Thursday, July 31, 2008

"A loving wife could do nothing better..." -

Pictures: malaysiakini

"My wife would do the same," continued Dr M when he was asked to comment on Wan Azizah giving up her Permatang Pauh seat to make way for her husband to contest in a by-election.


At least, Dr M and Anwar have
one thing in common - each of them has 1 loving wife. My guess is that they only have 1 wife even though as Muslims, they are are allowed to have more than 1


That makes Dr M and Anwar to have another thing in common - each of them is a loyal husband. I'm green with envy now. Btw, I also love and am loyal to my 1 and only loving wife! MUAHAHAHAHA.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008



Syed Hamid should be "sent to town"

In The Star Online, Syed Hamid said that he was not surprised that Anwar had “gone to town” with the report, declaring himself innocent, as Anwar was adept at playing political games.

Hello, Syed Hamid. Anwar is innocent until proven guilty. He has every right as a citizen of Malaysia to pronounce his innocence. There is nothing wrong and political about that.

IF you were in Anwar's shoes, wouldn't you do the same, oh my honourable minister?

Anwar had
“gone to town” but you should be "sent to town" for making silly statements.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sex education: No sodomy!

Chu Kang ( PCK ) explaining sex to Chu Beng's son, Aloysius

Aloy : Why is making love so enjoyable ?
PCK : Aiyah, ah boy, enjolable becaws, same like when you dig your nose with your finger mah!

Aloy : Do you think women enjoy sex more than men ?
PCK : Of course woman lah! When you dig dig your nose, your nose feel better than your finger, right ?
Aloy : Why do women hate it when they get raped ?
PCK : Ai-yah ! Say, you walk along the load, den someone come over and dig your nose, you like or not ? Ehhh ? Don't play play ah !

Aloy : Why is it a woman cannot have sex when she is having her menses?
PCK : Oy !! If your nose bleeding, you still go and dig meh?? Siow ah ! Use your blain, use your blainnn ............ ...

Aloy : Why is it most men don't like wearing condoms when they are making love ?
PCK : Ehhhh, when you dig your nose ah, you like to dig with a glove on your finger or not ? Not the same shiok feeling mah. Corlight or not?

Why is making love carried out in private ?

PCK : Ah boyyyyy, use your blain, use your blainnnnn ........... You go and dig your nose in flont of your whole class izit ?? Stupid lah!!

Aloy : Wah... Uncle Chu Kang, you are very good.
PCK : Aiyah ...... ," Best in
Singapore , JB, some say Batam, and now, the whole world also ah!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I don't support Anwar

I don't support Anwar
I support the cause of justice

I don't support Raja Petra
I support the cause of freedom

I don't support Haris Ibrahim
I support the cause of all Malaysians

Psalm 36:6

LATEST: Saiful was never sodomised by Anwar

Got heads-up from *SUSAN LOONE's blog* - Saiful was never sodomised by Anwar says Raja Petra in his NO-HOLDS-BARRED column of Malaysia Today.

Saiful sought for medical examination. The doctor’s diagnosis is that he rules out or TRO (to rule out) assault (sodomised).

The medical records can be viewed here and here.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Federal Constitution is the 'umbrella', NOT Islam.

I first picked up the news 'PAS Invites Umno To Set Up New Islam-based Party To Unite Malays' (source: when I read rocky's bru 'Dissolve PAS, Dissolve Umno...'

It says:
PAS Spiritual Leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat Saturday proposed the dissolution of both PAS and Umno and the setting up of a new Islam-based political party to unite the Malays and enable Islam to be the protective umbrella for all the people, including non-Muslims.
Islam to be the protective umbrella for all the people, including non-Muslims. HELLO? Is this a new constitution in the making?

Remember that Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution states that “Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”

The Federal Constitution clearly protects the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation. So, Islam is NOT the 'umbrella'. The Federal Constitution IS the 'umbrella' for all Malaysians - Muslims and non-Muslims.

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest: I want a Canon Digital Ixus 960 IS for my wife!

I love my wife. I really do. I'm glad my wife, MJ, happens to be a Nuffnanger too.

