Friday, July 13, 2012

Fong Chan Onn, u ok ah? People also call Najib liar

Seda mulls legal action against Tony Pua

  • S Pathmawathy
  • 11:23AM Jul 13, 2012
The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Seda) is looking into initiating legal action against DAP parliamentarian Tony Pua.

Seda chairperson Fong Chan Onn declined to respond to questions arising from Pua's claims that quotas for solar energy supply were tendered to unqualified companies.

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Fong (left) refused to provide details on the selection process for the companies and the qualifications required but when pressed, he said, “The lawyers are looking into it. I mean if you have a company, you registered yesterday and apply today, I can't reject (your application) right? I don't want to answer. He (Pua) is questioning the robustness of the system, not just me. And he is calling me a liar. The legal advisers will advise me accordingly. I'm directed to abide with the directive. Because the allegations are serious, my legal advisers will look into that and see if we can seek any legal recourse.”

During the press conference, Fong, who is also the Alor Gajah BN MP,  pointed out that “calling a person a liar is a serious offence”.

On Tuesday, Pua claimed that the “lion’s share” of the allocation for solar energy via the Feed-In Tariff (FiT) mechanism went to companies “without a proven track record” in the energy field and claimed these companies were linked to former chief secretary to the government Mohd Sidek Hassan’s daughter Suzi Suliana. who controls 32.4 percent or 45.9MW out of the quota set for solar energy through FiT, far above the limit of 1MW-5MW to bidders, through 12 companies.

Moreover, Pua pointed out that the majority of the companies controlled by Suzi  and her business partners were set up weeks before the Dec 2, 2011 application deadline while established power player such as Cypark Resources Bhd and Petronas Power Sdn Bhd control 9.2 percent and 7.1 percent respectively, together with other suppliers who hold a smaller percentage.

Fong, however, rebutted the claims, insisting that “the selection was above board as it was done through an online system” and that all companies selected had fulfilled the technical and financial requirements and responded today that there were no regulations to stop newly-set-up companies from bidding.

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