Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Discrimination at McDonald's Mid Valley LG Floor?!

Discrimination at McDonald's

Wednesday, 15 August 2012 admin-s

"You Chinese, kan? Tak boleh,"
Lee Yan Lin
On the 9 August 2012, Thursday, I had my dinner at McDonald's at Mid Valley (the one on LG floor, not the one opposite cinema). I went there slightly over 6pm, as the dinner value meals only starts at 6pm. I ordered the "Coca-cola Glass Meal", and as it comes with an ice-cream (sundae), I requested to collect the ice-cream after meal. The lady who was serving me consulted another Malay (I purposely mention her race here; it is pertinent to my case) lady whom I assume to be either the manager or supervisor. To my utter horror, the second lady turned to me and said, "You Chinese, kan? Tak boleh,". I was dumbfounded. All I had asked for was to collect the ice-cream a little later, so what did me being Chinese had to do with anything? It wasn't my first time making such request; other McDonald's outlets I'd been to were perfectly fine with it.
I understand that it was a peak hour. I also understand that because of it, they wanted to reserve the privilege of "double-service" to the Muslims who are fasting. But what I absolutely cannot fathom is why was my race being brought into question? If she had told me something along the line of "I'm sorry, you cannot collect it later because it's peak hour", I am sure I would have had a pleasant dinner instead of having to chew my burger in disgust. What's even funnier is that just a few days ago, the whole nation was said to be united when Dato' Lee claimed Malaysia's first Olympic medal. Now, I'm being discriminated at a fast food outlet simply because I'm not a Muslim and I don't fast. 

And here's the 2nd issue. The lady who was originally serving me gave me a black glass when she was filling up my tray. There's nothing wrong with the glass, ONLY that the one on offer this week (the week ending yesterday) was the RED glass; the black one was offered more than a month ago. When I asked her why the black glass instead of the red, she smiled at me and said, "Oh, you nak yang merah ke??". I'm sorry, but the signboard clearly said the RED one was the one given out this week. Did she think that because I was a child (I have a small frame, but I'm 21 for goodness sake) I am stupid enough to be an easy prey for her to get rid of old stocks? I really don't know.

I sincerely hope that the McDonald's management will look into this matter. If they cannot ensure their employees' work ethics, I do not see how they can continue to operate in a multiracial society like Malaysia.
I wonder if the writer did take note of the names of the lady worker at the counter and her Malay manager. If she did, then the McDonald's management can easily launch an investigation into the conduct of these two employees of McDonald's Mid Valley on LG floor.

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Anonymous said...

the purchase receipt i think is good enough to investigate the two $@#%&. if i'm not mistaken, the cashier's i.d. is printed on the receipt.


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