That's why I'm joining the Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest! I want to give her something really good. In the words of Timothy Tiah - 'It's the spirit of giving!!!'

'Window-shopping' online at REALMART is tough as I am really spoilt for choice. Moreover, I can only decide on one gift for one entry.

Finally, I have decided to give her the Canon Digital Ixus 960 IS

Firstly, she's my WIFE (Is there a better reason?). Secondly, she's a (cam)WHORE! (Actually, I'm half a (cam)WHORE! *sniggering* I want the cam too!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Google as a calculator!

A very handy online tool!

The day of the LORD

Zephaniah 1:7
Be silent in the presence of the Lord GOD;
For the day of the LORD is at hand,
For the LORD has prepared a sacrifice;
He has invited His guests.

Friday, July 25, 2008

TGIF: I've got free access to Malaysiakini!

Don't ask me how. Like me, I bet that some or many of you may be having free access too!
Latest news right now is 'PM confirms power share deal with PAS'. An excerpt:
Previously, Umno leaders said the talks were limited to the subject of Malay unity and Islamic matters and not political cooperation.

This is the first time that Abdullah, who is also Umno president, had admitted to the possibility of a political alliance with PAS on the subject of Selangor.

Former Selangor MB Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo was the first Umno politician to admit that the offer was made shortly after the March 8 polls.

Ahhh...finally, straight from the horse's mouth. It's all about political mileage after all. Umno can't concede defeat. Clearly, the rakyat has rejected Umno-led Barisan Nasional.

PM, you are so spot on!

Many individuals and groups have abused the name of God and religion to justify violence and terrorism, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said in The Star Online.

Oh, that reminds me.

Who swore in the name of God to justify his denial of knowing or meeting a murdered Mongolian?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Deeply Different

Underwater world in a washing machine!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No, he is not credible...

I've got a desk calender at my workstation.

I really like the quote for the month of July.

Today, a few minutes before we resumed work after lunch, three colleagues and I were lounging at the reception area.
One of us asked, 'Do you want Najib to be the PM?'
One of us replied, 'No, he is not credible.'

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PAS can, Umno-PAS can ah? (

Malaysiakini headline reads: Umno-PAS rule in S'gor - 'Anwar ruined it'. PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim had used his influence in PAS to derail the possibility of Umno and the Islamic party forming a joint government to rule Selangor in the wake of the March 8 polls.

So, Umno finally woke up on March 8? Is Umno so weak that it has to leech to PAS?

Pre-March 8 polls, my colleague told me about a 'land deal' between her mother's piece of 'kampung' land (somewhere near Batu Tiga, Shah Alam) and the state-owned PKNS. So it seemed that the 'kampung' fellows were shortchanged during the nego. Worst of all, the state assemblyman did not defend them. Her mom fuming mad, never cast a vote in her life, decided to vote for PAS...

Even the once-upon-a-time Umno strongman could do nothing to change Umno, his voice, he has resorted to blogging...HAHA

On a personal note, I once stumbled upon a car sticker with the slogan: KELUAR BARISAN, MASUK BULATAN. I thought that was really cool!

For more 'juice', read 'Pendedahan Dalang2 Yang Hendak Membawa PAS Masuk Barisan'.

Economy rice @ RM3.50, where to eat?

The outdoor food court is in the building at the intersection of 19/1 and 19/1B. If you walk along Jalan 19/1, Vitagen on your right and the row of roadside stalls on your left, not too far from the roadside stalls, look out for a narrow entrance (a staircase).

View Larger Map

Monday, July 21, 2008

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is innocent

From The Star Online:

PETALING JAYA: PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof rests with the prosecution, Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan said.

In making a cautionary statement to those making statements about the case, Ambiga said what appeared to be happening now was the shifting of the burden of proof to Anwar to prove his innocence.

"It is basic and an established legal principle that he is innocent until proven guilty and this cannot be deviated from."

I am just so amazed that to date, there are so many thirsting for Anwar's blood, the latest being the accuser's father. (Read here in The Malaysian Insider). BAD BLOOD but Anwar is still innocent.

Latest GPS!

