Saturday, June 5, 2010

BHP Cheras accident: Woman could have been saved!

Petrol attendants refused use of fire extinguisher
Friday, June 4th, 2010 12:16:00
BHP fiasco
WHAT WAS LEFT: The wreckage of the burnt out Perodua Myvi next to the lorry
KUALA LUMPUR: While a bystander Teo Chai Yong, 31, rushed to obtain a fire extinguisher to help rescue a woman from her blazing car early yesterday morning, he claimed other witnesses just watched indifferently.
Wondering what happened to the famed Malaysian ever-helpful spirit, he said: "The dozens of bystanders just roamed around, taking pictures and videos like it was some freak show."
Already saddened by this display of poor attitude, he was further angered by how discussions were taking place on how a post-mortem would be conducted on the charred flesh.
"It was so disgusting. How can these people be so insensitive and casual about such a tragic death?"
Teo was heading home during the 3.30am incident near the Cheras velodrome, when he came across a three-car pileup involving a Perodua Myvi, a Toyota Vios and a lorry.
"At first, I only saw the upside down Toyota Vios and the front passenger was being pulled out as I drove by. So, I thought everything was under control. Seconds later, I heard a woman screaming from the Perodua Myvi wreckage.
"I stopped my car and quickly ran towards the Myvi to get her out as I dialed the emergency line, 999. As I got closer, I saw flame flickers at the engine area waiting to ignite, my first instinct was to put it out immediately. I ran back into my car and rushed to the nearest BHPetrol station about 300 metres away to get a fire extinguisher."
Despite his desperate pleading, Teo claimed: "The petrol attendants refused his plea and said they were not allowed to loan out the fire extinguisher. I was even willing to leave my IC with them as a guarantee, but they still did not budge."
Outraged, he started banging on the glass door and shouted at them.
"Instead of handing me the fire extinguisher, one of the attendants said all my actions were being recorded via the CCTV, as he took down my car registration number and threatened to lodge a police report."
Finally giving up, Teo drove back to the scene and realised his efforts were in vain because by that time, the car was completely engulfed in flames.
Recalling this disheartening sight, Teo said: "I could not stop blaming myself and kept thinking 'If only I'd gotten the fire extinguisher'. I stood there helplessly hearing her screams as she was burnt alive. The screams were the hardest to bear."
Teo was even more devastated when the police, who arrived at the scene also told him the girl could have been saved if he had obtained the fire extinguisher in time.
When contacted, BHPetrol station operator Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd issued a statement to The Malay Mail stating: "We regret this has happened. The incident took place at 3am.
"Thefts and robberies at service stations are common during these hours. Thus staff at the service station were only concerned and did not respond to the request as the attendant could not see the accident which took place some 300m away."

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Anonymous said...

stupid BHP attendant~~!! he only said they were not allowed to lend out the fire extinguisher~~!! they nvr talk abt theft problem~~!! now only BHP said because of theft problem~~!! both also talk different way~~!! you got CCTV why you scared the robbery lar!!?? If robber wanna rob of coz they will wear something like mask to disguised themselves lar~~!! They will straightly bang your blardee door and rob you lar..... what for they wanna plead for fire extinguisher as an excuse to wait u open the door so they could rob u~~!!?? stupid idiot~~!!


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