Deejays at the Chinese radio station 988 have posted black-and-white pictures of themselves on their official Facebook fanpages in a silent protest against MCA's election campaign advertisements aired by the station.

Some of them have also posted these pictures on their own Facebook pages with the message, "We exercise our own discretion. The station's advertisements do not represent our stance."

NONEMalaysiakini has been given to understand that the DJs are unhappy with the 988 for broadcasting a number MCA's negative advertisements over the radio station, which they feel are libellous and will sow fears among their audience.
These advertisement include one that says "a vote of DAP is a vote for PAS", and that once Pakatan is in power, it will hamper the growth of the country's economy and implement hudud.

Insiders say the DJs raised their opposition to the BN election advertisements with the station management before the broadcasts started, but to no avail despite backing from some of their senior managers.
Halt advertisements, say listeners

However, a source stressed that the move was merely the personal action of the DJs and did not reflect the official stance of 988.

MCA's direct attack on DAP through these advertisements have already drawn the ire of listeners and netizens alike.

A number of them have also expressed their dissatisfaction on the station's official Facebook page and have demanded that the advertisements be halted.
A check today showed that the black-and-white pictures of the DJs have been removed from the 988 webpage.

It is learned that radio station management issued a notice to all staff stating that the protest action violates company policy and that the black-and-white pictures must be removed by today or disciplinary action would be taken.
988 station is owned by the MCA-controlled Star Publications (M) Bhd.

Malaysiakini tried to contact the senior manager for human resources and administration at Star Publications, Henry Asokan, for comment, but without success.
The Star too has been running advertisements saying, "a vote of DAP is a vote for PAS".

Ads not endorsed by radio station

Besides the protest from the 988 DJs, an anonymous group has created a Chinese-language video criticising the MCA election advertisements, which has been circulating online.

"You may not see us working behind the scenes, but you can hear our voices on TV and on radio... Of late, the mainstream media has been continuously broadcasting disgusting campaign ads, and we feel both sad and angry," the group says in the video.

It adds: "Angry, not just because of the media's political stance, but also the false information contained within this series of ads. The slanderous and fictitious content continuously spreads fear and threats.
"We refuse to record these irresponsible ads. We support a two-party system. Give us back a blue sky (clean) advertising."

On the night of April 23, 988 station responded via Facebook and Twitter, saying that what it aired were purely paid advertisements and not a part of the station's programming, endorsement, or stance.

"As a broadcaster, we hope Malaysians will use the vote in their hands and perform their duty and their rights wisely," it said.