Check this out man..amazing..i didn't even know these things existed until now...
Try out this mobile phone tracker, it's great, using a satellite map track any connected mobile phone with coverage anywhere in the world!!!! Log on to

K, peeps. May you all have a good week ahead!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

'Walk-walk' & Dinner @ Tesco Extra Cheras

Janson with mommy before the food came...

Daddy's Stewed Rice...RM4.90 (Little Wok: Stall No. 5)

Mommy's Yong Chow Fried Rice...also RM4.90

Janson with daddy and behind mommy in the 'Q' to cash out money...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blogger is now available in Malay!

From Blogger Buzz

Updates and Fixes for July 18th

Here’s a quick summary of recent fixes and changes we’ve made to Blogger:
  • Blogger is now available in Malay! Blogger has a large base of users in Malaysia and we are excited to now bring them Blogger in their native language.
  • Comment moderation can now be automatically enabled after a fixed number of days.
  • Spam interstitials now let readers click through to blogs.
  • Blog feeds optionally include your email address.
New media challenges Malaysia's traditional press. YEAH.

DNA is permanent and doesn't get destroyed

I felt fishy when I first read 'Existing DNA sample too old, says PM' in Malaysiakini.TV

Immediately, I googled for 'how long can dna sample last' and I found an article entitled 'Caught by science' in The Star Online. In the article, Primulapathi Jaya, director of the Malaysian Chemistry Department's Forensic Section, said, 'DNA is permanent and doesn't get destroyed.'

Mr. Prime Minister, have you ever done a simple search in

If you don't know much about DNA or don't know what to say, please don't say anything at all. Please do yourself a favour. Don't embarrass yourself in public. Please do the rakyat a favour. Don't insult our intelligence.

If you did make that comment while you were 'fishing' with your eyes open, you are forgiven.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Physician, heal thyself of unbelief. Muslim all over the world believe Anwar.

Dr M said in 'THE ANWAR DEBATE':
4. As I said, Anwar can be convincing in his arguments especially with those who want to believe in him. The Western Press has already concluded that this accusation against Anwar is the same old political plot to prevent him from becoming the Prime Minister.

Do you want us to believe in you, old physician?

In Islamica Magazine - Open Letter Concerning Anwar Ibrahim, Muslim brethren from all over the world - West, East and Middle East believe the honorable brother Datuk Seri Dr. Anwar Ibrahim to be of the highest ethical and moral integrity, a devout Muslim and a devoted father and husband. He is universally recognized as an advocate for justice and fairness, and he has a long history of promoting Islam and championing Islamic ethical and charitable causes. (Read here)
Note: Thanks to * SUSAN LOONE's blog * for the heads-up.

Lemon Chicken

~ Cheers ~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Malaysiakini: Anwar spending the night in police custody

Malaysiakini says:
PKR supremo detained overnight
Jul 16, 08 7:11pm
PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim will be spending the night in police custody. However it could be not be ascertained whether he would be held at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters or a different location.
Six-hour questioning session
He spent two hours in HKL
Anwar must be the most dangerous 'sodomite'. He's only an accused yet he's treated like a criminal.

I think the police are not patrolling the streets of KL from midnight till morning because they are busy 'protecting' Anwar.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Sugar Creations

This is a long overdue 'recognition' to the owner of My Sugar Creations.

My Sugar Creations specializes in designer and custom-made wedding cakes, birthday cakes, celebration cakes, cupcakes, novelty cookies, festive cookies, edible favors and desserts. Baked with fresh and good quality ingredients;decorated and packed according to your specifications. For orders and quotations call +6013-6152430 or email

We got 50 pieces of 'Cupcakes for Cukur Jambul' in conjunction with Janson's one-month-old celebration. Cost? RM115.00. She gave Janson's parents two complimentary cupcakes. Thus, I'm giving a complimentary ad here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zero-cost breakfast

'Biscuits for breakfast?' my colleague asked as I took out two packets of biscuits. (There's quite a lot of food and beverage stock up in the pantry at work. Thank God.)

Then, I said, 'Yeah, if can save, save. If really need to, then spend.'

She replied, 'Yeah, the most important thing is the company doesn't save!'

