

    I also ended up eating the big sausage (it was for my son's kid's meal). It was...
    Shall I say I was not used to the taste of it?
    Thus, I had to dip it in the sauce for every bite I took.

    Ok...if you want food reviews just google 'betty's' for pages from Malaysia and you will find them.

    Lastly, if you need to know how to get there, just visit:

    THREE SENT TO 'SAVE FACE' FOR MALAYSIA: High-powered charm offensive in Washington

    Three top government officials are to speak next week at a seminar on good governance and rule of law in Malaysia. They are Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail and former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad - will be speaking next Wednesday in a seminar hosted by bipartisan foreign policy think-tank Center for Strategic and International Studies.

    The visit by the three individuals comes in the wake of the controversial second sodomy trial of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim which has drawn some criticism from the Washington establishment when John Kerry, chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, had on Monday issued a statement questioning the sodomy charge. The statement was as follows:
    "The current charges closely mirror the ones levied years ago, and have been brought soon after Anwar's resumption of his role as elected member of parliament and leader of the parliamentary opposition."

    More Than 100,000 give Umno-appointed PM a chance by becoming his Facebook fans

    PM's Facebook Fans Now More Than 100,000
    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was delighted and moved by the response from the rakyat who have joined in his Facebook page, which has today recorded more than 100,000 fans.

    Created in November last year, the page has until now reached 101,237 fans, who include not only Malaysians, but also foreign citizens.

    "I am delighted and moved by this response, and by the interest you continue to show in my posts through leaving comments," he said in his latest Facebook status, updated as at 4pm Friday.

    The Prime Minister also thanked everyone for becoming his fans and for helping to make the page an engaging forum for discussion.

    "Let's continue this upward momentum," he added.

    About an hour later, he received more than 200 comments from his fans, whom among others had pledged support and hoped that he would always be on the right track to bring peace and prosperity to the country ever after.

    -- BERNAMA

    Not long after Najib took over the premiership from Pak Lah, he said, 'Give Me A Chance And Evaluate My Leadership Positively.' (Bernama report on April 06, 2009)

    Why would Najib make such a plea - to give him a chance? Was it because deep in the recesses of his soul, he knew (and he still knows!) that he was merely the Umno-appointed PM who was without the 'stamp of approval' from the rakyat?

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    RM1 for one new voter application in Sarawak!

    February 19, 2010 17:13 PM

    EC Targets 470,000 Eligible Voters In Sarawak

    KUCHING, Feb 19 (Bernama) -- The Election Commission (EC) has begun engaging staff from relevant government agencies to facilitate a statewide voter registration exercise, targeting 470,000 eligible voters aged 21.

    Its state director, Datuk Takun Sunggah, said government officers, including those from the Special Affairs Department, Community Development Department and the police, would be paid RM1 for each application form, as incentive to get more people to register as voters.

    "At present, Sarawak, which has about 924,000 registered voters, ranks fourth nationwide, among states with the highest number of unregistered voters," he told Bernama here on Friday.

    As part of the exercise, he said, the EC also aimed at increasing the number of registered voters in the civil service by seeking cooperation from federal departments and agencies in the state to identify their personnel, who were eligible voters.

    Takun added that so far, the EC had registered 309 new voters, following feedback from 73 of the 122 government agencies.

    -- BERNAMA

    Concerns over use of MyKad to buy petrol

    Friday February 19, 2010

    Concerns over use of MyKad to buy petrol


    PETALING JAYA: Several consumers have offered suggestions and expressed concerns over the new fuel subsidy scheme using MyKad to purchase petrol.

    Multimedia University faculty of creative multimedia assistant lecturer Avijit Paul proposed that the Government allow MyKad to function like a reload facility to pay for fuel.

    “This can avoid hassle and congestion at petrol stations.

    “You load a value first and use it later. Car owners will normally know how much they spend for petrol. So they can reload it upfront,” he said in an e-mail to The Star yesterday.

    “This can save cost and won’t create hassle and congestion as you don’t need to go through many verification processes and extra devices,” he added.

    Another consumer David Yong questioned whether those having foreign spouses could use their MyKad to buy fuel for their husbands or wives.

    “Having read a recent article in your daily, I am concerned about the Government asking consumers to buy petrol using MyKad. What happens if the consumer is a foreigner without a MyKad, like my wife from Canada. Do I have to do the refuelling for her?”

