Friday, April 2, 2010

Kartika: I was ready to be caned (according to God's law) but...I have to respect the Sultan's decision

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno whose caning sentence was reduced to a three-week community service at the Tengku Ampuan Fatimah children's home, said she accepted and respected the Pahang sultan's decision.

She said she accepted the punishment with mixed feelings and it was hard for her to describe her feelings as  she was ready to be caned.

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Anonymous said...

Before Kartika were handed down the sentenced or punishment by the judge, there has been multiple and numerous court hearings by Kartika thru her Syariah Lawyer for a plea so as for her sentenced or punishment be just and in accordance towards a more compassion form of punishment. The multiple plead had made an ordeal towards her and as such she is in despair and is in a blunt state as such she decides that she had to just go thru the ordeal once the judge had handed down the sentence. Her faith was later blinded when she was return home without being caned in August last year.
Kartika has been in a state of limbo and right at the end the caning punishment is substitude with a community service which is also not in accordance to the Islamic faith. Are Muslims blinded by their believe systems whereby caning should only be a last resort? Why there has been no fuss on the court ordeal which took multiple court hearings? Should the Muslim community questioned the laws implied on them? By questioning, is an individual faith shaken? By questioning are we against the will of God? Should Muslims wonder if this is God’s Law? Will her sins be lightened in the hereafter if caning is imposed on her? If earthly punishment is needed for inmoral acts so as to prepared for a better hereafter, why aren't most Islamic countries not practising it? Does the holy book explained clearly if earthly punishment is needed in society?


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