Monday, May 30, 2011

Umno likes transparency but given a choice, it does not want transparency

Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he is willing to testify in court following French investigations into alleged graft in the multi-billion ringgit Scorpene submarines deal.

Ahmad Zahid Umno VPAhmad Zahid told reporters today, “They may challenge us in court. We want to be more transparent. On allegations made by them, let the court reveal the truth,”

The foreign authorities are investigating whether commissions - which is illegal under French laws - have been paid in the RM7.3 billion deal between the Malaysian government and French-based defence company DCNS after human rights NGO Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) filed a suit against DCNS with the Paris court in 2009 for “active and passive corruption, trading of favours and abuse of corporate assets”.

When quizzed on the matter, Ahmad Zahid said, “I'm ever willing to go to court if I am requested, provided that it is approved by the cabinet. But if the cabinet doesn't allow, I don't have to go.”

The case attracted international attention when judges in the Paris Prosecution Office prompted a preliminary police inquiry after two French lawyers filed the case on behalf of Suaram and Suaram is currently raising funds for its lawyers' litigation fees.

Why no local probe?

The crux of the allegation is the payment of 114.96 million euro (RM574.8 million) that was claimed to be a commission, but the Defence Ministry has insisted it was for “coordination and support services” involving the submarine deal. The payment went to a local company called Perimekar Sdn Bhd.
military malaysia navy french built submarine scorpene class
When asked why the French authorities were suspicious of alleged discrepancies in the deal, while there has not been a similar probe on the matter in Malaysia, Ahmad Zahid skirted the issue, saying, “We respect Suaram as a NGO but they have to differentiate between defence issues and political issues. Although as much as we like (the deal) to be transparent, in terms of specifications and such, we shouldn't reveal these to the court, even though the court has the right to know everything."

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