    He hopes the Government will consider the scheme very carefully before implementing it.

    “It may backfire and cause more frustration. Why not just simply adjust the pricing of petrol based on market rates, just like most Western countries,” he said.

    As a consumer, I am concerned too...What if I am driving my father's car? Do I need to bring my father along with me or I borrow his MyKad in case I need to pump petrol along the way?

    WHO IS BETTER? One who did 1,200 autopsies or THE ONE more than 10,000 autopsies?

    The news headline today:

    Teoh inquest: Govt doc disputes Thai expert’s findings (Update)

    The govt doc concerned is Sungai Buloh Hospital Pathology Unit head Dr Shahidan Md Noor, who earlier told the inquest that he has conducted 1,200 autopsies in his career.

    The Malaysia Insider reported in 'Thai expert says Teoh's death 80pc homicide' that Dr Pornthip has carried out over 10,000 autopsies over the last 27 years.

    SWEEPING STATEMENT OF THE YEAR: Everyone gets a fair trial in Malaysia

    February 18, 2010 19:59 PM

    Malaysia's Judiciary Ensures Every Person A Fair Trial - Anifah

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 (Bernama) -- Malaysia's judiciary operates according to the legal standards of any other fully developed country, requiring that every person in Malaysia receives a fair trial, regardless of any other factor, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said Thursday.

    "Our system honours and respects the independence of our courts to find facts and to apply the law impartially," he said in a statement Thursday, in response to U.S. Senator John Kerry's recent request that the Government of Malaysia ensured that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim received a fair trial in Malaysia's legal system.

    Anifah said Malaysia took note of the senator's request.

    He said while all citizens should avoid seeking to inflame or prejudice the outcome of any legal proceedings, public servants in particular had the obligation to avoid the politicization of any trial.

    Anifah also said that it was best for the protection of the rights of all parties involved in any legal proceedings, as well as for the rule of law overall, that neither any government official unrelated to the prosecution or the defense, nor any outside person, seek to influence the outcome of a matter that was undergoing trial.

    He said an important hallmark of the Malaysian judicial system was the presumption of innocence while the rights of both the accuser and the accused must be respected in any trial without bias in favour of or against either party.

    In a case involving a prominent person, it was especially important to avoid outside pressure, so that each party had an opportunity to present their case to an impartial, unbiased judge, he added.

    "Our government is deeply committed to upholding the rule of law in Malaysia.

    "Our legal system has the obligation to proceed with this trial, not because the accused is a prominent political figure, but because it has the responsibility to protect all Malaysians under the law, to seek justice and to avoid any form of prejudice regarding any of the parties to a trial," he said.

    -- BERNAMA

    Definition of 'sweeping statement' - a statement presented as a general truth but based on limited or incomplete evidence (source from

    Kugan's death in police custody: Trial begins, first witness ASP Rodney Pasla Harris testifies

    PETALING JAYA, Feb 18 (Bernama) -- The police have the rights to initiate investigations on any crime suspects, the Sessions Court was told Thursday.

    ASP Rodney Pasla Harris, 31, of the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya said the investigations would begin once approval was granted by an investigating officer.

    Harris, who is from the serious crime branch, said the number of policemen assigned to pursue a case would depend on the seriousness of the case.

    The Taipan police station is not equipped with a lock-up, he told the court during the examination-in-chief by deputy public prosecutor Abazafree Mohd Abas.

    "Normally, a suspect is held in custody at the Puchong Jaya police station and will be brought to the Taipan police station for questioning before being sent back to the lock-up," said Harris.

    Harris is the first witness at the trial of a constable with the Subang USJ police station, V. Navindran, 28, who was charged with causing grievous hurt to A. Kugan, 23, who died while in police custody.

    The offences were allegedly committed at the interrogation room of the D9 office of the Taipan police station at 7am and 4pm on Jan 16.

    Navindran, who is represented by Datuk P.M. Nagarajan, faces two alternative charges of causing hurt to Kugan at the same place and time.

    Kugan was detained by the police on Jan 15 on suspicion of being involved in a car theft but died several days later.

    Judge Aslam Zainuddin will visit the Taipan police station on Monday.

    The trial continues Friday with testimonies from a doctor and a police photographer.

    -- BERNAMA


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