Sunday, August 4, 2013

[Video CCTV] RM10,000 gone in 10 seconds @ McDonald's Ampang Point - Clixster: 100K FREE smartphones via RM200 rebate -

PETALING JAYA, Aug 2 — A three-minute video of four thieves staging a theft at Ampang Point Shopping Centre on July 18 has gone viral.
The video showed the victim being robbed in 10 seconds by four perpetrators believed to be foreigners.
The CCTV recording has received at least 189,799 hits since being uploaded.
The victim had stopped at a fast-food outlet at about 7.45pm, and placed his bag on the counter while talking with the staff.
Suspect A, in white T-shirt, then approached from the right and proceeded to drop something on the floor.
The ruse succeeded and the victim turned around, leaving his bag unattended.
While the victim’s attention was diverted, suspect B sneaked his hand into the bag and took out a black package.
Suspect C, a woman in a white T-shirt, was talking to and distracting counter staff.
The fourth suspect was monitoring the situation, and was the last to leave the scene.
At the end of the 10-second operation, the victim had not realised that his money had been stolen.
Ampang OCPD Asst Comm Amiruddin Jamaluddin said: “The victim had since lodged a police report, and we are investigating this case for theft.”
He said the perpetrators were foreigners.

Watch the YouTube video here:

Rompakan Terancang di Ampang Point, Kuala Lumpur

Pity the guy who got robbed but hey there's still always good news - this time for youths. Clixster is offering 50,000 units of smartphones at a price of 200 ringgit each.

This means the phones comes free for youths who are entitled for the smartphone rebate scheme, provided by the government.

The Pearl Mini smartphone is given free to youths who have yet to claim the cash rebate under the Youth Communication Package aka Pakej Komunikasi Belia in Malay.

News @ NTV7 reported 50,000 free phones:

News @ updated with latest article @

Strangely, there is no such news in the official website of CLIXSTER MOBILE Sdn. Bhd -

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