Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OrphanCARE: Now every unwanted baby can be dropped off anonymously!

Many express desire to adopt OrphanCARE baby

KUALA LUMPUR: The telephone at OrphanCARE, the first baby hatch, has been ringing non-stop ever since news of the first baby’s arrival came to light on Sunday.
The callers have expressed hope in adopting the 2.7kg baby boy who is yet to be named.

“The centre has received calls nonstop from the public asking how they could go about adopting the baby,” OrphanCARE president Datuk Adnan Mohd Tahir said yesterday.

They have now joined the growing list of potential adoptive parents. Currently there are between 100 and 300 people who have registered to be adoptive parents.
Adnan, however, pointed out that no decision has been made on the fate of the baby as the natural parents have asked the centre for time before they decide on what to do.

The infant was born on Friday to an unmarried couple in their 20s. They had concealed the pregnancy from their families and friends.

Instead of dropping the child off anonymously, the parents had walked in to talk to OrphanCare administrators.

The parents granted OrphanCARE temporary custody until they could decide whether to keep the child or give it up for adoption.

“But we haven’t received any visitors to see the baby. The parents have also not seen the baby since they dropped him off on Saturday,” Adnan said.

He said the organisation will provide a psychologist and other experts and lawyers to handle legal matters pertaining to the adoption if the parents decide to give up the baby.

The centre is also in discussion with the Welfare Services Department to interview interested parents to adopt the baby.

Parents who are unable to care for their babies can drop them at OrphanCARE, the country’s first baby hatch, which is located at No 6, SS1/24A, Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya.

The infants will be cared for in the centre for a maximum of three months before pairing them with a suitable family for adoption.

The baby hatch is a place where single mothers drop off their newborn babies anonymously. It is popular in Germany, Japan, Pakistan.

The government set up the baby hatch here to try and curb the number of cases involving abandoned babies.

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