I nodded in agreement with her.

So, yes. On most mornings since the price hike of petrol, I have been having biscuits at work.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I swear...

And I swear by the moon
And the stars in the sky I wasn't there...
Ok, ok.
Not good enough. I swear in Allah's name....
He said:
"This is what is said to be a perception. In politics, perceptions are more important than truth or fact. I am aware of this game and I will face it. This is the reason why I have explained that I am not involved at all in the Altantuya Shaariibuu case."

Perceptions are more important than truth or fact. Precisely!

So, was that why you swore?

Ah, Bung!

This is 'Bung'.

Bung Mokhtar gets off scott free with making indecent gesture (read here in Sun2Surf)
Curious, I just searched for 'bung' in The Free Dictionary. Surprise, surprise. Did you know that 'bung' means 'a stopper, esp. of cork or rubber, used to close something such as a cask or flask'? Interesting!

Admittedly, I didn't bother to watch his indecent gesture already infamously featured on youtube. The Sun reported, 'When met outside the Dewan, Bung Mokhtar insisted that he did not mean to show a lewd gesture (So, Bung. You did show a lewd gesture even though you didn't mean to)...Asked how he felt about television viewers complaining on the issue, Bung Mokhtar said: "Ah, they only watched it on the TV, not in the Dewan." (So, Bung. You justify your action lah. So, you also justify your ex-BN peer who was caught with his pants down. We only watched it on VCD mah, not in the hotel room)'
Why is there an adult with an IQ of 50-70 in Parliament? Can anyone tell me?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I believe I can fly

Don't try these stunts, people!
Hope you have a great week ahead!
Attempt to fly! If you fall, fly again!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Najib will become the next PM

So said an uncle, my wife's friend's father, as soon as I sat beside him at McDonald's Mid Valley.

I was surprised to hear him saying that at the start of a conversation. Needless to say, from then onwards, our chat bordered on politics.

He even said that if Najib became the PM, Anwar and RPK would be assassinated! Personally, I think that was too much but then again I don't blame him for saying that...

Then, he said wait for September 16...'This uncle is really politically aware,' I thought to myself. Then, I asked, 'Do you go online and read all these news? He said no and added that his children were no better than him.

So, don't always blame the online media for news that travel fast, word-of-mouth travel as fast too!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekday review

Monday, July 7 ~ Our 1st anniversary

Tuesday, July 8 ~ Renewed road tax. Received RM625 rebate at the same time: As easy as ABC. Also, the day I finally owned my car after owing EON Bank for 7 years.

Wednesday, July 9 ~ Brought our baby to UKMSC. His weight: 7.5 kg. Overweight! Visit my wife's post, 'Baby Janson went for his 2nd Month Jap'. Also, I Saw Tun Siti Hasmah @ UKMSC.

Thursday, July 10 ~ Just another ordinary day...Good day nonetheless.
Friday, July 11 ~ Dinner with parents-in-law...

Find the man in the coffee beans

after you find the guy -- it's so obvious. Once you find him -- it's embarrassing, and you think, Why didn't I see him immediately?

Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, the right half of your brain is better develop ed than most people. If you find the man betwee n 3 seconds and 1 minute, the right half of the brain is developed normally. If you find the man between 1 minute and 3 minutes, then the right half of your brain is functioning slowly and you need to eat more protein. If you have not found the man after 3 minutes, the advice is to look for more of this type of exercise to make that part of the brain stronger!!!
And, yes, the man is really there!!!

How do you spell 'Gerard' in Malay?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Raja Petra bin Raja Kamarudin aka RPK, the Editor of Malaysia Today, was his usual no-holds-barred self in an interview with Guang Ming Daily. Read the interview here.

Needless to say, he touched a lot on politics but he chose not to directly participate in politics as he wanted to be free to criticise injustice with impartially. Thus, Malaysia Today was born.

In the interview, Raja Petra did not spare Anwar his criticism even though Anwar was his comrade-in-arms.

I guess the last straw that broke his back, so to speak, was the seemingly injustice that was going on in the ongoing Altantuya murder trial. All hell broke loose when he authored the now 'infamous' article entitled 'Let's Send The Altantuya Murderers To Hell'.

