Friday, March 25, 2011

Lamborghini owner in China destroys car after Lamborghini's poor service!

A Lamborghini owner in Qingdao announced that he would smash his Lamborghini car that was bought no more than six months ago in front of Qingdao 1919 International Building Material and Lamp Mall at 3:15pm on March 15 out of dissatisfaction with Lamborghini’s services.
According to the owners announcement that he posted onto the internet, decides to smash the sports car on the World Consumer Rights Day to vent his strong dissatisfaction with and disappointment at Lamborghini’s differentiated services in China and Europe, and its downgraded standard for service providers.
The engine of the newly-bought sports car failed to start on November 29, 2010. After they had contacted Lamborghini’s Qingdao dealer, the car was carried to the designated maintenance shop by a trailer of a maintenance service provider entrusted by Lamborghini’s Qingdao dealer. The engine problem was not fixed, and the bumper and chassis were found damaged after the car was towed to the maintenance shop. As they pointed out the problem, the maintenance service provider shirked the responsibility and ignoring the owners consumer right. After that, they contacted Lamborghini’s CEO Mr. Stephan Winkelmann, the brand’s China headquarters, its after-sales service manager for Asia-Pacific region, and the brand’s owner Volkswagen Group, but the problem was not solved. The owner believes that there is no suitable means to protect his own consumer rights, so he felt that the best way to gain attention would be to destroy the
According to the former Lambo owner, Chinese consumers are more and more capable of consuming global luxury products in recent years, however, the global luxury brands work on exploring Chinese market on one hand, and ignore the interests and rights of Chinese consumers. The former owner feels that Lamborghini did not bring their world famous high quality service to China, so he felt that the only way to show his ultimate dissatisfaction was to destroy the car, at least for Lamborghini this gentleman won’t be calling anymore – at least until the insurance payout arrives and he buys another model.
In China a Lamborghini Gallardo such as the one above retails for between $529,000USD and $757,000USD depending on specification. (Source:, click here for news and photos)

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