Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another sick MCA doctor: I help you. Thank me, ok!

Negeri MCA chief, DAP MP spar over sicked mother

Negeri Sembilan MCA chief Dr Yeow Chai Thiam is dissatisfied with Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching's failure to show gratitude to him for helping her ill-stricken mother in 2009.

According to reports in the Chinese dailies yesterday, Yeow had issued a statement on Sunday in response to a statement by Teo last Saturday that she had thanked him several times for his help and that he should not use her mother for political mileage. Yeow said that Teo had only thanked him a few months after the treatment, after he inquired about her mother's health when they met, by chance, at a function.

NONEYeow also said had he failed to ask about her mother, Teo would likely forget that MCA had extended help to her family, stressing the fact that he was not asking for a debt of gratitude to be paid, but to point out the fact that MCA had helped Teo's mother through a life-threatening period, and she should accept this.

At a function last Thursday, Yeow, a senator and medical doctor who runs a non-profit dialysis centre in Mawar, mentioned in passing that his aide had once helped Teo's mother.

Hello, sick MCA doctor. Firstly, are you a public servant? If yes, you should serve unreservedly even though you don't always get the gratitude that is deservedly yours. In fact, you should continue serving even if there was neither recognition nor gratitude given.

In the first place if you are sincerely helping those in need, you should not expect, much less demand, them to thank you. The thought of asking for a simple 'thank you' should not even cross your mind. I don't think you are a honorable doctor like our Tun Dr M when he was serving as a doctor.

Currently, there is a disease plaguing in the Umno-led BN government. It is constantly seeking gratitude. No gratitude given, no gratification.

I remember Najib once asked the rakyat to be grateful to the BN government from cradle to grave. Whatever for?! We elected you. You serve us. You, the elected representatives, are the servants of the rakyat - that you must remember from cradle to grave!

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