May the Almighty keep him safe from all the hell boys. We know who they are! ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I saw Tun Siti Hasmah @ UKMSC

'If you want to see Mahathir's wife, there she is...' a lady stranger told us.

Quickly, I got up from the sofa seat and out of the reception area to catch a glimpse of Tun Siti Hasmah. She was being wheeled from one ward to another.

The lady stranger whom we chatted up while waiting for the paediatrician to arrive informed us that Siti Hasmah was seeking treatment for a knee problem. I asked her why not SJMC or elsewhere. She said reason being Dr M himself was pro-government. Naturally, his wife too.

Soon, our topic drifted from 'baby talk' to current politics (she was adoring our baby Janson). A strong supporter of PKR, she voted for Tian Chua (now MP for Batu). She said during the campaign, many Malays supported him...Then, she went on talking about 'Stoopid Saifool' being paid RM4 million to do a quick one on Anwar, Najib with Altantuya in Paris...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bala has no credibility, Mr. Najib?

You are dead wrong, Mr. Najib. What do you know about Bala?

You said that the retraction of his first SD meant that he had no credibility.

Nevertheless, Bala's nephews said today in Sun2Surf (
WEB EDITION of The Sun) that their uncle had shared with them about what he had mentioned in his first SD about six months earlier, and they believed he would one day make it public.

Maybe you know something about Bala that none of us know? Come on, tell us lah.

You also said,
“Slander is not something new but in the age of ICT, it can spread much faster and wider.“As such, the people must strengthen their belief and make a conclusion with the right frame of mind.”

You are right.

These photos will tell you when Bala was under duress (Source: *SUSAN LOONE's blog*)


Monday, July 7, 2008

777, 778...

Our first anniversary today!

To my lovely wife, I love you.

Thanks for being Janson's mommy.

Thanks to God for His great love for us.

(check out her blog here)

Kissing Test

Smooth Smooch!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dr M losing the plot? (

Dr M says, “I am not seeking sympathy from anyone. But it is a little bit too much to expect me to forget and forgive something that is happening now as a result of Anwar’s plotting."

I say, "Who's expecting you to forget and forgive? You had led the country for 22 years. It is high time for you to graciously move on..."

Dr M says, “Anwar has succeeded in blackening my name in the United States and Europe of course, but also in Muslim countries. They all think I simply threw him in prison for political reasons."

I say, "You started off by saying you are not seeking sympathy from, you really sound like you are seeking sympathy...don't be a cry baby lah...a man reaps what he sows and siapa yang makan cili, dia terasa pedas..."

Open door

"I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name."

BLOG LIVE: Mommy faster lah...

...Daddy n Janson waiting for Mommy to finish facial

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bala Going Going Gone!

I felt Bala's sincerity when his Statutory Declaration (SD) was made known at the PC organized by PKR.

At the same time, I thought that he was 'stupid' going against the authority. Perhaps, he could have just kept quiet, rest his case and just move on...

We know by now that he retracted all his statements that mentioned 'Najib'. Smells very foul. The smell of 'Najis' going around.

Now, the latest news is that 'PI and his family go missing!'

No one knows where they have gone but I sincerely pray that he and his family will be safe and sound and soon be found.

Sleep like mommy...

Mommy-baby sleeping position...

Watch '1st Baby On Skype' @ Anthing I Can Say.

Friday, July 4, 2008


2008/07/01 (nstonline)
Najib: I have no link to Anwar's accuser or case
2008/07/04 (nstonline)
Najib: Anwar's accuser confided in me
Najib, why like that, ah?

Najib, are you telling us indirectly that you LIED?

Najib had sex with Altantuya, allegedly

The Statutory Declaration (SD) of Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal (Bala), the PI hired by Razak Baginda who is the accused in the Altantuya murder trial states:
25.2 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.

EWWW! Anal is the terminal for Najis!

Whatever juicy information that we get, the purpose of the SD we must not forget.

The last-mentioned purpose remains the most important purpose of the SD. Bala says:
54.5. Express my concern that should the defence not be called in the said murder trial, the accused, Azilah and Sirul will not have to swear on oath and testify as to the instructions they received and from whom they were given.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Balloon Dog

Woof! Can you beat me to it?

No-no-no-no don't lie...

As blogged by Haris Ibrahim of The People's Parliament:
Bala has signed a statutory declaration dated 1/7/2008 in which he confirms that when Razak Baginda was arrested, Bala was with him. Bala swears that Razak Baginda sms’ed Najib.

Bala swears that at about 7.30 am, Najib sent the following sms to Razak Baginda :

“I’m seeing IGP at 11.00a.m. today…matter will be solved…be cool”

As reported by The Star Online:

Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda's private investigator P. Balasubramaniam says the police omitted information about the relationship between a senior politician and Mongolian murder victim Altantuya Shaariibuu in his statement.

Will there be justice for Altantuya at the end of the tunnel?

Rock-a-bye, Najib

Dropped by The People's Parliament. The latest post entitled 'News that will rock the nation' reads:
…and knock a few men holding the highest offices in the land off their lofty perches.

So I’m told.

I am reliably informed that at 11.00 30 am this morning, Anwar Ibrahim will hold a press conference at PKR’s spanking new HQ at Merchant Square, Tropicana to reveal evidence linking Najib to Altantuya.

Hold on to your seat! More surprises to come!

Dr M not surprised. I also not surprised.

Dr M not surprised by sodomy allegation. (The Star Online)

I also not surprised. So do most Malaysians.

Why? The Malaysian Insider says 'Polls show most Malaysians believe Anwar innocent'.

We believe the sodomy allegation is nothing but a political ploy. Is it anything new? Is it also any surprise that the timing is so perfect?

I wonder if there are any more 'surprises' coming soon. If no, I'll be very surprised!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good guy, fall guy?

PM promises Anwar freedom, protection in The Malaysian Insider. Quote:
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today received the carte blanche to travel across the country, speak at rallies and challenge those who have accused him of sodomy. He will not be arrested and thrown into jail under the Internal Security Act (ISA), like he was in 1998 when he led mass demonstrations.
Wow! Has Pak Lah really thought through his promise?

Anwar was the fall guy in 1998.

Now looks like Pak Lah is the good guy, fall guy. Who knows? This whole conspiracy may be a trap set for Pak Lah...after the fall, Najib and Anwar are in for the fight...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sleep paralysis

*YAWN* going to sleep soon...before that, I just want to share what I chanced upon at The Free Dictionary - 'Sleep paralysis'. It says, 'Sleep paralysis is a condition characterized by temporary paralysis of the body shortly after waking up (known as hypnopompic paralysis) or, less often, shortly before falling asleep (known as hypnagogic paralysis).'

It also gives cultural references to this 'phenomenon', all of them pointing to the spiritual side.

Some of you may have experienced it or heard about it, the Chinese calls it 'pei kwai chak'. Literally, 'give ghost press'. Christians believe this ghost is the spirit of oppression that comes to disturb you in your sleep.

I had experienced it before. Suffice it to say that, my God saved me. Ok, time to sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. *YAWN*

Picture taken from The Free Dictionary

First of July

Today, Janson was officially handed over to his nanny. Thus, his first day with nanny.

Mommy officially started her first day of work after two months of maternity leave.

As for daddy, work as usual.

Thank God for Janson's 'mah mah' who took care of him till he slept at quarter to three this morning while daddy and mommy were fast asleep.

I was a bit grouchy this morning but I decided to be happy. I thanked God for a new day, His love and blessings, my wife and her sacrifice, my parents and parents-in-law...

Saiful, a spy

Haris Ibrahim of The People's Parliament in his post said someone disclosed to him:
UMNO has sent a spy. They think we don’t know. Now we are spying on the spy. And we are going to give him enough rope to hang himself. And when the time comes, we will tighten the noose”
Anwar has also filed a suit against him. (Read here in The Star Online)

Latest, Anwar welcomes investigation. (Read here in The Star Online)

I wonder if Saiful is washing his pants in the hospital? Dirty boy. Muahahaha.


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